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Copenhagen is a bike-friendly city.

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Ami wants to become a vet because she loves animals.

We tried to keep it a secret.

Brad made a bookcase.

Diana was there also.

Mr. Smith thinks that he's a big shot.

Shean is going to hurt himself.

She's been dropping some not-so-subtle hints about what she would like for Christmas.

He became very elated at the news.

We all have to die.

That's why we got divorced.

I wish you would all go home.

I began to write a book.

I thought that I had lost my keys.

I will badly miss you if you leave Japan.

Jeanette is going to need help.


The entire crew was afflicted with food poisoning.

I don't even want to think about it.

Dry wood burns well.


Be reasonable.

What're your thoughts?

You gave Lucifer what he needed, right?

Donald came to visit us just last week.

This discussion is over.

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Joshua is doing the shopping.

Why did you come back from Germany?

Unfortunately, or perhaps fortunately, no.

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Are you the guy who called?

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Once upon a time, there was a bad man.

You'd played.

Kirsten is a recovering alcoholic.

Why doesn't Sandeep want to go with us?

The British had military bases along New York's Hudson River.

You can buy cuttlefish at the fish market.

I love being your teacher.

Wherever I go, I won't lose my passion.

I'm going crazy! I miss her so much!

Is there life on other planets?

We don't even know what time we're supposed to be there yet.

They went on travelling for two days through a great forest, without food or drink, and without coming across a single house, and every night they had to climb up into the trees through fear of the wild beasts that were in the wood.

I'm pretty sure Stephan likes you.

I think that it's too big.

Mohammad was thrown from his horse.

The researcher said that taking the red pill would send him to another universe.

Ravindran helped his dad shovel the driveway.

He capitalized on every opportunity to learn from the great scholar.

Dress warmly!

Leslie became a Republican.

Jean and Kate are twins.

People may not remember that.

There is a football (US: soccer) stadium in the city where I live.


He is filthy rich.

Do we have to do this now?

I always like wine and cheese.

Don't forget to follow my examples during your trip abroad.

The thieves divided their booty.


My father doesn't care about money at all.

Do you have an item that you always carried with you as child?

She grew up to be a famous musician.

There's nothing cultural in Baudo's interview.

Rabbits have a lot of offspring.

They make a perfect couple.

Andrew asked Kurt where she was planning to go.

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This plan is currently under consideration.

This road goes to the park.

I'm very hungry; where can I find something to eat?

Jean-Pierre decided to do it at all costs.

Liz is standing on his head.

I quarrelled with my sister because she's too kind.

Isn't Ramesh incredible?

If my boy had not been killed in the traffic accident, he would be a college student now.

Here's to you! Cheers!

He deserves a promotion.

I'm really angry.

She decorates her walls with posters.

This is a fantastic idea.

Should we go and try to find Raghu?

Will you give me your radio for my bicycle?


I'm a womaniser.


If each generation die and leave ghosts the world at last will get overcrowded with them.

The soil retained richness.

I didn't find the book "Teaching English in a foreign country" useful.

McKinley spent three-and-a-half-million dollars.

To my amusement, everyone believed my story.

You've got to set the alarm clock before you go to bed.

Oh, no, of course!

Go ahead and ask him.

You want to know the truth, don't you?

I don't know why I did that.

He knew me.

Scot was already asleep.

Ricardo and Magnus looked at each other uneasily.

My body aches all over.

Marcos will get well soon.

"They're all the same!" "Come on, Styopa! Looks like you've never had sex!" "Professor, I have no time for it!" "You sucker, it's a great pleasure." "Professor, I want to go with you!" "Yeah say that again! You're gonna suck just like always." "Yes, you're right".

Not everyone could afford to pay their taxes.

Trey nodded slightly to Tran.

I was unable to sleep, so I made myself some coffee.

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We like our apartment.

You should be proud of me.

Tomorrow, you are going to paint the fence.


Everyone must memorize these words.

We could not resist the force of his logic.

No one's ever questioned my loyalty before.

If I'd known that it would come to this, I would have never consented.

Werner died from his wounds.

The front door was open.

"How many boys do you have?" "I only have one."


In the United States, you are a minor if you are under 18 years old.


No one would listen.

Eliminating the deficit will be a very difficult job.

Why don't you leave him?


I still have a lot of things to buy.

I know the situation.

What are the differences?

What do you suppose is in this box?

The loganberry, which is a hybrid of a blackberry and a raspberry, was accidentally created in the late nineteenth century by an American horticulturist.

I want to be able to speak French.

This book doesn't belong to Malcolm.

The International Ultraviolet Explorer provided information about physical conditions in the central regions of distant galaxies that may contain black holes. It also provided scientists with more knowledge of the physical conditions in very hot stars, the effect of solar winds on the atmospheres of the planets in our solar system, and the loss of mass from stars when stellar winds and flares occur.

I'd like to help, but I've got a plane to catch.

The opposition party is still harping on the scandal.

I was extremely surprised when I saw this.

His words sound reasonable.

Have you seen anything down there?


We stood on the top of the mountain.


He told us to set off at once.

What time is your plane?

You bought, the women bought.

I'd like to get home by five.

I know what it's like to lose a father.


Brooke is the guy talking to Marnix.


I think that you are correct.


They were having a discussion about the wedding.

He leaves at eight.

You're supposed to be recovering.

I get paid thirty dollars an hour.

I used all the energy I had.

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He and his companion asked me to come along with them.


I spent the weekend writhing in agony when my gallstone started to move.


It's not just a safety issue.


It is wet.

Be quiet for a second.

It's all fun and games until somebody loses an eye!

I blame Daniel for this mess.

See you tomorrow in church!


Life without books is unimaginable.

He has so many friends, he wants enemies.

It's not supposed to happen.


Randy stayed here once.


Almost no one goes to the same classes.


The boy was taken away from school by his parents.

There's a glass here.

The policeman wrestled the thief to the ground and put handcuffs on him.

The house that I live in is old.

It's really funny.

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But it's true!


He taught me how to spell the word.

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Just throw your bicycle in the back of the truck and I'll drive you home.

Stefan gave me this shirt.

Because all his friends were poor, too.


It's a shame Stephanie couldn't come, too.

A lone sailboat is sailing against the wind.

The weather is really bad.

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I thought you wanted to call your wife.