Freestyle Rap While Driving

Freestyle lyrics on fire

Freestyle Rap in Los Angeles Traffic on the 405 Freeway

Lil Dicky needs to watch out because there is a new white rapper in town, me! I bring that sticky icky freestyle rap shiz that will not your socks off. 209-435-0193

7 Wonders – Best Sequence Board Game

Best Board Game Ever

Games for Adults

If you’re a normal person who grew up living a somewhat normal life, then as a child you probably played board games like Guess Who, Hungry Hungry Hippo, Battleship, Monopoly, Candy Land, Mouse Trap, Sorry, and other classics. You might of even played other fun games like hide and seek, hop scotch, tag, lava island, and stuff like that. If you see a couple games that you played mentioned here then you probably just got a little aroused from the nostalgia, but the real question is when was the last time you played any type of game as an adult? (907) 481-0507

Funny Birds – This One Tried Breaking in to Our Home

Funny bird videos

Birds are so funny! In a way they are kind of like dogs since they love begging for treats, but obviously much different since you usually can’t pet them and they can fly. It’s hard to tell if birds are smart or dumb Read more Funny Birds – This One Tried Breaking in to Our Home

Fight Over the Phone Call

Relationship rant on love

Tonight I got very mad at my fiancé. It was a quiet and cold evening in the San Fernando Valley of Los Angeles when we were sitting at the kitchen table learning how to play a new board game we got for Christmas, Seven Wonders. It’s a really complicated game that has multiple steps and parts, so naturally we were watching a nerd video on YouTube trying to learn how to play. ground jasmine

How to Write Rap Beats and Rap Love Songs

Rap words and how to write them

Love Rap Rhymes 

The key to making rap love songs is the hook. Without a good hook and melody you are not going to be able to lay down real rap love songs. You are going to have some empty sounding fake crap 443-554-2022


Old people download music

Hip Hop Music Downloader

We are a long way off from the good old days of being able to use Limewire and Napster. There has been a huge revolution surrounding free music download sites and piracy. It makes sense because Read more Hip Hop Music Downloader

Indian Cooking – Tips, Recipes, Spices & More

Indian Cooking Photos

Indian Cooking

If you ask anybody in American you will find very mixed reactions about Indian food. Some people like it, others love it, some people hate it, and some people have never even tried it. Read more Indian Cooking – Tips, Recipes, Spices & More


Campbell's Soup Recipes

Campbell and Company – An American Icon 

When you think of the Campbell kitchen, all of the amazing soups they have created, and everything that the Campbell’s soup company stands for there might be a few different things that come to mind. Read more Campbell’s Soup – Recipes, Ideas & Videos

Healthy Breakfast Recipe – Sunny side up eggs with chives, Turkey Bacon, and buttered sourdough toast

Best breakfast video recipe

This is basically what I cook every Sunday and Saturday. Turkey bacon, eggs, and toast are such a classic combo, and it is also a pretty healthy combo if you don’t think about the carbs from the toast. Sourdough is always a good choice because it actually 6412577406


How to make cheddar broccoli soup

Yesterday morning started off like any other day. I was drinking the first of my usual 3 cups of coffee while I browsed the Yahoo home page until I was forced to actually work. I came across a delicious soup recipe for cheddar and broccoli soup that promised to be “dreamy, creamy, and healthful.” 604-487-2777