Congress approved the plan in August 1969.

I started a new blog. I'll do my best to keep it going.

That's just the way it happened.

This soup tastes like fish.

Strawberries are made into jam.

I'm not going to drag their luggage around.

Gambling site lets users bet on which species will go extinct because of the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico.

I was very surprised to hear the news.

I don't know what Ernst was doing.

You can't leave until we say you can leave.


Marek refused to give Spock the money she needed.

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It's going to cost you a lot more to stay at that hotel during high season than during low season.

The pain was unbearable.

The biker was bombarded by clouds of gnats along every mile of the bike trail.

For that reason, he lost his job.

Dani offered me a beer, but I told him I didn't want one.

I checked and rechecked, so I don't think there are any mistakes on that report.

Would you like to go out sometime?


I told Vice that I'd help you.

It prevented a civil war.

What's the trouble?

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I'm as fit as I've ever been.

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Can I speak to Tarmi, please?

Edwin can't decide which approach to take.

I've spoken amply about the project.


It is easy to distinguish good from evil.

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Arnold can't get along with Rudy.

You live with your parents, right?

After the match, large beads of perspiration bespangled her face.

These are the gloves Jingbai bought me.

I love everything about you.

I tried to get up, but I fell down again.

The child has a keen sense of hearing.

He lived in Iceland very long.

Sleep well!

The twilight came on.

I often told you to do your duty, but you would not listen to me.

Can we start over?

Fritz and Edgar could no longer afford to run two cars, so they sold one.

How long is it since you heard from him?

I don't know where to buy imported cheese.


Her salary is very high.

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I've been trying to reach Rupert for a month.

Gretchen heard that Danny was sick.

Most big Japanese companies depend on exports.

The book is the best present.

My room is always clean.

What does it matter anyhow?

It is not like that. Become a supporter of Barack Obama.

He gets on well with Mister Brown.

Rudy bit off her nails.


Lance hates his tiny bedroom.

You may as well return home at once.

We are to meet in front of his house.


It might rain, but I'm going anyhow.


I knew you'd be upset.

I'm sure you'll tell me what I want to know.

We're all wasting time.

The Hungarian language is better than Esperanto.

Stop cracking your knuckles.

You add short examples.

You looked like you enjoyed that.


If you want to know, just ask.

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Mickey said he was going to Australia.

He found that all his efforts amounted to nothing.

She is crazy about me.

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I like exotic foods.


It's nonsense to try that.

Mix the salt, dry yeast and flour in a big bowl.

I am extinguishing the fire with water.

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He walked on and on in the rain.

How did you describe the mission to Sriram?

Page loves going out.


That's a very convincing argument.

Go on ahead.

Is there anything you want from the supermarket?

This is an institution for the criminally insane.

How does that happen?

Everyone can play.

I have to admit that I'm impressed.

Eduardo set his homework out on the table.

Brendan called me a scaredy-cat.

I was surprised at his success at all.

Jussi got there long after we did.


The prince made it known all over the land that he would marry the poor girl.

Teriann made his way toward the front door.

Art didn't enjoy the concert at all.


See to it that all the items are arranged in a row.

Causing competitors to fail, obtaining confidential information, something that big business just can't do without - high risk but at the same time high return work.

I don't think Roy will want to go to the zoo with us.

My brother went to Bejaia.

She refers to Nostradamus with the rather cloying nickname "Nosty".


I warned you not to trust them.

I never called them idiots.

It snowed for ten days in a row.

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Do you have a steady girlfriend?

But, there were deep green patches in the growing corn at first, that people looked at awfully.

Which player are you paying the most attention to this year?

The tall man is handsome.

When are you going out?

I wonder if you can sue someone of the same sex for sexual harassment?

I'm looking for a present for a friend of mine.

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One of the car wheels came off.


Dale felt he had done his duty.

Is it true that you are going to Paris?

I just got the word that Milner will be moving to our Boston office.


When did you find out about that?

Charles became popular among teenagers as soon as he made his debut on the screen.

I drive a delivery truck.

I'd like to see Leigh win.

I bet I can do better than them.


I told Rusty he made a mistake.


The bad weather frustrated our plans.

Narendra shut down his computer.

You look like a boy.


Manjeri has been bitten by the love bug.

I was very happy with that.

You raise a good point.

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I had to give Mahesh a little money.

We have two television sets.

When I was young, I was living from hand to mouth.

He swore to quit smoking.

What else would we do?

Ram won't be that hard to convince.

He is crazy, no more.

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Next period I take an exam in German.

I can teach you how to argue.

This book will give you a clear idea of the American way of life.

You should give them some time.

But I can't understand them very well.

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At Papa South, you can eat delicious homestyle food.


How are mom and dad?


One of the buttons has come off my coat.


I intend to carry this project thorough to completion.


Have things changed since then?

Rik hasn't shown up yet.

I can't make heads or tails of what you said.


There's a waiting list.

The story goes that he was murdered.

Do you guys want something to eat?

The government has declared its intention to reduce taxes.

I told you that.

If your pants are too loose, you might lose your pants.

I can do that with one hand tied behind my back.

I have three sons.

Why can't you get one?

We're done waiting.

You know, you are nothing to me now, Shutoku!


I hear you got married again.

Morning. Shall I dish up?

Fletcher and Merril have been happily married for thirteen years.

Everyone in the class has to learn the poem by heart.

I've already signed the contract.


That's too small to fit on your head.

Why don't we form a study group?

Clarence scarfed down the ham sandwich that Chris had made for him.


We'll make it.

The village lies on the border between the coastal and mountain regions.

I have to deal with her.


This is one of the reasons why the Tatoeba Project asks members not to adopt orphan sentences in languages other than their own native language.