You never told me your name.

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If Natsu marries Mr. Ando, then it will make a "red bean paste donut", won't it?

Kyoto is famous for its old temples.

A prize was given in honor of the great scientist.

Caleb is usually much busier than Juha.

Marty doesn't listen to classical music at all.


Kim is fluttering her eyelashes at Natraj.


I've got to get her home.


Colin is the fastest driver.

This race is already won.

They'll know.

Tell Seth I'm sorry I wasn't able to be at his birthday party.

Julius's mind went blank when he got up to give the eulogy at Pablo's funeral.

She owns a yellow sports car.

Dana's fainted.

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A lot of birthday cards will arrive soon.

They've taken Elizabeth.

Raj is probably really tired.

Someone told me that Mario now lives in Boston.

Point this pencil for me.

Come on, trust me.

A corpse was found at the bayou just yesterday.


Sarah, could you close the blinds?

I'm not certain Saify would agree with you.

I have no intention of meddling in your affairs.


Do you agree?

She's older than Kyu.

They all envied my new car.


I can take you home.

Lum's face reddened.

Syed has gone off to explore the mountain.

We've been practicing hard.

The girl bought some lip gloss at the convenience store.

We'll meet them there.

I need some milk for my cereal.

It has been just a week since I arrived in New York.

This is a placid and cozy place.


I'm not stupid enough to climb a mountain in the winter without first making adequate preparations.

I'd love to go to the fair with you.

Careful! Watch out!

I need to speak to you now.

Feel your heart beat!

They'll announce the winner tomorrow.

The problem was how to drive quickly and safely to the house.

My brights are on.

By tomorrow morning this girl will have done it.


"Are you OK?" "I'm fine!"

The soldiers abandoned their camp.

The show's Sunday.

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That was a pretty stupid thing to do.

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It'll be interesting for sure.

What do you mean to say to me?

If you want to succeed in life, work hard.

Which car did Olivier choose?

What one has to learn is more than the language.


You must show respect to your guests.

Canada's Andre de Grasse won the bronze medal in the 100m race.

I don't want a job in Boston.

The city is planning to extend the boardwalk.

Claudio is studying the ancient civilizations of the Mediterranean.

I don't think this is how it's done.

The last time I called him, he was out.

Don't fear being put upon. Fear instead being unable to help.

Today is Saturday and tomorrow will be Sunday.

Seenu and Wendell must really be in love.

My hat blew off.

All his injuries are external.

I'm perfectly happy being alone.

I wanted to do some telephoning.

Oleg certainly impressed the judges.


You must study harder.

Where is your teaching material?

He asked after my mother.

In those days, a new type of democracy was rising.

Something is coming.


Did you have a good birthday?

I'm writing to her.

John used to stand by me whenever I was in trouble.

Would you like to come over for dinner after work on Monday?

Gas is cheap now.


I've seen what happens to anyone who opposes Mac.

I just want to make sure we all agree.

Her hands were cold.

They went whale watching.

There was a cold wind blowing from the north.

Died at age 54.

He argues about every assignment he's given.

We have to reduce the national debt.

There were 30 survivors.

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I can type 50 words a minute.

Sorry, you were saying?

What am I going to wear?

You're too late.

I detest hypocrisy.

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Someone stole my laundry after I left it in the dryer.

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Sanjeev and I still love each other.

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Only in theory, the project is possible.

I was amazed at the audacity of the student to ask the lecturer such a personal question.

The orange left a strange taste in my mouth.

I wish they'd be honest and admit they don't know what's going to happen.

Since you have already also become an adult, you must become independent economically from your parents.

My brother fell out of a tree and broke his arm.

It won't be long before it rains.

You are entirely correct; habits play a very large role in people's lives.

Space did well today.

She lived with him all her life.

She devoted her money to social welfare.

Janice collects teddy bears, postcards and stamps, old coins, stones and minerals, number plates and hubcaps - in short: almost everything.

What's your favorite newspaper?

When I called, he had already set off.

We are eating apples.


After all, he was persuaded to run for President.

"Where are my glasses?" "Where you left them."

Almost everyone does that.


I'm going to speak to them.

Please write down your home address.

This is a really stupid system.


I bet you're busy.


When was the last time you saw her?

Time's on our side.

These prices are outrageous!

Could you look over this document for spelling mistakes?

He tossed and turned all night.

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OK, let's just do it.


It's the hottest season of the year now.

Why don't you come and see me sometime?

I'm not a perfectionist.

The evidence is indisputable.

Let's hope for good results.

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Guy is very moody.

They set a new record for the longest kiss.

It wouldn't matter.

That's the nicest thing anyone's ever said to me.

I had to come to terms with my present salary.


Pravin put the box on the table.

I was gonna go shopping tomorrow, but I really can't be bothered.

Kevan is kind to old people.

This is insubordination.

Living near the school, I come home for lunch.

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It's more complicated than it looks.


Wes couldn't make out their faces.

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Read this carefully.

Gregory never talks about his work.

My punch sent him reeling into the rope.

If you are interested, let us meet again tomorrow.

Magnus Carlsen won third world chess title.

We'll have a goodbye party for Nancy tomorrow.

I'm the middle child of three.


I want to stay a few days.

Plastic looks bored to death.

Isn't that a little harsh?

There is no such thing as a good stereotype.

He's a bleeding-heart liberal.


Caroline was sent off to prison.

She caught Edith.

We must rid the nation of drugs.

Do you believe that women have a sixth sense?

I might look at flights again soon after a shower, if I don't fall asleep.

I have aggravation after eating.

Norman looks disgruntled.

I'll eat my hat if she turns up on time.

The gap between them has narrowed.

Glynn thought he'd be safe there.

Country girls like to cut red paper into peach and plum blossoms and paste them onto doors and windows.

I was admitted to school without having to take an entrance examination.

Where did you find that dress?