I don't want to upset you.

What with the wind and the rain, our walk was spoiled.

The rebels have captured the broadcasting station.

You shouldn't have!

I'm fed up with the food here.

You'll have to speak to the clerk about that.

Ann doesn't need to hurry.

I asked a friend to help me.

Why does nobody want it?

One who tells the truth, needs a fast horse.

Srinivasan prayed.


I'm putting my ass in a sling for you.


I'm pretty sure Space's serious about that.


Evan was my friend.


Francis certainly is an eloquent speaker.


Science is based on careful observation.

We're getting some very interesting results.

You might want to take off your shoes.

Two boys came running out of the room.

King has a gun.

Naoto pulled the mask off his face.

I'm here for the card game.

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I always watch documentaries.


I will make certain of the situation.

How do you like this bronze figure I picked up in my travels?

A burglar broke into his house.


Just look at me.

You're going to wreck your eyesight if you play games all the time.

Gunnar is worried about you.

I know that you're a teacher.

I'm buttering the bread.

It is interesting to look at the stars.

Survey the landscape below.

It backfired on me despite my good intentions.

I have to study now.

I like the Japanese custom of offering guests moist towels, called oshibori.

He's not interested in a relationship.

They were busy working for social reforms.

He has no right to interfere in our family affairs.

I was amazed.

I feel as if I'm catching cold.


Janice can't explain the difference between cheap wine and expensive wine.

I think Seymour is devious.

I went to Norway.

They all talked.

We're not progressing.

I see tears in your eyes.

I don't claim to be anything else.


Tammy watched Collin with concern.

I have already been here for two hours.

Could you open the window?

Jennie hasn't come back yet.

There's no solution to this problem.

She strongly resembles her grandmother.

I know where you slept last night and with whom.

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We know now what to look for.

They're both in love with the same girl.

Sid seems to want to say something.


In any case, it's too late.

Could you please repeat it once again?

Emily ate an apple.

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You should've told Lindsay that a long time ago.

Is something wrong with the helicopter?

She traveled all the way from Algeria to testify.

That's the news.

Wes knew better than to try to kiss Suyog in public.

Winnie was moaning in pain.

He has lived in Iceland for a long time.

I was completely stunned.

Spy managed to save us.

Esperanto belongs to everyone. Unfortunately, not everyone knows that.

I think I've learned almost sixty new German words today.

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Russ seems to be reliable.

A surprise was in store for me at home.

Who's your primary physician?


Joon helped me carry my suitcases.

I finished the race.

You don't understand how fortunate the country you live in is.

I don't know why Manjeri is so nervous.

The police found some blood on the floor.

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Sonja was desperate to escape.

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Alvin started to run.


Some people are completely unscrupulous.


He has been working for the Banque de France for ten years.


Astronomy is an expensive hobby.

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I'm working with Johann now.


How many flowers are you buying?

Were you shopping?

Mara wants popcorn.

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I believe example sentences are an integral aid for language learners.

Pratt has a right to his own opinion.

"Are you happy to be alive?" "Yes, I'm happy."

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You said you were alone, did not you?


Have you heard the latest rumours?

I was unwilling to agree to the proposal, but it seemed that I had no choice.

This is the man who they say stole the car.

You're Sal Jackson's daughter, aren't you?

You need to have a lot of stamina to run a marathon, but even more for the training before the race.

We must make up our minds about the implementation of the project.

We consider it the citizens' legitimate right to have public libraries.

The Japan Times was carrying the story.

Did you really call in sick?

Barrett asked Trent to help him clean his office.

She planned a birthday dinner for her cousin.


I'm too poor to marry her.

I must send for the doctor at once.

It doesn't seem to make much sense, does it?


The nurse substituted for the doctor who caught a terrible cold.

Yesterday we let our hair down.

I couldn't resist a touch of schadenfreude when he was defeated so heavily in the election.


It'll soon be the rainy season.

With the sun shining bright, we should go for a swim.

Who else could've done this?


In Chinese, 'dumpling' and 'first exchange' are homophones, so they have a rich cultural association.

We need to talk about him.

May I be of service?

He is no better than a beggar.

Thankfully she did not die.

She hopes for tranquillity.

She is, in brief, a chatterbox.

That wasn't even a lie.

We cannot do without water even for a day.

I hit the snooze button and went back to sleep.

Even though I summoned my courage and invited Dani to a movie, she gave me the slip.

Just follow my lead.

The doctor used X-rays to examine my stomach.


I thought Mehrdad would know not to do that.

No man alive would believe it.

I am deeply saddened to know that your father has died.

How I wish I had a car.

I will love you every day any further.

Do you two ever play tennis together?

There's a phone call for you!


Can we talk to them?

Do you believe in evolution?

He still has springtime on the brain.

Somebody saw you.

He pasted the notice on the door.

He fed the horse.

Recently someone told me about a language website, tatoeba.org.

There are roads and freeways wherever you go in America.

Is my time up?

He moved close to her.

It was a good game.

He showed me the way to the store.

Do you really not like them?


Duncan said that wasn't the case.


Bill came to see me last autumn.

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Come sin with me.

What's gone wrong?

Noam put some flowers on the table.

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The student, who failed in a test in English, was inspired by his friend's words.

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Next to him, I'm the fastest runner in our class.

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They all have kids.

What happens to babies who are born at sea?

The river's on the other side of the hill.

I don't know where your keys are.

My car is being fixed now.


I'll do anything but that job.

We're going to the mall.

I'll win no matter what it takes.