We enable your assets and technology to work together,helping you build a smarter business

The Internet of things (IoT) can transform the way your business operates. IoT is all about data – getting it in real time from the physical world, making sense of it, and acting on it. You can make your business assets ‘smart’ by connecting the physical world to the Internet. This will give you greater control and insight for your asset-management servicing.

Armed with this intelligence, your business can create more efficient and reliable systems, increase productivity, accelerate decision making, improve quality of service, or simply solve problems economically in very disruptive ways.

The value you’ll get from using our IoT platform

Lower Costs

Get up and running in days without expensive R&D costs.

Life Expectancy

Extend the life of your assets by 40% by automating & optimising your maintenance schedules.


Create effective business strategies to optimise cost & time it takes to maintain & service your assets.


Connect your assets, even if you do not have power or network.


Prevent risk & damage to people and equipment by finding faults in real-time.


Innovate your products and services continuously from the insights gained by monitoring your assets performance.

Our idealgap IoT platform brings information together from all your assets

  • We help you select appropriate hardware & sensors to monitor the right information about your assets.
  • Your information is then wirelessly & securely sent to our platform.
  • You can use the reporting and data visualisations from our apps to transform your digital data into business insights.

We have developed a range of intelligent products for your industry.

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