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    12 Mistakes to Avoid on a Vegetarian or Vegan Diet

    A balanced vegetarian or vegan diet can provide many health benefits. These diets have been associated with weight loss, better blood sugar control, a decreased risk of heart disease and a lower risk of certain types of cancer (1, 2, 3, 4). However, it can be challenging to maintain a well-rounded vegetarian diet that provides all the nutrients you need. This article uncovers some of the most common mistakes people make on a vegan or vegetarian diet, and how to avoid them. Unfortunately, just because a food product is labeled “vegetarian” or “vegan” doesn’t necessarily mean it’s healthier than the regular alternative. For example, almond milk is a popular, plant-based…

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      Fall is upon us, and as soon as it starts cooling down and the leaves change colors, we’re presented with an overwhelming urge to taste the season. Lucky for you, we’ve baked up these delectable muffins that are perfect for any season, but especially suited for your fall flavor cravings.   The recipe is super simple, delicious and has a fraction of the sugar of your typical muffins. NUTRITIONAL INFO SNICKERDOODLE APPLE MUFFINS Yields: 10 servings | Serving Size:  1 muffin Calories: 130 | Protein: 9g  | Fat: 7g | Net Carb: 7g  Total Carb: 20g | Fiber: 3g Prep Time: 20 mins  | Cook Time: 26-28 mins | Total Time:  1hr mins (including cool time) Ingredients MUFFINS 1/2 cup unsweetened apple sauce 1/3…

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    How to Treat Lupus with Turmeric

    Different autoimmune diseases tend to target different organs. If our immune system attacks the insulin-producing cells in our pancreas, we can end up with type 1 diabetes. If it attacks our thyroid gland, we can end up with hypothyroidism. But, in the autoimmune disease lupus, our immune system attacks the very nucleus of our cells, often producing antibodies and attacking our DNA itself. So, lupus can damage any organ system and result in almost any complication. Women are nine times as likely to get it, and the peak age of diagnosis is too often at the peak of life. Hundreds of thousands, or even millions, of Americans suffer from this…

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    Wednesday Weigh-In: Whey and Alternative Options

    If you know exactly what you’re doing (or what agrees with your body, for that matter), creating your own custom protein powder can make you feel like you hit a nutritional jackpot. However, for many of us, it can be a daunting task when faced with what type of protein to pick for our specific goals or diet. With sensitive stomachs and dietary restrictions on the rise more than ever, which protein is best for you? Here, we’ve hand-selected 5 individual ingredients/formulas to help you along your journey to better health… and a happier stomach. For those of us who opt for a plant-based option, our Vegan Protein Optimizer formula…

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      This Halloween, when the witch tries to steal from the cookie jar, just turn her fingers into cookies! That’s what we did for this scary-delicious, super simple Halloween recipe. Who knew that witches had the craveable and enticing flavor of peanut butter cookies? Certainly not us, we’re just glad they do. Take a look at the full recipe below and join in the delicious festivities tonight!   NUTRITIONAL INFO HALLOWEEN PEANUT BUTTER WITCH FINGERS Yields: 7 servings | Serving Size:  1 finger Calories: 100 | Protein: 9g  | Fat: 4.5g | Net Carb: 3g  Total Carb: 11g | Fiber: 3g Prep Time: 15 mins  | Cook Time: 6-8 mins | Total Time:  30mins (including cooling/decorating time) Ingredients WITCH FINGERS 2 Quest Peanut Butter…

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    5 Reasons Why Creatine Monohydrate Is the Best

    Creatine has been studied extensively as a dietary supplement for many years. In fact, more than 1,000 studies have been conducted, which have shown that creatine is a top supplement for exercise performance (1). Almost all of them used the same form of the supplement — creatine monohydrate. What’s more, most scientists who study supplements believe that monohydrate is the best form. Here are five science-backed reasons why this form is the best. Many studies have shown that creatine monohydrate is very safe to consume. The International Society of Sports Nutrition recently concluded, “There is no compelling scientific evidence that the short- or long-term use of creatine monohydrate has any…

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    Our endothelium, the inner lining of our blood vessels that controls the function of every artery in our body, “appears to play a critical role in a variety of human disorders, including peripheral vascular disease, stroke, heart disease, diabetes, insulin resistance, chronic kidney failure, [cancer, and blood clots]….” Unfortunately, endothelial cells only live about 30 years, and their replacements don’t seem to function as well. So, “[a]s men and women approach the ages of 40 and 50, there is a progressive decline in endothelial function.” At age 50 or 60, we “can no longer tolerate this risk-factor burden that [we] were once able to tolerate at age 10 or 20,”…

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    Endothelial dysfunction is the initial step in the development of peripheral artery disease, heart disease, and stroke. As I discuss in my video Plant-Based Diets and Artery Function, the remarkable finding is that progressive endothelial dysfunction—the decline in the functioning of our arteries—is not an inevitable consequence of aging. We can retain the arterial function we had in our 20s into our 60s, like the elderly Chinese in my video Tea and Artery Function. This may be due in part to green tea intake, but “[o]ther important dietary differences relating to increased consumption of vegetables and fish, with lower consumption of [other meat and dairy] in the traditional Chinese diet,…

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    Your Fall Cravings Will Flip for These Pumpkin Spice Flapjacks

    There’s something about fall that just makes us want to curl up with everything pumpkin. Could be the millions of pumpkin products available during the time of year, but since we’ve got our own pumpkin pie flavored Quest Bar, we like to think it’s because pumpkin tastes so darn good. With that in mind we wanted to provide you with an earthen harvest looking delicious breakfast that’s perfect for the season. We know you can’t wait to carve into these pumpkin pancakes, so enough from us, check out the full recipe below and mix things up!   NUTRITIONAL INFO PUMPKIN SPICE PANCAKES Yields: 1 serving | Serving Size:  8 two-inch pancakes Calories: 190…

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    A Detailed Guide for Beginners

    The MIND diet is designed to prevent dementia and loss of brain function as you age. It combines the Mediterranean diet and the DASH diet to create a dietary pattern that focuses specifically on brain health. This article is a detailed guide for beginners, with everything you need to know about the MIND diet and how to follow it. MIND stands for the Mediterranean-DASH Intervention for Neurodegenerative Delay. The MIND diet aims to reduce dementia and the decline in brain health that often occurs as people get older. It combines aspects of two very popular diets, the Mediterranean diet and the Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension (DASH) diet. Many experts…

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