Plug-and-play Characters

Pick a character. Add a script. Select actions such as Look, Point, and Show. Then watch as the software creates smooth, natural animation for HTML5, Flash, or Video.


For content developers...

The Character Builder is a static media authoring tool that installs on your PC and lets you generate unlimited, royalty-free slideshows, interactions, and animations in HTML5, Flash, and Video formats.


For web developers...

The Character API is RESTful web service that uses cloud computing, edge caching, and HTML5/WebGL animation to deliver a dynamic, talking avatar experience to any device, at scale.


Most characters are available in head, bust, and body formats and are capable of speech, emotion, and gestures. Many can be customized using logos and swappable clothing. Some can even be made in your own likeness using a photo.

Use the output directly, or integrate it with your existing media tools, including Adobe Premiere and Captivate.

You can use your own voice, or that of a voice talent. Or save time with our high-quality Text-to-Speech addons.

Use our characters in linear movies, or as "live" avatars in games, chatbots, and websites. Think of them as puppets that play messages on cue, complete with smooth interruptions and idle behaviors.

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