I heard my dog barking, so I opened the curtains and looked outside.

Did I miss anything good?

We have to focus.

Herb isn't like the other boys.

In my excitement, I wasn't aware of time.

At one time, there was a bridge here.

There is not a single mistake in his paper.

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Alvin caught a snowflake on his tongue.

Were you jealous of them?

Bruno returned to the witness stand.

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Chuck had a grand time.

Since I'm off duty today, let's go to the coast.

The bad roads prohibit speeding.


That's pretty hot.

Do you like surfing?

We care.

Theodore always wished he had more money.

Jacobson was greatly affected by the death of his only daughter.

None of this was meant to happen.

I can see how that would be confusing.

I often read books.

My poor English cost me my job.


Why doesn't he tell the truth?

We must work hard to make up for lost time.

I'm tired of all the fighting.

He shrugged his shoulders.

Even impartiality is partial.

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What's the point of my knowing three foreign languages if I don't know what to say?

I'll get it through in a couple of minutes.

I had problems solving that problem.

That's not a knife. THIS is a knife.

Four men are singing.

We're about to go out on patrol.

They know where we are.

Please let me know the schedule beforehand.

This bag is both good and inexpensive.


Who will look after your cat while you are away?

If you do not have this program, you can download it now.

I made a fool of myself.

Jennifer would've turned thirty next month if he hadn't died in the accident.

Fortunately, that didn't happen.

What was the final score of the game?

I'm not sure how I got a shilling in my change from the cashier.

The dress fits her form.

I go to P.E. class just so I can watch sweaty boys running around in shorts.

I don't know how to play tennis.

The police can't arrest you.

I love cats so much, I can't help it, I'm a crazy cat lover.

Marnix dislikes noisy cities.

You never really know whether you can do it or not until you try.

At last, she solved the problem.

It is better to ignore this point.

She was the one I was thinking of.

He will be sleeping when you get to his house.

Kevyn looked petrified.


He couldn't keep from crying.

Quit dragging your feet.

When was the last time you sold a car?

You'd be a fool not to do that.

I don't want this shirt.


An accent can be either charming or irritating.

I was so nervous.

I plan to make a trip to China during or soon after the winter.


The crash at the intersection in front of the post office killed three people.


You gave me something to live up to.

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We're not related.

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I'm supposed to go over to Natraj's.

There are many people that don't like me.

The way he spoke attracted the attention of a famous writer.


My mother has a red apron.


When I was 18, I decided to take a year off from college.

It would be a waste of energy to tell a hair-raising story to a bald man.

When must I go on board?

Where can I mail these letters?

I want to know your telephone number.

"How are we gonna find the princess with the power going out?" "Well, maybe there's a switch in one of the rooms." "How are we gonna find the switch in one of the rooms with the power going out?" "...Uh, I dunno."

What is a calculator?

It will be dreadfully hot.

Guy asked Tarmi to dance.

Me, I'll make it to the class reunion no matter what I have to leave undone.

I'm in low spirits today.

If you make new friends, don't forget the old ones.

I've been wanting to ask you something.


Kitty has been up since dawn.

Jitendra told me how to get to the theater.

I spend a lot of time hanging out with Joni.

That kind of behavior is characteristic of the boy.

Dan didn't even see Linda.

It's me that Ric is waiting for.

You can fool some of the people all of the time, and all of the people some of the time, but you can't fool all of the people all of the time.

I don't have any pictures of Valeria.

They became more and more nervous.

I didn't receive your letter until today.

What did you promise that you would do?

Raif will ruin his clothing.

We just met today.

That boy used to collect tiny legs of cockroaches for no reason at all.

The investigation is still active.

We don't want him to get hurt.

I've studied English for five years.

He always puts his arm around me.

Eddie has a funny way of laughing.

From the terrace there was the magnificent view of Mont Blanc.

Everything you said was false.

Why in the world did you do that?

The nurse put a bandage gently around my head.


What a sad movie it was!

She's faking sleep. That's why she's not snoring.

He declined in health.


If you ever touch me again, I'll kill you.


That doesn't mean anything.

The rain prevented him from coming here.

Do you think that's ever going to happen?

Am I under suspicion?

The tricorne hat, turned whichever way, appears the same.

Does he study English every day?

We couldn't be happier for you.

Danielle looked under the bed to see what was there.

The plan was altogether spoiled by the rain.

I have to give something to Ima.

Well, you may be right.

The boy fanned himself with his hat.

They worked hard like so many bees.

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I must live with the consequences of the choices I've made.

This is the best camera in the store.

Can I borrow your rubber for a moment?

He put down his thoughts in his notebook.

There's no time to tell you everything.

Does one of you know where Cristi went?

You've got sharp eyes.

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Don't be so sentimental.

He must be sick; he looks pale.

You don't even want to win.

I'm going to die tonight.

What he needs most is a good job.


The week in Russia has been awesome.

It's awfully cold today.

His stern tone and loud voice belied his inner sensitivity and caring nature.

Can I have a moment alone with Terri, please?

Two-thirds of the earth's surface is covered with water.

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Let me tell you a little bit of the inside story.

I'd like to fly from Miami to Chicago on on American Airlines arriving around 5pm.

Angela seems to be very sick.


Jane got too nervous when her turn came, and she blew her lines.

We'll help you rescue Ping.

I met Sue for the first time three months ago in Boston.


I'm poor.

It wasn't her idea.

You should abide by the consequences.

Tell him to take a hike.

Are you currently taking any kind of medication?

Don't you want to get them back?

I've got them on the line.


Sjaak didn't think the rain would last so long.

If there's no solution, it's because there's no problem.

They're not going to make a move without Bradford.

She made a list.

I don't have it.

We should eat lunch together sometime.

Are you going to Maurice and Graeme's wedding?

You had better learn either English or French.

She plays piano as well as the guitar.

Wolfgang dried his hair with a towel.

True art of life is to see the extraordinary amongst the ordinary.

You shouldn't be in here.

The expansion of the universe is speeding up.

What was your response when he invited you?

Rhonda is busy right now and he can't help you.

Her grandmother walks around all hunched over.

Rodney picked some blackberries to eat.

Do you want to impress me?

Duane didn't look like a doctor.

Don't you trust the weathermen?

Speaking about a daughter's success, you can't but mention her mother.