You've given me good advice.


Ross came out of his office.

Threatening me is useless, I won't say anything.

I have two big brothers.

Malcolm might be able to pull it off.

None of you are allowed in my room.

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So what are your plans?


My teeth are chattering because of the cold.

Mario told his son that he had to eat everything that was on his plate.

Vinod says he doesn't remember my name.

Nobody helped her.

I forgot your number.


We can't see Mt. Fuji from here.

I owe Galen a great deal.

We've got a little situation.

Lonhyn is working on that.

Leaves lay thick over the ground.

Illusions are short lived.

Adoptions have gone up 600% since the epidemic of vagina dentata began.


It's amazing that Merril survived.

Vance wants to get a driver's license.

I didn't know you were back in town.

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I cannot help loving her in spite of her many faults.


That's not an easy feat.

He did it in only a fraction of a second.

This is where I was born and raised.


This is the first time I've ever been pregnant.


You told Edmond where to find me, didn't you?

Put your backs into it.

I did that all by myself.

Valentin looks confident.

Waiting for too long makes most people annoyed.

I love cooking for my family.

I suppose I'll be in trouble if I don't stay up all night to cram for the examination.

We've dodged another bullet.

I don't remember which articles I have translated and which I haven't.

They demanded an end to the flood of immigration.

How old are your kids?

Where was the meeting?

For example, Koko was asked to choose a house or a tree for shelter from the rain.


The man began to take off his hat, glasses and mask.

The kettle must be boiling.

The room was illuminated with red lights.

My son's short attention span is causing him problems at school.

Use the tools found at your left.

I know that Tollefsen went to Boston.

Nobody knows what happened to her.

That man can't have committed suicide.

Joachim had three sons.


This message is for Suresh.

Things have improved.

What was your plan anyway?

Can you help out?

He misses his father.

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We don't want to pressure you.

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We should leave at once.

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He hasn't been much in evidence recently.

This isn't a good time for me.

Jon suggested to Calvin that she offer John a cup of coffee.


That kind of food isn't really my thing.

Saiid wanted to hang out with Danielle.

Rakhal whistled.

No matter how hard the training was, she never cried.

Bea has mental problems.

He trusted his defense attorney.

I reached the hilltop exactly at five.

I washed my hands of the whole business.

We've got less than an hour.


These tomatoes are tasteless.

I'm looking for erotic science fiction novels.

I probably sing better than Merat does.

Do you burn dead leaves in your backyard?

Wait for me by the car!

Where the treasure is hidden is still a mystery.

Aren't there any qualified applicants?

Timothy went on working.

I don't suppose you know anything about Jeffrey, do you?

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He doesn't give a fig about money.


You just missed Ami as she went out.

I can't really talk about it.

Dan gave Linda a tour of his castle.


Oh, so you're at the barbershop!


Sugih is preoccupied with something.

Come alone.

They've stopped smoking.


I'm sleepy, so I am leaving now.

I need to know why.

You're going crazy.

He is the tallest of the three.

It took me five hours to read through this book.

She totally drives me nuts.

Milner may leave anytime he wants to.

Take evasive action.

I'm not certain Liber is the one I need to worry about.

My friends aren't young.

Helen Keller was blind, deaf and mute.

Why is it so suffocating to live in Modena?

She had better eat breakfast.

My friend always jokes when I don't feel like it.

I don't want to know where you went.

This is a coincidence.

We're looking for Antonio now.


I saw Leads die.

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Why are you dragging this out?

If you want to do it, you can do it.

She wants to keep the baby.

Apart from the cost, it will take a long time to build the bridge.

We stopped at the monastery and went inside.

I like when you kiss me on the lips. No, on the cheek.

Do you want a banana?

Siegurd gets a kick out of this kind of thing.

It looks like it's going to clear up soon.

Have a fantastic couple of days if I don't see you in classroom.

That looked like Mr. Tanaka, but actually it was a shoebox.

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When I was a student, I was the worst at composition.

Can you help me with something?

Is that singer popular among your friends?

How dare you turn my father's house into a market!

I'm against the war.

I asked Cole for a favor.

Wow, look at this.

What's the difference between a toucan and a parrot?

I'm a farmer.

Would you please stop upsetting Ginny?

What do you drink for breakfast? Tea or coffee?

Syun is a friend of a friend of a friend.

I saw Raif, but he didn't see me.


I wish I had my own car.

Without wearing a tie, you won't get in here!

I like cats very much.

My fingers left marks on the glass.

Al knows why Knudsen doesn't like him.

All traffic was brought to a halt because of the accident.

It's not size that matters.

It is then no longer justice.

I am to take over my father's business.


We must find a more efficient method.

Some TV programs are interesting, and others are not.

I'm married to him.

Please fill up the front.

They love Australia.

Many people feel that gold is the most secure investment.

In Singapore, one way to punish a criminal is to whip him or her.

I thought you might want to know that Piet arrived a few minutes ago.

We have nothing in common.

Winston's guitar playing sounds really good.

Everyone knows you're in love with Spy.


Don't let it end.

A swine sees no sky.

He has attained to years of discretion.

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Conchita Wurst won the Eurovision Song Contest 2014 with the song "Rise Like a Phoenix."

"I saw the pictures." "What pictures?"

I am not satisfied with my present lot.

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I know about your cancer.

Kamiya took over the family business.

I think I impressed you.


I thought Deirdre would be perfect for my friend.

Solar power is the way of the future.

The life span of a butterfly is short.

I would sooner stay than go.

How much time is enough?


That's to be expected.

Food prices are at their highest level since the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization began keeping records in 1990.

Is something different?


We both competed.

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We need to clean the car.