What time does that contest start?

He succeeded to his estate.

Not all of them are happy.

Please lend me ten cents.

He has succeeded by virtue of his constant efforts rather than his talent.

Take any train on track 5.

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Languages that would have never found themselves together in a traditional system, can be connected in Tatoeba.

Geoffrey brought Mann some flowers.

Who's the person sitting at the other end of the table?


His new book added to his reputation.

I laughed my head off!

I'm sure I have the right number.

I bet Hiroyuki can speak French.

He arrived the day she left.

God bless Tatoeba!

The sun shines during the day; the moon during the night.


There is no life without electricity and water.


Do you want to go out with me tonight?


We're on a very tight schedule here.


I went into the library; where I happened to meet Ann.

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Difficult things in the world must have their beginnings in the easy; big things must have their beginnings in the small.

I had a horrible day at work.

I beat him at golf.

We all have to start somewhere.

I told you I was fine.

Randolph made Alice a new dress.

It's a pleasure to finally meet you.


What does Linder want?

I need your signature.

I regret not having heard that conversation.


Mayo motioned for Ernie to sit.

Len didn't begin to write songs until he was thirty.

Sorry for being so late.

Nobody has been forgotten and nothing has been forgotten.

I'd like to know what's going on.

I'm not willing to cook dinner for twenty people.

You can't see her anymore.

Please go to the playground to play.

Sanjib picked the broken glass off the floor.

My sister takes a shower every morning.

I hope and I know you did great!


The scholarship enabled him to study abroad.


The blackboard is blank.

Ralf and Rajendra need to learn to communicate with each other better.

The old man opened the car window and aimed his gun at the bird.

Let's leave immediately.

He is my father.

Reiner doesn't even know he's in trouble.

Thanks for coming, guys! I'll see you next week!

Jones is sick.

It's fine to make grandiose plans, but I'd like you to start with what you have on your plate.

We are dreaming of a better future.

It will take him two hours to finish the work.

How do you get on?

Let me ask another question.

Education is the key to knowledge.

Geoff is on a winning streak.

Anatoly isn't doing any harm.

Roxana was leaning up against the wall.

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Their screams filled the air.

Kanthan is dead.

I like this better than that.

When do you want me to send these invitations to our customers?

I locked the front door.

Ann was in a hurry this morning.

I don't want to spoil the ending for you.

What's on the agenda?

Martin told us all why he couldn't attend the meeting.


It worked out OK for Annard.


He suddenly changed his attitude.


You are feeling very tired. Yes, you are feeling very tired.


Are you really here to stay?

Would you like to do the honors?

It is not probable that he will get well.

Spy told me his father wasn't at home.

I feel a lot better now.

I remember the first time I ever saw Serdar.

It was a huge project.

Aristotle believed that the sublunary sphere was made from four elements: earth, air, fire and water.

He tries to make sure he doesn't fall behind his classmates.


We're going the wrong way.

You allow your children to play in the street at night.

My brother has recently taken a fancy for stoats.


Ralf's car is gone.

I know you hate weddings.

I'm the one who has to clean up this mess.


This joke relies on a double entendre.


Luke is three years older than Anderson.


I haven't found anything yet.

My internet connection was cut off.

The pain you go through because of love is by far sweeter than any other pleasure.

Well do I remember the day you were born.

They couldn't talk.


Maybe Murph didn't see Pratap.


I called you because I need to ask you a question.


I hope you have a very merry Christmas.

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It's the biggest building in the city.

Colin is in the lobby waiting for Mosur.

Let no one think that the expenditure of vast sums for weapons and systems of defense can guarantee absolute safety for the cities and citizens of any nation.

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We only want to help you.

What is that on the plate?

We have an oversupply of clothing.

I couldn't help but fall in love with you.

I don't like this idea at all.


An ideal pillow is available from a mail-order house.

We reported his disappearance.

Do you want to take this one?

She took two steps back.

Guido is always making fun of me.

The police caught sight of the criminal running away.

Our descendants will sooner or later reach, as a race, the condition of cosmic consciousness, just as, long ago, our ancestors passed from simple consciousness into self-consciousness.

You seem kind of quiet today.

I was afraid.

My wife won't talk to me except through her lawyer.

I wish I hadn't spent so much money.

French cuisine is excellent.

No one disagreed.

Jianyun wrote that book.

I tend to talk too much.

Vincenzo might not like it if we didn't come to his party.

From what you can tell, what subject would he have interest in?

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Annard is a candidate.


It's kind of late. We should get going.

I can't. It's too heavy.

He did not ignore our request, and neither did she.


A dance will be held in the school auditorium this Friday evening from 7:30 to 10:00.

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I'm not one of your soldiers.


We should give that a try.

Future needs past.

He directed his remarks at the professor.

Greg may not want to go to Boston with you.

Shit stinks.

We're awake.

That's what was going on.

If you think it was my fault, you're barking up the wrong tree.

Excuse me, I can't stay long


How many of these pills did you take?

Rajarshi is willing to try anything.

This is all so ridiculous.


Juha seems tired.

I have a lot of confidence in you.

It's really awesome.


Try to escape.

Did you find out what time the meeting starts?

He tried to adapt his conduct to his new environment.

The picture was wonderful.

It rains softly on the town.


The jackal howls.


Hohn doesn't ever listen to me.

This is my dog.

This is the couple who showed me the way.

Revised abstains from alcohol.

We'll suppress the rebellion.

She advised him not to borrow money from his friends.

He deceived me.

We were told this would happen.

She's a kleptomaniac.

Clem used to love Ramanan.

Will you listen to me for a few minutes?


What time does class start for you tomorrow?

Do they all enjoy such high speed development?

The problem is you're not patient enough.