Let's not make dubious assumptions.

I must close this deal within a week.

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You don't need the money.

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Frederick released Duke.

The women like tea.

It was really considerate of you to lend me 500 dollars when I was in difficulty.

Triantaphyllos slugged Ronald.

It'll cost around ten thousand yen.

What do those words in the Arabian flag mean?

I had my watch mended.

The flood began to subside.

They all turned to look at her.

He was described as an extraordinarily passionless man.

I was looking for Andy. You don't know where he is?

He knows her.

I would never lie to them.

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You can't change plans on people at the last minute.

It is gone now.

He paid as much as a hundred dollars for a puppy.

Damone promised to keep me posted on developments.

The heart of the tragedy, as of a short story, is a conflict.

Your study will bear fruit.

What didn't you like about them?

Apparently, nothing bad happened.

Don't touch my balls.


I'll never forget going to Hawaii with her.


Where is there a restaurant?

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You should come through with your promise.


She is behind the times when it comes to clothes.

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How many people were present at the meeting?


He aspires to become a teacher.

Kaj saw Larry again.

I guess they really weren't all that busy.

I was coughing.

I will never agree to this.


Marion and Aimee would make a perfect couple.

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It's almost impossible to work out this problem.

Timothy coughed loudly.

Maria Callas is a famous opera singer.

Darin and Lord worked like slaves.

Jeremy didn't really feel like playing chess with Duane.

Root didn't have to wait long.

What would North America be like today if Russia had preserved their territory in Alaska?

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Now, take a look at this.


That's pretty low.

The probability of this chain of events all happening at once is one in 2 million flights - about once every two months at current levels of air traffic.

It is so good to be able to speak a number of foreign languages.

Emily is singing a song with her beautiful voice.

Greg wants to meet Shaw again.

Leora lost 10 kilograms but put it back on again within 12 months.

Is this the town where Mika was born?


Dan and Linda were ready to start a family.

I think you're swell.

Bob maintained eye contact with Syd.


We need a diversion.

I'm sure everyone understood.

When I was a child, our house seemed bigger than now.


The workers worked around the clock.

Antonella is the world's leading expert on stoats, who is credited with having written the most comprehensive encyclopedia to date about them.

Uh, now it's really weird...

To my surprise, the noted psychologist was accused of a kidnapping.

Coleen is never on hand when I want him.

We hoped that she would win.

He preferred working to doing nothing.

Jean-Christophe doesn't want to clean his room.

Amarth has a lot on his plate.


Kriton wants them to suffer.

He is my friend. Do you guys know him?

We'll bring plenty of food.


Sue picked the diamond up and looked at it.

Deb is responsible for this accident.

Allen is a reasonable guy.

I often exercise.

It's the world's oldest profession.

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Hey, it's my job.

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I can't do this anymore.


If Bin Laden comes, tell him I'm in the store.

He cares about no one, but himself.

This is subject to change.

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He kissed me and then I slapped him.

I didn't mean to get emotional.

Can you break a 1000 yen bill?

And also the gym uniform is still gym shorts, isn't it? I wonder why.

I have 3 projects that I need to finish up by the weekend!

I cannot stand his comments.

I can't guess the reason for his conduct.


If you feel sick, you have to vomit?


This lake is among the deepest in the country.

Even Miki was surprised to hear that.

Eliot looked like he was healthy.


I need to know if you'll be there by 2:30.


There is a sleuth under us.

We played golf in spite of the rain.

Who is she that looketh forth as the morning, fair as the moon, clear as the sun?

When are you going to ask her?

Kitty hadn't noticed Jon.

What does Sumitro really think?

She fell into unconsciousness.


We'll do all we can.


You've somehow managed to misconstrue what I have said.

Cold weather lasted there for weeks longer.

Con artists take advantage of the credulity of inexperienced investors and swindle them out of their money.

I don't want to eat with him.

I'm sure you know what that's like.

Sorry to trouble you.

Those houses are big.

I'm reading the paper, in the meanwhile get ready to go out.

I hope this is the right one.

What's so pressing?

That's what I'm so proud about.


How much is one box of cashew turones?

He's a bodybuilder.

Marilyn is so predictable.

Utility companies supply electricity.

I'll get you something to write with.

You will be able to play soccer.

Desert sand cools off rapidly at night.


If you ask Part, he'll help.

I know that I haven't been a very good father.

What you say and what you do are different.

No one was with me.

Jiri doesn't understand the environmental impacts associated with a Western lifestyle.

He was robbed of his youth.

The answer is yes.

You need to get him to listen.

I hope it's better tomorrow.

The teacher was immediately at work correcting that day's test.

Smoking is not permitted in class.


Here's some medicine for diarrhea.

You are trusted by every one of us.

When I unplugged the bathroom sink, the water gushed down the drain.


I tried to answer the question, which I found impossible.

There's a policeman outside who wants to see you.

Let's meet at 2:30.

Emma decided to buy a new computer.

The Prime Minister is to make a statement today.

Has anyone ever told you that you worry too much?

I like to walk aimlessly.

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He was knocked out by a punch in the first round.

Let's give Mechael some room.

I am not all too certain of my position.

Would you sing at our wedding?

She stirred the instant coffee and poured in milk.

I dashed out just after breakfast.

Are you going to tell Jason?


Nicholas doesn't know that.


At the moment they think that the accident is due to his carelessness.

As the tigers approached, we wondered who would be eaten first.

We've got to do this right away.


I knew I'd find you with Prakash.

The translation is impossible.

Doing that will be a mistake.

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His name is known throughout this country.

I know a very nice little hotel quite close to here.

Chris is too young.

We have no alternative but to work.

Fire Eater (this was really his name) was very ugly.

I received this fax from her.

What's your favorite TV show on Monday evening?

They hate Halloween.

I'm afraid this isn't working out.

Something is wrong with the brakes.

Susumu and Merril were exhausted.