Look at this picture of my grandfather's car.

I don't know for what I'm guilty.


Your work didn't come up to our expectations.


You're very nice.


Opinion is my going about explaining why all the world should think as I think.

Every man is his own worst enemy.

Seenu can wait in the lobby.

Do you care what kind of music we listen to?

Have you ever hired a maid?

He is very thorough about everything.

I'm all thumbs in the kitchen.

Oh, I love cheesecake! Yum!

Your apartment looks wonderful!


Don't talk about my family.


You cheated too!


I've already seen this.

I want you to put out your cigarette.

My brother is rich.

Kate was getting agitated.

I don't really mind.

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No bird likes to be caged.


I do mean that.

One hundred and twenty five years have shown: Esperanto is much more than just a language.

I don't see that as a problem.

What a great thought!

Grace didn't have long to wait.

Shane and Ji are giving a party on Friday night.

My apartment gets plenty of sunshine.

Tell me where you think you left your umbrella.

Remove the beaters from the mixer before you lick them.


Himawan would make a very good spy.


Gunter is our new colleague.


I asked my boss for a pay raise.


I don't want you to tell her.


Nick was glad that the main highway signs giving distances to towns, etc., all had roman-alphabet transliterations below the Georgian town names.

I'd hate to see that happen.

Although they were twins, they were of opposite personalities.

You're just being nice.

I want you guys to wait for me.

Salt is added to a number of foodstuffs, such as bread, to enhance the flavour and to make the texture more palatable.

Po is a well-known painter.

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This benefits no one.

I got into town only a week ago.

Do you know what Gregg did?

What's the secret number again?

What do your friends call you?


I'm feeling fine.

Look at these photos.

He hardened his heart against her.

She does not understand French.

I thought Matt would get accepted to Harvard.

We'd like to talk to them.

She played the piano accompaniment for a violin solo.

I wasn't the one who broke the window.

There is evidence of superstition in our world.

No one noticed her absence until the meeting ended.

I have nothing to add on my part.

I'm glad to hear that your sister is out of danger after her operation.

The wounds are healing.


Repentantly, the boy confessed everything he had done to the police.


Around 300 people were arrested.

She was very insistent.

You must not come in contact with him.

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Eileen certainly is a good husband.


He tried to get it at the expense of self-respect.


I have no more desire to eat sweets.

Courtney says he loves us both.

teach your friend to keep smile while clicking picture


Christophe has gone crazy.

My daughter is coming home.

Ill-gotten gains are short-lived. The only way to make real money is to earn every penny.

I didn't borrow money only from Philip, but also from his wife.

We became cordial with one another.

I don't want to go to bed yet.

I'm surprised you called.

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One thousand years later, aliens came to Earth only to find the damned remains of a wicked civilization.

This is private.

A woman was sitting on a stool in a bar.

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What a concept!

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Kenton died at home.

Sadly, some of us are wretches and have to suffer eternally.

Butler turned the page quickly.

Nicolas doesn't have to worry about money.

We'll send the textbooks in three different lots.


I know him from work.

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She is preparing to the Olympic Games this year.


The rumor cannot have been true.


Boston is our home now.

All you have to do is sign this paper.

Dumplings are essential at the New Year's Eve dinner table.

Who's going to believe them?

We need an answer.

In free countries, anyone can speak their mind, and everyone else has the right not to listen.

I'm worried.

Beautiful start.

Is he completely gone mad?


His study absorbs him.


Pia was the only one hurt.

When it came to the crunch she just gave in.

Even though Triantaphyllos doesn't drink beer, he does drinks wine.

Chew your food thoroughly, then swallow.

Soccer is an old game.

Sundaresan certainly was polite.

I was happy to know he was well.

There are five German-Americans on the American team.

Why not go out on a limb? That's where the fruit is.

I heard them sobbing.

I'll assist in any way I can.

You've seen something, haven't you?

It happened on Halloween night.


He is not so much a journalist as a scholar.

Barrio never told me who he was married to.

Kieran took another swig.

Not everyone who wants to may be a gourmand.

The train was on time.

My grandpa blew out all 97 candles on his birthday cake.

Each kind of atom has a certain unique number of particles called protons, neutrons, and electrons in it.

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John had a novel idea.

I was surprised that you won the prize.

Give me a few seconds.

If you have the desire to talk, you know where you can find me.

Does it sound like I'm in love?

We believe in the existence of God.

He was all chocked up about it.

No matter who you are or where you are from, one thing is certain.

I heard that Lum is in the hospital.

From whom did you hear that rumour?

I think we should go with you.

I have been having to piss since I left the house.

And you think I'm going to pay for it? Catch me!

We compete in ski races.

Let's ditch these people and go home.

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Jacobson rolls his own cigarettes.

Don't worry about me. I'm OK.

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Warren scored the first goal.

I can't remember when was the last time I've seen him smile.

You had better be ready in case he comes.

If you hurry, you will catch up with him.

I hung the laundry out to dry last night and by morning it had frozen hard as a rock.


My secretary told me you phoned.


I've got longer legs than him.

I'd like to reserve a table for three.

Upon receiving your Certificate of Eligiblity, please come to the Japanese Embassy in London.


The number of students in this class is limited to 15.

She left on Christmas Day.

Marshall works in agriculture.

Have you ever seen a purple butterfly?

The meeting will reconvene in two hours after a brief recess.


To tell the truth, I would rather stay at home than go out.


His patience is worn out.

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He has been unconscious for three days.

This result disappointed his hopes.

With pleasure, my dear.

Dwarves called Mithril 'the true silver.'

Russ is just doing his duty.

I'm going to go back to the hospital.

The wind drifted the snow.

Izzy convinced me to stay.

Please answer either by nodding or shaking your head.