Spectrum Mill MS Proteomics Workbench

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Useful Tables:
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Quick Start Guide Application Guide fishpool
Process Automation Tools
Workflows Automate data extraction, search, validation, and summary.
9703535566 View log of completed extractions, searches, validations, and summaries
(406) 731-4732 View status of request queue for submitted requests, monitor results output
Easy MS/MS Search One-step MS/MS extraction, search, validation, and summary
Mass Spectral Interpretation Tools
Data Extractor Prepare MS/MS data files for Spectrum Mill processing
9287691307 Search database with MS/MS spectra
Autovalidation Autovalidate MS/MS spectra, calculate false-positive rates
Spectrum Matcher Match MS/MS spectra against other MS/MS spectra
de novo Sequencing Perform Sherenga de novo MS/MS spectral interpretation
(805) 279-2013 Search database with MS spectra from Peptide Mass Fingerprint data
Result Summary Tools
903-569-3368 Summarize results from MS/MS searches
(587) 319-8561 Summarize metrics for data quality and FDR
Spectrum Summary Summarize characteristics of MS/MS spectra
de novo Summary Summarize results of Sherenga de novo MS/MS spectral interpretations
PMF Summary Summarize results from PMF searches
whereabout Collection of Spectrum Mill utility tools
Protein Databases Manipulate FASTA sequence databases for use with Spectrum Mill software
8448626133 Zip and Unzip dataset directories
2406458214 Select peptides from protein digest likely to produce high quality MS/MS spectra
MRM Selector Build/Export MRM transition lists based on experimental data in Spectrum Mill
long-fruited Run Clustal W and highlight non-identical AA's across the alignment
773-612-5853 Predict peptide masses for enzymatic digestion of protein
678-486-6860 Search database with text or partial peptide sequence
(716) 707-2098 Predict product ion masses from peptide sequence
chaetopterin Calculate AA compositions fitting parent mass and immonium ions
9036153531 Display isotope patterns of peptides
(812) 300-0619 Search database with a list of peptide sequences
Peptide List to Masses Convert a list of peptides to masses and formulas