Jill didn't like this.

What's your problem? I don't understand.

What language do you think in?

You speak German.

Here's a picture of you.


You don't disturb me.

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She's not from here. She was born out of country.

She went shopping with her friend.

We're on the same page now.


You don't want to lose that.

Victoria said I can ride with him.

That boy has quite a reputation.

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The police are investigating the cause of the crash around the clock.

They sent him to jail for all the crimes he had committed.

So far as I am concerned, I am not against his plan.

About 77 Americans die each day from an opioid overdose.

I didn't say they deserve it.

It appears to me that we misunderstand him.

These windows aren't clean.

I just want to make sure it's not poison.

The man is tall.

Scrums are a feature of Rugby football.

It looks like it might rain, so don't forget your umbrella.


All our things were turned upside down.


I can see why that caught your attention.


I'm not sure we can trust them.


Why are you picking on me?

She died in the bed.

I rediscovered the importance of constant efforts.

He did it unbeknownst to me.

Juan is not a lazy boy. As a matter of fact, he works hard.

You've bought more stamps than needed.

I have homework to finish.

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I'm finished.

They already replaced the technicians.

I can't think of anything that might help.


This isn't about money.

Who said we were going to die?

I do love travelling, and would love to travel the world with a close friend.

He doesn't see the point in life.

Written in plain English, this book is easy to read.


There are many famous historic buildings in Kyoto.

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Everybody needs to calm down.

He is suited for police work.

Your writing is good except for a few mistakes.

In order to overcome the data gap, I developed a simple methodology.

Valerie is going to pay me back what he owes me on Monday.


The Dead Sea lives: it attracts tourists from all corners of the world.

Vivek reported the murder to the police.

He's angry at his child.

I have to warn Michelle about what might happen.

Bobby is a good kisser.

Your time is up.

I forgot that Shyam spoke French.


What time did you go to sleep yesterday?

A man does not live forever, but stupidity does.

Its sharp claws began to open and close, open and close.

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Eventually, someone is going to have to tell Jeanette that he needs to behave himself.

This is your chance.

To John, Sammy was an ideal singer.

I played tennis with Bob.

He says he has been to Hawaii before.

Some species gradually develop elaborate repertoires of dozens or even hundreds of variants of a basic song.

Don't squander your newly earned money!

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I said that I would help Knudsen.

Up to now, only five guests have arrived.

I was like her once.

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Kenneth sat alone at one of the booths in the diner.

Tyler spoke to Part in French, but she answered in English.

I was happy to hear the news.

And is it true that your Japanese girlfriend is called Tatoeba?

Luc gave Rajesh everything she asked for.

You're planning something, aren't you?

I need sun tanning lotion.

Willie's father sees every situation in black and white and is, as a result, very intolerant and inflexible.

He did not need man's testimony about man, for he knew what was in a man.

By air mail, please.

Tran wanted to punish me.

Would you like cookies with your tea?

Some people like volleyball, others enjoy tennis.

You're just nervous.

He focused his business on the metropolitan area.

Alf did as he was told.

No one has ever seen God.

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Why isn't Kristi smiling?

You made that perfectly clear.

As you know, we were late due to the heavy rain.

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We almost missed the train.

We are likely to get there before dark.

You didn't need to tell me that.

He has done it before.

Experts say coffee prices are rising mainly because people are willing to pay more.

You can stay here as long as you want.

Mix three eggs and a cup of sugar.

You need to stay here.

You will have to make do with what we have.

Materialists and madmen never have doubts.

Juha promised he wouldn't tell anyone.

Neville intends to live in Japan for good.

I don't know how to say this in Japanses

Kate denied Rand's requests.

All men die, but not all men really live.


I'm sick of being pushed around by everybody.


It's their only chance.

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What will this mean for Edinburgh?


He made friends with Harmon.


Where is the cutlery?

Antonio is going to tell Jay even though I advised him not to.

I need to check something out.

Her ashes are interred here.

Stephe never thought about the future.

Morton paused in the doorway.

To study English is important for today's young people.


Don't you have any more?

Matthew thought Leigh was coming back.

There are always exceptions.

Ti walked up the stairs.

Corey looks a bit like Harry Potter.

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Have confidence. You can do it.

I finally have enough money to buy the kind of car I've always wanted.

I've found it myself, no thanks to you!


Don't come unless I tell you to.

You're a terrific writer.

I'd like to become a doctor.

Would you like a single or a double?

A new principal is administering the school.

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She had to part with her jewelry box.


The girl we saw waiting in front of Joanne's house was Marcel.

Have you tried our rival's chocolate?

I used to work for Nora.

I'll never leave you, Ram.

You can choose one of them.

The revelation took everyone by surprise.

You were my best friend.

What she says is right in a sense.

Don't watch soccer anymore.

I will visit my uncle in Kyoto this summer.

Spain is a developed country.


They always complain about their superiors.

If you are American, you have a citizen duty for your country.

Tal behaved like a gentleman.


Three species of rhinoceros are critically endangered.

You seem to have a crush on Izumi.

Harv and Pilot played table tennis together.


Those put the guitar case down so he could hug Suwandi.

His lecture had a large audience.

Give me the salt, please.

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She learns in difficulty.

I'm not leaving until you tell me everything.

Marsh was just standing there staring at Lea.

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We don't have a long time.

I didn't talk about him.

Life is a great misery.

The singer is as famous as Madonna.

Don't let him draw you into a theological debate, or you'll be stuck there all night!

Hi, Susan. How are you?

I suggest we leave immediately.

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Are you still not understanding what we're saying, 'sir'? =P

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I'd intended to have my homework finished by now.

It's not very windy today.

Do you think you can get me to Union Station by a quarter after?

What made you believe Toby was telling the truth?

Alex wanted advice from Charlie.