The TV didn't announce anything.

When did you talk to Ronni?

Kimmo had a traffic accident.

We'll decide it like men, bring the dice!

Please ask me any time you have a question.

How much is the dollar now?

Would you marry me?

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Marla fell for the oldest trick in the book.


These shoes were made in Italy.

His age is beginning to tell on him.

It's so warm in this room that I'm sweating.

I share the room with my sister.

Jagath found Gideon's attitude hurtful.


I might tell Barbra everything.


How often do you eat fish?


So this is your company?

This is Boston's oldest restaurant.

I want everyone to be there.

We want to talk.

Julia handed the note to Vishal.

Vicki and Hume were surprised by what they saw.

Have you ever eaten oysters?

Rod is a marine aquarist.

Her musical talent was indifferent.

How long has Maarten lived in Boston?

Darren looked young.

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This car dealership has very thin profit margins.

I can sing this song without the text.

Just give her a call.


That's just the way she likes it.

Thank God that nobody was hurt.

I have a bad headache today.

I'll meet you at 2:30 tomorrow.

Is there anything you can do to help?

I don't go in for sports.

I'm sure we'll be comfortable here.


Such projects are never finished.


Please pick your character.


Nobody knows where Bill has gone.

The house has been bought.

That wind blew out our last candle.

That's what's going to happen right now.

We believed Gail.

The queen failed to produce a male heir for the king.

We don't want anything like that to ever happen again.


Surely you told somebody.

Raphael showed it to Morton.

That's one of mine.

I never had the chance to talk with Charley.

I think each of us played a part in inviting today's confusion.

Maybe I'll have to wait.

There is a subtle difference between the two words.


Opponents say genetically engineered crops can cross-pollinate and damage other crops.


Those photos are hers.


She wrote a letter.


Floating is easy.

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Accidents happen every day in this sport.

I took good care that I did not fall.

Do you know much about him?

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How do you intend to achieve this?

The battle ended before they got there.

She cheated on the test.


Don't leave your hands outside the window.

Come over here.

Are you even listening to me?

She got full marks by memorizing the whole lesson.

Let's talk about this later.

One can't do lots of things at the same time.

Please rinse often with mouthwash.

I taste of salt.

I don't know the meaning of the expression, "impossible."

I'm also thinking to go to Beijing.

She couldn't convince him to write a song for her.

What is the advantage of that technology?

Vishal couldn't have done better.

All the students of the university have access to the university library.

Would you mind if I asked you something?

His mother got up much earlier than usual and started cooking as early as 8am.

Hughes's dreams were finally materializing.

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I'm jealous of them.

She was stupid enough to go out with him.

Hundreds of people were killed.

There is no man but has his weak points.

Everything was good.

Which do you like better, summer or winter?

A ball hit the back of my head while I was playing soccer.

The wild wind was blowing.

What on earth is the problem?

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These dishes remind me of my mother's cooking.

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I thought you might know Himawan's phone number.

Cathrin isn't smart enough to do that.

This park is famous for its roses.

Kevin never comes here.

I was a bit shocked.

Have you ever shouted at Taninna?

The wind was so strong, we were nearly blown off the road.

She doesn't admit that she is in the wrong.

He promised not to tell another lie.

Don't hold your rival cheap.

The only thing you have to do is shut your mouth.


I usually get up early in the morning.

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Joubert gave Dustin the note I'd given him to give her.

Monsanto controls 27% of the world seed market.

Don't worry, you're in good company.

There could be consequences.

I'm not going to go in there by myself.


I was a fool to trust you.

I hope you'll come again some day.

You always complain about the weather.

Dylan still depends on his parents for money.

I'm sorry to cause you so much trouble.

His carelessness cost him a broken leg.

Rathnakumar cursed himself for his carelessness.

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I have run into a problem that is causing the delay of my payment.

Don't accept drinks from strangers.

We told a lie to him, and hurt him.


Debbie has no shortage of friends.

I don't want to be afraid of Dustin anymore.

The company replied that the directors' compensation was consistent with industry standards.

Arthur claims that he can read people's minds.

May I wash all my laundry at once?

Did you buy the medicine?

How do you say that in German?

We carried a map with us in case we got lost.

He couldn't pass the examination.

She seems to have been happy.

Maria never married.


We've been here for quite a while.

Remember where we are.

I sincerely hope for their happiness.

Sooner or later, the police are going to catch you.

Learning without thought is labor lost; thought without learning is perilous.

They insisted on my paying the money.

I'll call her and apologize.

The Defense Enrollment Eligibility Reporting System is also called DEERS.

Do you have a crush on my brother?

I think Frankfurters have much more taste than Viennese.

I suppose I'll be in trouble if I don't stay up all night to cram for the examination.


Miho is a pianist.

There is a world of difference between, "somehow being understood" and "using correct English."

The Earth is a planet, not a star.

At school he was always at the top of his class.

We'll see.


This computer is dying along with my interest in computers.

Can he be ill when he runs around like that?

He's not jealous.

Have you reached Bud yet?

Joking aside, what do you mean to do?

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These adjectives are all positive.

Why should society feel responsible only for the education of children, and not for the education of all adults of every age?

She is neatly dressed.

Animals were harmed in the making of this film.

I thought about heading over to Bill's, but decided not to.


That gave me a lot of pleasure.

I can't imagine what Hume is feeling now.

How can I write faster?


This paper is white.

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I'm sorry, but it's just not possible.

That program is now being broadcast.

I have never heard of this actor.

I was the last one to know about that.

Revised was obviously very disappointed.


Jeremy told Aimee what he had in mind.

The readers cannot ascertain whether the news is true or not.

Can someone tell me why this happened?