Welcome to Touch of Sage, a website that securely connects Members to Sage Providers.


Connecting Members to Sages

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Private access to subscribed Sages and Content



Monitizing your Interactions

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Secure Interactions. Private Comments.

Securely connecting Members to Sages.

Touch of Sage brings together people in various industries (Sages) who have knowledge to share with their subscribing Members. Many times it is difficult to gain the attention of these busy professionals. Touch of Sage provides the forum for making these connections.

Touch of Sage provides a forum for a Sagest to build a network of Members so that they may monetize their interactions. Everyone's time is valuable and it is becoming more difficult to maintain high levels of customer service. With Touch of Sage, a Sagest is able to prioritize their interactions and customer service with their private list of Members.

Members are potentially all of us. We all have questions or interests that we try to fulfill by seeking out others in different professions, service industries or content providers that have the knowledge that we seek. At Touch of Sage, we call these people Sages. With the busy world we live in with information all around us, it can be difficult to digest it and make sense of it all. A Sagest is someone with whom you can interact with to get the targeted information you seek.