You don't know me very well.

She called me a fool and what not.

We don't have enough money for a taxi.

You can drive if you want.

Kathryn was really great.

Blend the mixture together until it is smooth.

Why won't you listen?

Some people quarrel for no reason at all.


She is honest and above telling a lie.

I just finished doing that.

Would you like some more wine?

Don't say anything to anybody.

Wayne was dressed as a woman.


Mr. Kaifu is used to making speeches in public.

I need some time for myself.

The new Scottish Parliament is inaugurated.

Sabrina doesn't have to work today.

The cliff hangs over the road.

I hope I get a chance to return the favor you've done me.

Rudolph asked Axel if she was hungry.

Am I thinking of garbage cans?

She handed in her term paper after the deadline.

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You can't disguise sad eyes.

If you want me to kiss you, all you have to do is ask.

I will meet him at the bus stop.

I am not being guided

We were just going.


Stop being such a dork.

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I didn't have anything to do with Ji's death.


The tide rises approximately every six hours.


Tolerant was just talking off the top of his head.

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Arne can't be held responsible for this.

We met the other day.

I have to leave you.


The soldiers will soon return to camp.

I should have listened to Bruce.

We found a corpse in the ruins.


Smell is one of the five senses.

The police officer put a piece of paper in front of him.

Manavendra is dancing with another girl.

Rathnakumar doubts that Danielle loves you.

Basing his invention of public relations on his uncle Sigmund Freud's psychoanalytic theory, Edward Bernays has left a lasting legacy on the media and how they interact with their audiences.

She has a ring whose value is beyond belief.

His uncle died five years ago.

She had no idea how she got there.

I'm glad to be back.

Guido doesn't buy bread.

Rats carry the plague.

That tired-looking man just told me that you used to work here.

Can you tell me when Jonathan will be back?


The valley was dotted with farm houses.

What does Toerless do now?

A naked lecture conveys boredom ; tales help precepts get through.

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I finally gave up smoking.

Here's what to do.

I cannot howl like a jackal. I'm a goat!

We need to be prepared.

The prime minister already voted in his city of residence.

Kenji abandoned his hope of becoming a doctor.

Give my regards to her.

It's quite likely that Saul won't be there.

The Shetland Islands are part of the United Kingdom.


You'll never stop me.

You're the only person I know here in Boston.

They broke in through the kitchen window.

Let go of her.

I should stop procrastinating.


I was red as a tomato.

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He's not German, but Austrian.


Our class consists of 40 boys.


She can understand everything he is saying.

It's obvious Hilda has had a rough day.

May I dance with you?

The sunshine improved his color.

Isn't that a teacher from your school?


The question here is one of creating the framework with which we can outline the social trend.

He lived there all by himself.

Alf used to play both baseball and basketball.


This did not satisfy Olof, and the relationship between them cooled.


I think a film is more interesting than any book.


I'm going to wash the dishes.

All of us plan to be there.

Today's low was 3 degrees.

She is taller than you.

Laurent has been sick for a week.

We've been together for a very long time.

Please don't take the documents out of this room.

How are they doing it?

I may as well go now.


She's very upset about all the lies you told her.

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If we miss the train, we'll go by bus.


Vince isn't fazed.


Pay attention to what he's saying!

Why do people call him Olson?

It's very unlikely.

Tickets are $30 for adults and $15 for children over 4 years old.

Bertrand is embarrassed by his son's behavior.

Who are these for?

You bought (it).

When I got home, I was very tired.

She's not worth your trouble.

Ozan took off his bullet-proof vest.

I'm so lucky to have someone who cares.

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This is a serious matter.

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Teriann is much shorter and weighs much less than Greg.


Lincoln ordered that all the slaves in the country should be set free.


The Vice-President talked at the meeting in place of the President.

We hope there won't be any bloodshed.

I just got up.

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You should be careful when you drive a car.

Tell me where to put this.

If you are to do well in school, you must study hard.

This is an example of the survival of the fittest, as it is called.

We're freshmen.

Anatoly is very unhappy.

Could you help me when I move?

We've found her.

Are you familiar with the periodic table of chemical elements?

He was a poor musician.

She has had a magnificent career.

I think that the second part of your comment would make a great example sentence.

I was at school.

Whether we succeed or not, we have to do our best.

I expect this is your first time for this.

Get your facts first, then you can distort them as you please.

Can't you see Valerie is trying to help you?

He went to the barber shop.

He whispered sweet nothings into her ear.

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I don't like pizza any more than I like spaghetti.

I don't recognize that name.

What kind of sandwich is it?

I'm not provoking their daughters.

I should've told them no.


I've been stupid.


I hope Bonnie does well.

The deadline is drawing near.

He devised a new engine to use less gas.


Venus is unusual because it spins the opposite direction as Earth and most other planets.

We won hands down, because the other players were weak.

Would you agree with that?


The two teams fought very hard.

My grandfather lived a long life.

It's good for your health to walk every day.

I doubt this is anything you'd be interested in.

My brain is overloaded.

What were you doing in that building?

People seem to be magnetically attracted to Vincent.

He severed himself from the party.

Since he is wealthy, he can do anything.


Bess is simply a child.

I'll ask him a very simple question.

Winter is my favourite season.


Get back before midnight, or you will be locked out.

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Get to it, Donnie.

I had one of my wisdom teeth pulled out last week.

I'll ask them about it tomorrow.


Would you please lock the door?

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Casper has been following me.

This problem must not be dismissed out of hand.

Have you made friends?