NEST of Stark County is where foster and adoptive parents come together monthly to surround themselves with other families that have also opened their hearts to children in need of a safe and loving home. It is the goal of the group, with the assistance and support of the agency, to (N)etwork, (E)ngage, (S)upport, and (T)rain.

About us


Establishing and building relationships with other families that have also opened their homes to children in need. NEST provides an opportunity to network and meet other foster/adoptive families in the area, and is a fantastic way to share our collective experiences with others that may consider answering the call to foster/adopt.


Engaging with other foster/adoptive families is how we seek out help with such things as behaviors, transitions, laws/regulations, maneuvering through the system, working with birth parents, advocating in school, protecting marriages, and self-care.


NEST meetings are a confidential venue to gain advice, share stories and connect with other foster/adoptive families in the area that are providing for children in need. Support within the foster/adoptive care community can come in a variety of ways. It can look like a meal to a family with a new placement, checking in after a court date, exchanging clothing or baby items, or an offer to provide respite.


The NEST group discusses relevant topics and uses the experiences of the group members for practical examples. Ongoing training is not only required for continued licensure, but also for each foster/adoptive parent to expand their knowledge, develop skills and exchange ideas. NEST meetings qualify as 1.5 hours of training credits for each meeting attended.

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