I don't think it will work.

I see the sun and the moon.

Proficient in English, he is looked on as a good teacher.

I'll give her one more chance.

The crisis led to the 1968 Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty.


I have a collection of towels I've stolen from many different hotels I've stayed at.

She said a prayer and followed him.

Does anybody here trust her?


Did you hear that they canceled that jazz festival?

I want everyone to be there.

I didn't come here to talk about my problems.

You really need a psychiatrist.

Does this food contain any meat?

That's beautiful. I love it.

If you put your mind in your sword, your mind will be taken by your sword.

This is just what Trent didn't want to happen.

Worrying will send you grey, but it won't achieve anything.

She accepted my invitation to have dinner with me.

Don't let desire control your mind!

Dwight rolled the dice.

The salesman demonstrated how to use the machine.

She had a beautiful smile.

Do you hear the birds singing?

Damon is going to come live with me.

Jim managed to control his anger.

The old woman knitted her brows.

The thief ran fast.


I should've gone there with you.


Has this ever happened to you before?


No one gave him a good chance.

I cannot show my teeth. They are in a bad state.

I've made a correction to the wrong sentence.

I lost an earring.

Everybody looked sick.

There was a keen frost this morning.

You must not speak disrespectfully of the dead.

John wins every time we play the game.

Lars hasn't missed any of Pria's concerts.

Meeting you is one of the best things that ever happened to me.

I will go on a trip.

He decided to rent his property to that company.

The room looks different after I've changed the curtains.


Who are those for?

The discs are audible but the sound quality is terrible.

There is no way of reaching the island other than by boat.

There's nothing I can do to help you now.

Jef said he and his friends were planning to go camping next weekend.

Please don't lose patience.

I personally don't care anymore.

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He's all I have.

Umbrellas are useful when it's raining.

We think his last name is Jackson.

Patricia and I are neighbors.

Nobody's seen Siping.

I don't agree with segregation of people by race.

I went to Nagasaki.

Who is that woman holding the flowers?

Nothing appears to have happened.

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This flower has a strong scent, can you smell it?

We're just getting ready to eat.

I'm doing pretty well.

Jack intends to live in Boston for more than a year.

Tell me you mean that.


Many think that democracy is the government of the people. But the truth of the matter is that democracy is the government of democrats.

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I took my child.

Today is my friend's birthday.

Relax. Dating is supposed to be fun.


Norma's name is on the envelope.


I doubt this is anything you'd be interested in.

I know Miek is fine.

The opening in this sweater is small and my head won't go through.


What are the symptoms of mushroom poisoning?

Will my premiums go up?

We lost out to our rival in price competition.

I went fishing in the river yesterday.

Tell them this is urgent.

They named their son Shuvra.

He hurried to catch the train.

The runner stole third base.

Let's see how it goes.

According to today's paper, there was a fire in this town last night.

According to the bus driver, it wasn't an accident.


Drinks are on me.

Why aren't you at work?

You can have romance and / or sex.

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Only if you study hard will you be able to get into university.

He's like a brother to me.

You're doing really great.


I want to go to the city.

What is your favourite word?

Lois has been rejected by three schools.

I probably won't watch TV tonight.

We drink a lot of beer at home.


Please say hello to your parents.


We've waited too long.


It was only a passing fad.


I'm needy.

Some turtles have lived more than 100 years.

You should be careful in choosing friends.

I am not used to sitting up late at night.

I need you to go buy some wood pellets.

We want it to be a surprise.

I'm going to tell Ginny you said that.

Be careful you don't break Matti's heart.

Don't invite him to the party.

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Finally he was there.


Do with it what you will.

Why aren't you eating your sandwich?

I just want you to be safe.


She invited me.


Look at that boy who is swimming.

Is this place secure?

You have to make the best of it.

Claudio poured two glasses of orange juice and handed one to Raja.

I was impressed with his piloting skills.

How many brothers and sisters did Marika have?

I sure wish I could speak French better.

They always say they'll be on time, but they're always late.

Thank you sincerely for the luxurious present.


What kind of jewel is this?

In early youth, as we contemplate our coming life, we are like children in a theatre before the curtain is raised, sitting there in high spirits and eagerly waiting for the play to begin.

Sooner or later, you'll fall asleep.

Srinivasan was in his bed asleep.

You locked yourself in.


You're just a girl.

My mother worked hard in order to rear us.

He is well acquainted with French literature.

Giovanni doesn't want to go away.

I feel as if I've been thrown into oblivion.


Why would anyone want to kiss me?

Perhaps you can help.

Let's just hope our team wins.

I'm looking at my reflection in the lake.

Could you please lend me thirty dollars?

Judging from current situations, this project will absolutely succeed.

I'm about to eat.

Abortion is not an affair of the Church, it's a social affair.

We're going to help her.


Do you know what would happen if you did that?

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I wish Ji would stay.

We just need a plan.

Pratap came here last week.

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That's what my mom said.


This is absolutely correct.

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The evening isn't over.

Mingle your joys sometimes with your earnest occupation.

I thought we could help you.

Amazon wants to use drones to deliver packages.

Should we go have ramen together again?

There are many interesting things all around the house.

The village people had to pump water from the well by hand.

Scott has done it.

I pay him well.


Invalid email address.

Shuvra was sitting at the bar drinking a Bloody Gideon.

The show was so boring that Ann and I fell asleep.

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He fled the United States.

I walked as slowly as I could.

Don't slump.

Can this wait?

It's not a road, but a path.

Bibili sila ng tinapay.

I decided to ask my friend for help.

What should I bring?

I know I packed it.