I watched the wife kill her own son.

It was Gale that broke the window yesterday.

I've got it all figured out!

I'm afraid this key does not fit.


It is alleged that his disjointed speech was written by his best friend.

Are you sure you want to borrow Francis's car without asking?

Let us students contribute to the welfare of the victims of the earthquake; even loose change will go a long way.

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Pemberton rejected the demand.

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After splitting up with her, Simon walked away without looking back.

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Many people put too much personal information on social media.

She asked her teacher for advice.

Even a rare guest wears out his welcome after three days.

My father expects me to marry Lance.

You'll never guess who I saw this morning.


A crowd as big as that would leave tons of garbage on the stadium grounds.

Ravi drinks as much water as his body needs.

I recently had surgery.


Do the Scots have their own language?

He knows how to learn a language quickly.

You can't do it too soon.


Anthony knew Olaf understood what he meant.

We are counting on spending two weeks in the Alps.

He did not go to college for nothing.

My grandfather has an antique television that he wants to give me.

I think Aaron is being disrespectful.

Even now, Rajendra remembers Audrey's bitter words.

If I knew his address, I would write to him.

The line is still busy.

They became nervous.

He came 30 minutes late.

Molly is really smart.

Marguerite didn't have the courage to face us.

I wondered vaguely what foul villainy it might be that the Morlocks did under the new moon.

He always works hard.

I don't want to die tomorrow.


There's a good restaurant not too far from here.

He wrote me a long letter.

We've done nothing wrong.

Jean is traveling alone.

Bart wishes she had straight hair.

I'm completely blind now.

Last summer was awful.

I thought she was beautiful at the time.

A cunt remains a cunt!

The stranger challenged Nicolo to a streetfight.

It is very hard, and sometimes very dangerous, to be an astronaut.

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That has already happened.

Do you need this book?

His suggestion was, effectively, an order.

The earthquake destroyed everything.

I want a girlfriend.

What time is it in Boston now?

I don't have enough credits to graduate.


It's not a good idea to go out after dark by yourself.

He is a quick walker.

Travis has a busy day tomorrow.

Suyog responded instantly.

I wish summer would never end.


Isn't Sumitro supposed to be the boss?

I relate with people better when I'm not caught up worrying about myself.

I cannot bray like a donkey. I'm a horse.

Spanish is spoken in most countries of South America.

Your mother is in critical condition.

His wife is from Seville.

His train arrived at Tokyo Station.

She fired me.

The Greeks also eat fish often.

Judge likes milk very much.

She said, "It's not funny! How would you like it if someone did that to you - what would you do?"

I've spent so many years as chairman that I feel it's time I stepped down.

I'm at my wits' end.

Nelken hit Ssi to bring her out of her trance.

Some people made fun of my situation.

They can't kill us.

What do you think this could be?

Olof bandaged Neville's hand.

I can't show you.

I thought nothing could go wrong, but I was wrong.

I'm definitely not waiting.


Toft is always busy.

The leader of the party is a famous scientist.

I don't breast-feed their babies.

I thought Toby would be at this meeting.

You want me to go, don't you?


We met today.

She is close to sixty.

Bending the cable too tightly can also adversely affect signal quality.

Why did she go out in a hurry?

What size is that dress?

If you go hiking in the desert, be sure to take plenty of water.

How long have you been doing this?


I have eaten a lot this week.

My grandmother is hard of hearing. In other words she is slightly deaf.

I don't want to go to the pool!

Yesterday I went to the doctor and when I came back I wrote the essay myself.

I want revenge.

This is my bedroom.

It's just not right to fire Pantelis without giving him severance pay.

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"You will never guess who I met in the city today!" "Maria?" "What? How do you know that?"

What do you guys think of them?

I don't think we can say that.


He'll be here until noon.

What fun it is to play baseball!

They want to see how we react.


How about spending an elegant and blissful time at a beauty salon?

I cannot sleep. I am just electrified by the knowledge of our imminent approach toward Pluto.

The soldiers will soon return to camp.

There is a mass of dark clouds in the sky.

I've been concerned about her.

Hsuan applied for a job as a saleswoman.

Today has been extremely lame.


Pratapwant has been brainwashed.

I bumped into William the other night.

Could you carry my bags for me?

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He would sit for hours reading detective stories.

Ancient Greeks built water wheels to grind grain thousands of years ago.

I am transitioning well from a man to a woman.

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Our teachers say ours is the best school in the state, and in a way, it is.


Me and my colleagues lived in a small 2 room cabin built on the edge of a cliff on the mountain. I say 2 rooms, but besides the entrance, there was a 6 by 2 tatami room. We ate potatoes, dried fish and tofu. Because we were on the top of a cold mountain, the potatoes would freeze during the winter.

Julia and Brendan started to argue.

I was crying.


She did two washes today.

I'm afraid I have some rather bad news.

I don't want to go near her.

Nicolo said he liked my idea.

Do you have a copy of that report?


You're not a musician, are you?


We value your advice.


My husband notices everything.

I'm delighted that it's all over.

I'll wash your apple.

In those days, America was not independent of the United Kingdom.

He dearly loves his school.


Rahul didn't do it.

Did Shari ever ask about Morgan?

Marsha is left-handed.

I'll go get him.

I dedicate this triumph to my friends.

Irwin is a drunkard.

Rudolph realized that could be a problem.

The party's on Wednesday.

What is it that you do, exactly?

God is the cause of everything.

He asked me if I was happy.

Tolerant is still in intensive care.

He's now aboard the ship.


She prides herself on her beauty.

I cannot afford to leave you idle.

What makes you so sure Les doesn't want to play basketball with us?

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Take a look at this map.

My boyfriend discovered the erotic comics book that I had been hiding.

I'm already stressed out.

The Ice Age was a time when woolly mammoths roamed the Earth.

In the light of these facts, it may be necessary to revise our theory.

Sam keeps waiting for his ship to come in.

No, I don't like lobster.

This egg is fresh.

It won't do any good to apologize now.

Shove a stick up your ass.

Forget what I said yesterday.


"Why are there beings at all, and not rather nothing? That is the question." At least, that is the question that Martin Heidegger poses us.

She wrote me back soon.

I feel like I'm forgetting something.

Perhaps we'll see you both later.

Herman usually leaves for school at about 7:30.

I'll miss them, too.

"I feel like playing cards." "So do I."

I want everything in this box.

This relationship between Portugal and the United States is still maintained today.

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Trevor is sexually frustrated.