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Just relax a minute.

He said that it would probably rain.

Win and his children watched in awe as the magnificent old steam train thundered past.


I think you know why I'm calling you.


She's the teacher's pet.


It suddenly occurred to Celia that his car keys weren't in his pocket.

I ran into my friend.

What is your father's name?

They tried to prevent the news from leaking out.

Is Louise serious?


Rusty gave Rolfe something to look at.

It was a sad story.

Series are best watched after all seasons have been filmed.


A teenager sometimes acts like a baby.

This train stops at all stations.

I'll come back home as soon as I can.

They aligned themselves with the Liberals.

How about you come with me?

Lynnette died when he was thirty.

I fried the fish after marinating it.


The meat is not well enough cooked.

I can't do anything until this project is done.

I can give you a lift into town.

Let's roast the chestnuts.

He ate bread with sour cream and cheese.

If Eduardo doesn't do what he's supposed to do, he'll regret it.

Please turn right.

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I want you to know how sorry I am.


Dimetry isn't winning.

She never saw him again.

Under Europa's icy crust might be an ocean of water.

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I got acquainted with her in France.


I had a hasty breakfast and left home.

They are both very good chess players.

No one knows how he has amassed his enormous fortune.

Don't walk away from them.

I passed a language test.

Griff made a fist.

Good advice is often not expensive.

I hate that they call me "four-eyes".

Mr Johnson's was a large room.


I'm having a hard time concentrating.

What was your mother doing when you came home?

I can't wait for Gabriel to come home so I can show him this.

I had the good luck to find him at home.

I'm not going to tell you because you're not good at keeping secrets.

I helped the boy who got lost in the department store.

Was anyone surprised when you told them you were getting married?

Sumitro came to his senses and decided to turn himself in to the police.

We'll think about it.


I'd like you to translate this into French.

Are you still at work?

Dieter has caught a cold.


Thales said there was no difference between life and death. "Why, then," said some one to him, "do not you die?" "Because," said he, "it does make no difference."

It is because it can't hope for a success if it isn't healthy.

He wore a pirate costume for Halloween.

This old fish tastes weird.

I used to have a house in Boston.

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The only one who knows what to do is Miltos.

I can't make a decision about that right now.

There is a reason that everybody hates Vernon.


It's just a fad.


We drove for miles.

There are fears that the plane disintegrated in mid-air and that the wreckage may never be found.

I told him to leave.

I won't let that bother me.

It sounds lovely.


There is not a grain of dust, not an atom that can become nothing, yet man believes that death is the annihilation of his being.

They have to come.

The town where he was brought up lies east of Osaka.

Judge by the result.

We all took it for granted that the professor could speak English.

We can't find them anywhere.

Lee is hanging up the laundry.


Something went terribly wrong.


My parents are out of town.

Birds can fly thousands of miles away and return to the same place every year.

I'm truly sorry for what I said.

Caleb wouldn't hurt a fly.

There's still a lot to be learned.


"Say something in French." "Say something like what?" "Anything's fine." "Bonjour. Merci. There, I said something." "What, you're so boring!" "Didn't you say I could say anything!"


Would you teach me how to dance?


They ate sandwiches for lunch.


This is a good place to camp.

Some believe that Nessie lives in this lake.

You have to decide.


We are used to sleeping in a tent.

Malaclypse is one of Paris' most famous fashion designers.

It's not all that great.

My aunt can speak both Chinese and English.

The train arrival is to the second!


They said they're tired.


My son has read every book on that shelf.

Even though Jane was well paid, her heart wasn't in the job. She needed to find a job that she could be passionate about.

He spoke in a slow and creaking voice.

Many will be skeptical.

Never have I seen such a cute puppy as this.

He checked the durability of the house before buying it.

We'll be quick.

I usually get up at seven and go to bed at eleven except on Sundays.

Refreshments will be sold.

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Someone came in his classroom and flashed a picture and he wasn't very happy about that.

The human hand has five fingers with nails.

I see that you have a Greek name.

We should approach this problem from different angles.

Konrad broke the cup.

You have seen Tokyo Tower, haven't you?

You're not very polite.

She had suffered a heart attack.

Did anybody notice this?

She raised that child at a great cost.

Ah, I've failed again!


I highly recommend him.


The sun having set, they were still dancing.

We have to get out of here.

If I were you, I'd start immediately.


How much of a return did you get on your investment?

He denied these facts.

The priest who speaks French will be here next week.

I'd better turn the engine off.

Write down his phone number before you forget.

There is little milk left in the bottle.

Can you fall in love with someone you have never met?

I hope Jeany is going to do the right thing.

I'm not in the mood for this.


This station plays good music.

I'm not sure what's wrong. We should have heard from him by now.

We shall have the ability to respond rapidly and decisively to terrorism directed against us wherever it occurs.

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Jerald told me he lived on Park Street.

Do you hear someone moving around in the next room?

Many people here take the train to work.

Would you please close the windows?

How much snow is there at your place?

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Jeff and Mick took their seats.

They'll put you up for a day or two.

It'll take three hours to get there.

The bee landed on a flower.

Yes, I am from Sapporo.

Have you been happy here in Boston?

A cat is not a human being!


You're like Heather in many ways.

The wind scattered the leaves about.

I was outraged by his answer.

I rolled the dough to make some cookies.

He's going back to America.

It's all in your imagination.

I misspelled the word.


That is not my big house.

I didn't know about it until I read the paper.

Edmond concealed the fact that he had been in prison.


Is that why I'm here?


The child wouldn't say 'yes'.


We know it's going to be OK now.


Ricky lit the candles on the cake.

We have physical education.

We're not expecting your help.

Pablo scolded his son for being lazy.

It's all right!

The hour-long concert at the Kennedy Center was broadcast live on TV last night.

What did you talk to him about?