Hebrews 10:1-14
Divine Conversation


Daniel 3

2018/2019 Women's Bible Study

Jean McClure is teaching through the book of Joshua for our Thursday night women’s study. You can find all of her past and current teachings on the women’s Bible study page if you need to get caught up.

Dr. Jason Lisle - Science Confirms the Bible

Has science really disproved Genesis? Far from it. Scientific evidence from many different fields aligns perfectly with historical Genesis, but challenges the belief in particles-to-people evolution. At an easy-to-understand level, Dr. Lisle will cover the basics of genetics, information theory, radiometric dating and geology, showing how each of these fields of science confirms the biblical record of creation and a worldwide flood.

PYAC 2018

We were blessed to have Pastor David Guzik share with us this year at our first ever Philly Young Adults Conference. You can find all of the messages here!