"He wants you specifically; no one else will do, as the Devil's private secretary said when he took Doctor Faustus away," replied Mr. Weller.

I'll change my shirt.


I don't know what you want to do.

I could probably get used to doing this.

Cristi was very embarrassed.


I had a lot of fun playing tennis with Miki.

Do you consider yourself to be a lucky person?

This is the very dictionary that I have been looking for.

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He didn't like city life.


She is eighteen at most.

Jenine seemed a bit surprised.

We pitted cherries for the pie.


The difficulties of the Japanese language prevent all but a handful of foreigners from approaching the literature in the original.

You just can't stand still, huh? What are you, looking for a fight?

Malloy was stumped by the problem.

The truth is that I didn't want to eat with Ellen.

Don't make little of me.

You never cry. You never smile. Nothing touches you.

Cattle would not eat grass where sheep had eaten.

Jane kept silent for a long time.

She has given me a shirt.

I met her late that evening.

The food was wonderful.


Gil looked all around.

Have you heard of me?

She came running with her eyes shining.


What I need to do now is get some sleep.

This country is rich in mineral resources.

A rhetorical question does not require an answer.

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Are you making fun of me?

Willie might look the favourite after the first lap of this race, but it's early days.

I really don't understand what's so funny.

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I had trouble finding my way back to my hotel last night.


I'm not making an omelet for him.

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Let me have a look at that.

He saved the day.

Why did you do all this?


Do you do double-entry accounting or traditional governmental accounting?


The police arrested him for theft.

In the northeast Pacific, a widespread bloom of Pseudo-nitzschia algae stretched off the North American coast from southern California to British Columbia during spring and summer 2015.

Is it time?

I was going to get the analyses.

Maybe Luc isn't telling the truth.

Tyler landed his helicopter on the roof.

The apartment building is on fire.


They don't pay you enough.


I need to grab something from the car.

He fell a victim to a deadly disease.

Nobody knows where he lives.

Sedat is much more cooperative now.

I don't mind standing.

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I can't believe Jos lied to my face about what happened.

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I will devote myself to studying for the entrance exams.


Please tell me a place to read books.

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It is ten years since my grandfather died.


Her affectionate letter moved me.

You're mad at me, I can tell.

Sheep are raised for their wool and meat.

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We shot Pierre.

Has she a piano?

The teacher was worried by Todd's frequent absence from class.


I have letters I need to write.

He doesn't know the meaning of fear.

I couldn't be prouder.

I want to do the right thing.

When he saw the joke, he laughed in spite of himself.

He is ready to join us under one condition.

You mustn't carelessly believe the maker's motto.

The spectators at the baseball match cheered their team on.

I love to dance.


Brenda sleeps on a cot.

Follow your dream to help others.

Jeffie has a temper.

Why don't you care?

I don't think that Jeannie will want to go with us.

I'm much happier wasting time looking at a handsome woman than a pretty one.

I'll handle all the arrangements.

We'll have to be prepared.

Send Phill a note.

Nobody knew that Teriann was a dangerous child molester.

My jaw hurts.


Put your weapons on the ground!

Annard saw his name on the list.

There was a fire in this city last night.

You were never a good student.

That's a beautiful name.

Tell her I'll call back later.

You've already told me how you feel.

What's Lukas's dog's name?

Louis is probably America's most talented artist.

I see Duane frequently.

I assume your party was a success.

I'll tell you a little secret.

We're still discussing that.

Miracles do exist and we believe in them.

His plan is dangerous!

Hurf can't buy himself a car.

Jason and Rakhal are fighting. Please do something.

You didn't see anything, did you?

Although he is gone, I still love him more than everything.

It cost him five pounds to buy it back.

Do you feel like porridge this morning?

Patrice plans to catch a flight back to Boston this evening.

He seems to live in harmony with all his friends.

I hate celery!

I had no idea you knew them.

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German and Japanese government bonds offer negative interest rates.

There was nothing for me to eat.

Towns are larger than villages.


Why does this stuff keep happening to us?

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Is he passing stones?

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I received this fax from him.

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Rayan pushed Alexander against the wall.

All the players were in position.

That's not cool!

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Don't shoot him.

Rajarshi agreed to help Rex with her work.

We may well take pride in our old temples.


It's all very confusing.

The company is at the end of its rope.

Thanks to all of you.

I wish!

The game is not worth the candle.

Really? I didn't know she was your sister.

The ship changed its course.

He agreed.

Please promise me that you'll never lie to me again.


Roman never fails.

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Susan was not playing the piano then.


A banker is a fellow who lends you his umbrella when the sun is shining, but wants it back the minute it begins to rain.

Does the hat fit well?

This woman is not from Syria.

But it's good to use the word "je" as rarely as possible.

Sarah and Russ are having a really good time.

If that car wasn't black then what colour was it?

Do you wash your dog every day?


Why do you want to rendezvous with people who are always angry?

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I gave some money to Suresh.

I need to make some changes.

No one came except Rob.

This one's hard to read.

Everyone got into the car.

Go there now.

That man ruined them completely.


Nicholas noticed Myrick was looking at John.


Doesn't he live in Montmartre anymore?


Do you know anything about cameras?

A book is made of paper.

Kristin comes here twice a week.

He is known to everyone as a great scholar.

There are men who gain from their wealth only the fear of losing it.


Her fever came down to normal.

He presented his vision of a way for solving the crisis.

I wish I knew her name.

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I don't know how I managed to do that. The main thing is that I was able to do it at all.

I couldn't deal with it.

That's a very good question. I'm glad you asked it.


They like ragtime, jazz and music with a swing to it.