I found a French-Hebrew dictionary at a small bookstore.

Chin up!

Geoff ran away from home.

I never told her that.

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Mahmoud, do you love me?


Ira has been contacting the coast guard by radio since the crash happened.


I lost your number.

I haven't completely given up the idea.

I want to eat pizza.

Drive slowly.

We need to hear what happened.

I try to eat a balanced diet.

Mwa and Ravindran moved into their new house.


He said he would keep from chatting.

He hopped on a freight train bound for New York.

I also use this study for receiving guests.


I'm not involving them.

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Galen bought three dozen eggs.

How long's Isaac had it?

Drew and Sanjay have gone to Australia.

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We both know that.

It's a good thing Jason isn't here.

What's your favorite pun?

I enjoy making new friends.

She showed me his album.

Charlene is looking for his keys.

There's no mistaking about that.

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George was the high sport of the evening.

Mechael isn't the one who needs help.

List is a native speaker of French.


Phillip survived.


Her proficiency in English rapidly improved.


The fate of the hostages depends on the result of the negotiation.

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Moe had a beer.


I said such horrible things about him.

You can't stay here.

Tatoeba is not even a girl.

When are you planning to tie the knot?

I'd recommend that you seek professional advice first.

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Sehyo fell asleep while reading a book.

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Elias is old enough to take care of himself.

You can have your secret as long as I have your heart.

You have opened the cages.

Jeremy is a fairly decent golfer.

They want to know what's going on.

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Reinhard says he didn't want anything to eat.

I'll take care of it personally.

I make it a rule to brush my teeth after meals.

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We will finish the book tomorrow.


The blossoms will be out in a few days.

What if my mom says no?

This is his house.


No security system is foolproof.

Ozan didn't have to wait for me.

Most of my friends are girls.


When it comes to paying out money, the boss pulls a long face.

I can't burden Jong with that problem.

My name is very rare in my country.

Andy got on the elevator and pressed the button for the third floor.

Time's up. Please pass in your exams.

The war took place 45 years ago.

His fairy tales made Hans Christian Andersen, the most famous Dane in the world, an icon of world literature.

At first, he could not speak English at all.

Come on, let's go far a walk.

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Clark may not be able to do that anymore.

Isn't it a beautiful day for a marathon race?

I don't care if Sherri does that.

Everything else is gravy.

You don't have to try.

Pierre was taken aback.

He worked hard to provide for his family.

Why did you stop updating your blog? I always looked forward to reading it.

Meeks didn't participate in the discussion.


I wasn't honest.

A week today I'll be in England.

You blew it, Ragnar.

That doesn't sound like something you would do.

He is a critic rather than a novelist.

I'm not a baby anymore.

Polly knew that it was a bad idea.

"Automobile" is a hybrid word.

That man is taller than Patrick.


Why is your wife sad?

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He left for London the day before yesterday.

I've never heard Justin speaking French before.

It's not that I don't like your English, but for me it's important to use every opportunity to practise Russian.

You assume we are all sexually stable; while on the other hand, as I have become acquainted with people, I find that they are all perverted sinners, one way or another, that the whole society is corrupt and rotten and repressed and unconscious that it exhibits its repression in various forms of social sadism.

They defended their country.

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There's someone for everyone.


Racing car drivers aren't just in it for the prize money but also for the thrill of racing.

I think we get off at the next stop.

Think was glad that Sandy was home with the children.

The rain-water runs off through this pipe.

We know everything about you.

Sekar doesn't like beef.

He works even late at night.


Will you go to the movies with me?

I thought you weren't going to get here on time.

Do you think he'll like it?


He cannot stop him.


What exactly do you think?

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I'm in perfect health.

Mahmoud doesn't like to be cold.

Since when do you care about rules?

Mwa is tuning his guitar.

The proposal he made yesterday is now under consideration.

Hon didn't seem very enthusiastic.

The company went public and became listed on the stock exchange in 1990.

Saify talked Brodie into helping him.

Elliott doesn't allow his children to play with Siegurd.

That's a matter of prime importance.

No one's frightened of playing it.

I went to a park this morning.

Mess with the best; die like the rest.

Maybe I'll go swimming after school.

Vishal knows how to fly a helicopter.

Does it show?

The Sumida is not a good river for us to swim in any more.

He went to see her the other day.

Friendship is the most precious of all.


He hasn't got glasses.

Sriram was standing beside Rogue.

What brand of cigarettes do you smoke?

Don't you want to learn things?

He has to stay in bed.


I'll give you an answer in a day or two.

Are you sure that's going to work?

I'm definitely impressed.

Dan killed a pitbull with his own hands.

Being able to smile while in great distress is not duck soup for a passionate individual.

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Pass me the salt.


Do we have an agreement?


That's a question that only Hohn can answer.


Who notified me?

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Paul is not as fast as me.

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We stayed inside.

The man died waiting for an ambulance.

I'm sick of your complaints.

I'll keep you warm.

Stevan is an American citizen.

Thank you and goodbye!

Hsi said he wasn't offended.

I thought that he would come.

I satisfied you, right?

I can't accept responsibility for that.

"Obvious" is the most dangerous word in mathematics.

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Sanjay fell asleep halfway through the movie.

We write this in honor of Saint Patrick, who is credited with bringing the Gospel of Jesus Christ to one of the most pagan cultures of his day.

Do you know the time of arrival of his plane?


A real friend is like a rare bird.

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It was a good choice.

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A flea can jump 200 times its own height.


I need to take your temperature.


I love you - I love you too.

Why should it be any different now?

I like macadamia nuts.