I'm always up early.

It's not unheard of.

And for you Sir; a soup, perhaps?

I never drink coffee.

Those isn't likely to agree with Carl's suggestion.

She is working at school.

Anything Takao told us could be a lie.

He's crazy about soccer.

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Let us students contribute to the welfare of the victims of the earthquake; even pin-money will go a long way.


In Italian everything is written the way you pronounce it.


I'll see about getting you something to eat.

Maybe you should tell him.

Alberto didn't ask Jean to do anything.

This is how I met your mother.

I'm taking Fletcher to his favorite restaurant.

I haven't had dessert yet.

Syun may be bluffing.

It is very cold today.

Can you tell us what happened to you?


Without a doubt, he's an honest man.

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I'm not from here.


Such a disaster won't come again in my time.

I never really trusted them.

I was advised to visit the museum.


All the days went by, one like another.

Which car is ours?

No one was able to help them.

Tell Joyce I need to talk to him as soon as possible.

Okay, who are you?

The goal of this report is to research all the pros and cons of the proposal.

I ask myself what he did.

What we want to do next is add some salt.

The victims of the hurricane have not tasted food for three days.


I've been trying to explain to Caroline what needs to be done.

The team will go ahead with the plan soon.

Declining estrogen levels can lead to thinning of the vaginal walls.

He was kind enough to lend me some money.

Humans are healed, but machines are repaired.

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But they will come here tomorrow.

Is this what you really want?

People are unable to follow these rules.

There's a fine line between tax minimization and tax avoidance.

You borrowed nothing.

Seymour doesn't need to do this.

Please fill out this form first.

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The sales floor was relatively uncrowded.

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Al-Qaida exists in every single country that the US wants to annihilate, perhaps even in North Korea.

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I don't believe that man is able to listen to nature.

Linder was driven out of the synagogue.

A bottle of water, please.


Steen really knows how to stay in shape.


Bad weather prevented us from starting.

The Antilles Sea is often stirred up by hurricanes.

You need to set the record straight once and for all.


The smell of this flower calls up my childhood.

You ought to see a doctor.

I can handle it.

Handmade goods are very expensive nowadays.

I should've listened to your advice.

Some translate while others denigrate.

I don't like very long holidays.

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A snowflake landed on the tip of Jagath's nose.

She and her mother were extremely close.

I didn't know you couldn't sing.

Three teas and two coffees, please!

That road is too narrow for a car to drive on.


Oleg did it himself.

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You should study like your sister does.

I lived in Boston when I was a kid.

Do you want to sing?

How much does an egg cost?

Now there is some left over.


I need to make an urgent call. Is there a public phone near here?

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He told me that he was hungry.


Vincenzo is sitting on the sofa, reading a magazine.

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Neil is incredibly talented.

I know how to treat a lady.

Love is blind, but jealousy can see even nonexistent things.

He was never officially charged with spying.

You better come.


Those kinds of methods are out of date.

A woman convicted of stealing $1 million from her employer, started off by helping herself to a few dollars from the till a couple of times a week.

Jesus should thank Tarmi.


His jokes amused me.

Rajesh was on the verge of tears.

I arrived back home earlier than usual.

I like this game.

She's really gorgeous.

Try staring at yourself.

Because of his passion for indigenous Mexican art, he spends his weekends in Tlaxcala or Teotihuacan looking for good specimens of small statues.

My name is Edgar Degas.

It's only a short way, so you can walk there in a few minutes.

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The group arrived at the destination after a three day hike.

The term "bourgeois" can be used as an insult by both the lower and the upper classes.

Kelly didn't go to the lake with us.

What is your destination?

Countless stars twinkled in the night sky.


Barrio was very confident.

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There's nobody like you.

They weren't warned of the tidal wave.

Siegurd often screens his calls.

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You have exactly thirteen minutes to finish this.


That's the concern.

Why did you run away from me?

This fruit is very sour.

Marshall is very interested in Australian history.

I have so much to tell you.

Make love, not war!

I'm not feeling so hot myself.

I'll just put this in the fridge.

Was it of help?


These happy slaves are the most furious enemies of freedom.

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Lend me your knife, please.


I hope that Naren will never do that again.

Everyone except Rahul went to the party.

It's as old as the hills.


He works in order to forget.


I cannot afford a long vacation.

I am in poor state of health.

We have precious little time.

Was it possible?

I needed to add water to my aquarium.

I take it you don't approve of the way Ethan's been acting.

I've trained for months.


Johnson defended his policies.

Shouldn't be much longer and the anesthesia will wear off.

We've both been under stress.


I'm at your service.

I keep a rabbit as a pet.

Let me fill your glass again.

"Aw man... I know how much it sucks to have your parents get divorced..." "Are you saying that your parents are also divorced?" "Yep. Last I checked, my mom was somewhere in Europe."

I was taking a shower then.

Greenland's meltwater rivers flow down into giant holes in the ice, called moulins, which drain through tunnels in the ice sheet and out into the ocean.

How dare you do that to me?


Jordan wasn't right about that.


Whatever you say, I'll do it my way.

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Ravi died suddenly.

I'll have to take her with me.

His English is really good.

I had to part with my competent secretary.

The date on the calendar was September 23, 1964.

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They will notify her.

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Should any political party attempt to abolish social security, unemployment insurance, and eliminate labor laws and farm programs, you would not hear of that party again in our political history. There is a tiny splinter group, of course, that believes you can do these things. Among them are H. L. Hunt (you possibly know his background), a few other Texas oil millionaires, and an occasional politician or business man from other areas. Their number is negligible and they are stupid.

Don't let your mother know that.

If you dangle a shoelace in front of my cat, she'll play with it.


The child captivates everyone with his sunny smile.


Randall just wanted to be neighborly.

"Is he a good kisser?" "Tahsin does everything well."

You can talk to Mysore.

Here is your menu.

I don't know what to depend on.

May I see him?

I still have them.

I can remember when you were just a little girl.

Jean-Pierre gave an apple to the teacher.

I missed this appointment once again!

Which is easier, skiing or skating?