Glass Pineapple Cocktail
Snow Shaman.
Glass Fox Figurine in shifty peach.
Original Thyme Fox made in Philadelphia.

In 2017 I began using Instagram stories for advertising. The ability to quickly post content helped to immediately increase sales and enhanced the stores’ online presence.


Wig Wags and Reversals on Honeycomb
Zach P. Freehand sketch on glass.
Wasatch Glassworks Electroformed Art
JOP Pinhead

By 2016 I was in charge of creating all content, advertisements, communications and more. I began to fall in love with promoting the business and seeing a direct connection to social media presence and revenue.


BFF Mouthbreather
Fillacello Artwork
Octopus Pendant by Berning Glass

In 2014 I began a new role as a manager for a  busy two-business store. I continued my role as social media manager and began posting advertisements for new products.


Slightly Stoopid flyer for Scavenger Hunt
First prize winner!

Slightly Stoopid was on a national tour that summer and stopping in Philadelphia. They wanted to run a scavenger hunt with local shops during which customers received free merchandise and concert tickets, all while ending the hunt at the store.  It was quite successful and allowed us to gain national attention.

(863) 484-4611

Fish Sculptures
Glass Tentacles 
Animal Figurines 

In 2012 I began working for Artifax, a small family run business since 1978. I quickly realized they had no social media presence and I offered my assistance in creating content and posting. They gladly accepted and offered me a raise and job promotion shortly thereafter.  I was able to increase revenue, gain new costumers, and foster relationships with previously existing patrons.