I like Pascal's approach.

Do you often hear from Izzy?

Edith is a nice boy.

You can't build buildings on swampy land.

He is always expressionless.


I loved that movie when I was a kid.

The average Westerner, in his sleek complacency, will see in the tea ceremony but another instance of the thousand and one oddities which constitute the quaintness and childishness of the East to him.

Sandip told me you sold a painting.

Who wants a drink?

What was the author thinking while he was writing this book?

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Now I know why people get into so many car accidents when it rains.

They're coming! Don't move a muscle or you'll ruin the surprise.

We're still looking for Hunter.

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Have a happy marriage.

What's that book about?

I just want to be left alone.

There is nothing like home.

You are a large person.

I'm quite certain Shane was here yesterday.

The boys scampered in all directions at the sight of their teacher.

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Can he do it?

Who in the world do you think you are?

Rice makes you fat, don't eat too much of it!

Olivier called Morton to say he'd be late.

Did you buy anything for Shuvra?

Would you like me to cook something for you?

Follow your desire.

Have you ever had a stillbirth?

I hit on an idea.


I hate needles.

I found myself back in my room.

Kay and Olivier sat at the dining room table facing each other.


I hope there are some music clubs.

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Diane is only trying to help.

I've got to stop Daniele.

Marsha, what would anybody be looking for you for?

Could I have one for tomorrow morning?

What's the diagnosis?

Gilles is helping her.

Both of his parents are coming to Tokyo.

Two male tailors work at the tailor's shop.

There's no need for you to be spending so much money.

When should we tell him?

You don't need to apologize to Dean.


What does your father do for a living?

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And that's why for almost a hundred years, any employee has been able to go to his employer and insist on being paid in cash.


It was nothing but a joke.


Spy satellites tracked the truck in real time.

Brazilian and European Portuguese sound very different.

If you get lost in the street, ask a policeman.

I don't want to hear about it again.

Lea and Laurent became very good friends.


The crowd was worked up.


It certainly feels like it's going to rain.

A map is available upon request.

He was very gifted and talented.

I fear so.

Kids want to play.


Brian will be arriving any moment.

Mara said that he feels good.

Where is Matthias going to go?

This is the American way of life.

You have to move.


I owe her 100,000 yen.

No one succeeded to survive.

This room is for VIPs.

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The author of the book raises lots of questions about the belonging.


Galileo first discovered that the Moon had mountains just like Earth.

That's all the thanks I need.

Annie has a lot of bad habits.


You'll get used to this in three or four weeks.

I have to revise for a biology test.

Pray for them.

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Laurie has broad shoulders.

Jeffery is never here.

Yes, we have been friends since our childhood.

I'm not interested in that.

Raghu cut an article out of the newspaper.

Sales of beer is at the mercy of weather.

I've been helping her.

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Could I work part-time?

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I don't know why I said that.

We extended the meeting another 10 minutes.

Jimmy was worried about what might happen.

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I'm on my way to see them.

I don't understand it completely, but I'll try to do what I can.

My computer sometimes shuts down suddenly.


"Can I make you breakfast sometime?" "Yes, I'd like that very much."

I can't imagine what life on another planet would be like.

Someone should tell him.

Why don't you share your cookies with Jim?

We still have a couple of big decisions to make.

I have run out of my traveling expenses.

They spent the afternoon around the pool.

Phiroze is eating ice cream.

The desk seems small in this room.

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She could eat while at the same time continue playing videogame.

She had an affair with her boss.

Roger didn't want to bother Nicolo while she was studying.

There goes another man to torture in hell.

Life is a jest, and all things show it, I thought so once, and now I know it.

I'll go and get you something to drink.

My house is in the middle of the town.

Ruth leaned forward and gave Lori a kiss on the cheek.

Sylvan shot himself with his father's gun and died.

I don't buy it.

Right here is where we need to search.


I'd never been to that city before, and even worse, I couldn't speak a word of the language.

This movie makes no sense.

I return walking.


That is right.

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This is a breakfast.

The professor's boring lecture put me to sleep.

We had much rain last year.

Phill asked us to wait so we waited.

Why is he your friend?

We were all hungry.

The more people buy a given item of merchandise, the higher its price.

The company faced a major interruption in business when a fire destroyed their archive of computer hard drives and optical discs.

On an average how many miles do you walk a day?


There were no fatalities.


I can't fool around any longer.

I met your friend.

Grease the madeleine molds and pour in the batter (but not all the way to the top; the madeleines will rise!)

Don't forget to put the cap back on the soda bottle so it doesn't go flat.

Where would you like me to pitch the tent?


I always liked Isaac better.


He danced like a leaf in the autumn wind.

Black wins.

Do you have a recommendation?

It took generations to iron out all the problems of human pregnancy and child rearing outside of Terra.

If you do that, it will help you.

A good sentence is not necessarily a good example sentence.

If Samuel didn't want to be here, he would not have come.

There's nothing wrong with that, either.

You have no idea how to do it, do you?


Bats are not birds, they're mammals.

I will win the game next time.

I wasn't informed.

She dyed her white skirt red.

There is no rule but has some exceptions.

There have been a lot of complaints from students about the amount of homework that Mr. Jackson gives.

He makes it a rule to take a walk every morning.

He already went to bed.

I am reading a book now.

It appeared that she was trying to keep back tears.

As time goes on, grief fades away.


You still haven't told us why you're here.

Siegurd bought a small house in Boston.

Johan broke down and told the police everything.


You shot yourself in the foot!

I'll pick you up at your home at five.

It's going to be great to get a good night's sleep without worrying about Think anymore.


Rex is now looking for a bigger house to live in.


You did it because you understand the enormity of the task that lies ahead.

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Claire is a likable person.

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He took to insulting his parents.

Now I'm home.

He says firefighting is a feast or famine job.


Herb paid nothing.