I am a Computer Engineering student at Stevens Institute of Technology. I love to learn new things about technology, both front-end and back-end, with hardware and software. Everything about computers and technology excites me, and this curiosity drives me to new discoveries every day.



Entry 2 4-3-18 So a few months ago I started playing around with html and css, learning the basics of web programming with javascript and php, and then adding bootstrap and lamp stack etc. But with all of this new web development knowledge, it should be easy to make a free website, right? Well, it …


Entry 1 4-3-18 I used to think blogs were a thing of the past, a tool that people used to gain a following before YouTube and social media came around. Until just a few weeks ago, when I made one myself. The main reason for this website is to act as a marketing tool for …


Hopefully I will eventually add a blog here for some of the projects I am working on, if time permits.