Investment bankers are tearing their hair out over the crash.

I don't think Marcos hates you.

You already packed the suitcases.

I never said anything.

Clifford has gone mad.

Is this a drill?

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Stanley just went to the bank.


Her face grew pale.


I just got Kelly off to school.

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Something's obviously wrong here.

Debi didn't buy it after all.

Why didn't you tell me Evan couldn't speak French?

I'm really happy to be back.

I used all the energy I had.

Nobody had any idea what I wanted.

What time will you be back?

I have an important business to attend to in my office.

They have been friends for more than 20 years.


As rust eats iron, so care eats the heart.

My room was drowned in moonlight last night.

Rolfe asked everyone questions.

The machine again made the usual noise and printed out the following analysis.

I want to pay for it now.

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I didn't want to leave before the work was completed.


I expect to do it soon.


Just look at Tal.


Did he notice something suspicious?

Don't believe any of it.

Ravindran's still eating.


The statue shows Lincoln with one fist clenched and the other relaxed.

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You're not going to hurt me again.

It all began a year ago when he returned home.

I'd love to come back next week.

I have a friend who lives in Kyoto.

Go fill the ice pack.


A big ship is anchored near here.

The students were all looking forward to summer vacation.

The little girl hugged her teddy bear.

You think I don't know who you are, don't you?

I want all of the furniture taken to our house right away.

We can say that Japan was fighting a constant battle against hunger during the war.

Have you tasted such good soup before?

And you know what ? We're done !

Hand in the three sheets of paper together.

Let's fire her.

I get up early in summer as a rule.

He promised me to come early.

How many people are currently here?

"I am thankful to you for giving me a ride up to here." "It's a pleasure."

Long hair is a pain.


It was the type of presentation which appeals to the audience.


Joel wanted to go into politics.

Don't make light of his advice.

Hiking in the Alps means up one mountain and down another.


Does that mean you'll have to stay?

You don't have to talk.

This regulation will take effect next year.


Herbert pressed his pants.

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Thuan was killed by his own gang members.


It is hard for me to put my thoughts into words.


Susanne doesn't have to sing if he doesn't want to.

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I will change their mind.

She's very individualistic.

You're not telling me something.

Secular liberalism is the final religion, though its church is not of the other world but of this.

Go on in.


When did she go to Mongolia?

Al could tell that Ray wasn't joking.

He took over the business.

Russell's parents must be proud.

My father told me about his experiences during the war.

What kind of plant is it?

Don't you read the tabloids?


She has never had a bad experience.

Why have they never told it to me?

Give me some more milk!

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Some of the dogs are alive.

I can not stand that noise.

They should wash their feces.

Sanche and Surya work at night.

Novorolsky stared at Steven.

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Is anything up?

How many gifts do you think she received last holiday season?

You must come to the party by all means.

I met my boyfriend there.

Claudio reached into the sack and pulled out some coins.


He, as well as his sister, are invited to the party.


I'll be back home toward the end of the month.

I will play with Naoko this afternoon.

I'm afraid I'm going to have to ask you to leave now.

I heard of his involvement in crime.

He listened, but heard nothing.

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She gave her seat to a senior citizen.

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I should never have left Dawn alone.

He got his wife to mend his shirt.

Elite soldiers are trained even harder than most special forces.


I moved to the neighborhood about two years ago.


I can't.

Don't you like me?

Jerome isn't a high school student.

Peel the orange and give me a piece.

Food is not love.


Eating too much fat is supposed to cause heart disease.

They're giving Julie medication.

They surrendered their guns and horses.

I'll look you up when I visit New York.

Jim must go to the hospital immediately.

Could I trouble you with something?

Will is unenthusiastic, isn't he?

She talks about Paris as if she had been there many times.

I was sitting next to them.

I left a note on your door yesterday.

Cole doesn't understand the environmental impacts associated with a Western lifestyle.

I'm not paying for it.

I want to know what you're doing to find Sanjib.

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I believe Teresa will be acquitted.

Where's my watch?

I need one more.

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This is humiliating.


Dani didn't know Vinod had a husband.

Mr. Cameron forgot his daughter at the pub.

He's in bed with the flu.

Let's concentrate.

I'll go by car.

I listened, but I didn't hear anything.

I should've left them a note.

I hope to attend.

Forgive him.


Vidhyanath is a Native American.

You should call Barbara right now.

Oh yes, you're right. Well, it's the way you shop that's tight-fisted then.

That's my favorite.

Saiid spends every weekend in Boston.


I want to apologize to everybody.


Dan's business dinner didn't end well.

They left before the end of the performance.

Where can I obtain a map of Europe?

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You need to listen to her.

I didn't go to school.

We should have been fully aware of this risk all along.

Sandra followed close behind Kevin.

She had long been learning to play the piano.

The security chief monitored the site looking for weak spots.

Guillermo couldn't remember where he'd heard her name.

Do you think Ronald likes his job?

Jesus didn't go to the bank.

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Your hair has turned white since I last saw you.


It's a bit too complicated for me.

They do nothing but cry.

She suddenly kissed me.


Is there any way to an unperturbed mind?

Drivers must observe the traffic rules.

You like to chop wood.


Arriving at the end of each year (that is, the last day of the lunar calendar) wasn't just a new day taking over from the previous one, but also a new year taking over from the previous one, and this was called 'first exchange'.

Mats has never won anything in his whole life.

Terry sat on top of his desk, looking out the window.


Bruno gets along very well with Oscar.