Software Engineering & Collaborative Systems Research Group

Computer Science Department РUniversity of Ṣo Paulo (USP)

LAPESSC is a research group coordinated by prof. Marco Aur̩lio Gerosa. The group conducts research on the areas of Software Engineering and Collaborative Systems (Computer Supported Cooperative Work РCSCW) and their intersections. The group adopts an approach based on tool support for collaborative analysis, design, and development of software in general, and of social software in particular.

Sociotechnical analysis based on mining software repositories

Metric Miner.

We are developing an infrastructure to mine and analyze sociotechnical data from software repositories.


Collaborative Environments on the Web


We are developing an infrastructure and a methodology to conceive and build collaborative environments on the Web 2.0. Our approach is based on software components and on the 3C collaboration model. Some of the award-winning projects we are developing are being conducted in partnership with researchers from IME (Math and Statistics Institute), FAUUSP (Architecture and Urbanism Faculty), and ECA (Communication and Arts School), gathered in a research center called NAWEB.


Collaboration in the Internet of the Future

We are currently investigating the support for and usage of large-scale web service choreographies and internet of things.

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