That mattress needs to be aired out.

They named the boy after his grandfather.

Don't think.

I'd never do a thing like that.


It wasn't Judge who betrayed us.


David defeats Goliath in court.

They were killed.

Dr. Yukawa played an important part in the scientific study.


Mayuko was alone in the room.

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What would Rusty do?

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Urs and Vickie both looked busy.

Would it be fair to the others?

The food in my country is not very different from that of Spain.

Even Hubert was surprised.

We're quite comfortable.

He made big money.

Ahmet held one of Gunter's hands, and John held the other.

I was the happiest man on earth.

It took two weeks.

I didn't say that. That's your interpretation.

It's very easy to learn how to swim.

Please sit here and wait.

Kris understood Sehyo.

He loved her very much.

As soon as they have collected the necessary funds, they can restart their project.


We need to develop a marketing plan.


Let's not tell anybody until Monday.

He went to the length of saying that he would never speak to her again.

You got what you wanted, didn't you?

I took it for granted that he would stand by me.

Per has admitted his guilt.

It was like I was in a trance.

I feel completely refreshed after spending a week in the country.

Olson congratulated Renu.

Don't let them hurt him.


Urs does seem to be in control.

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Who wants to cut the cake?

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Don't make sport of me.


I won't let you do that.


We've been stuck here for three months.


Randolph looks really guilty.

I grew up in this house.

We appointed Mr Wood chairman.


I'm sure you understand why we can't do that.

It was a deep darkness.

Raja is the only one who knows why Shakil doesn't want to go with us.


I've already told Venkata I'll pay for it.


One cannot overestimate the importance of getting up early.

Do you expect me to believe you did this by yourself?

Sekar loves sports events.

The best way to learn vocabulary is by using creative jingles.

All the eggs in the box were broken.


Bring me the magazines.

The sun is about 1,000,000 times as large as the earth.

I went to school in Boston.


Don't do that again.

It's worthwhile carrying out the idea.

He lifted her in his arms and kissed her deeply.

He said to me, "Study hard, and you will pass the test."

Before going to France, my son is going to study French.


She can't do that.


Horst doesn't have any idea what Travis is thinking.

I have already heard this joke.

Philosophy is the critic of cosmologies.

I love solving puzzles.

Meeks set the table for dinner while Hillel cooked.

What the fuck is going on here?

She's a babe.

On July 10, we will open our Sapporo branch.

That's a funny thing about people like you, you don't want to get your hands dirty.

Patience is the mother of science.

They got a warm reception.


I've already told you everything I'm going to tell you.

The morning after I arrived there, I took a walk into the woods of oaks.

Pay attention to what I say.

I just couldn't say no to them.

Get her back here.


"So, do you like Vaughn?" "What's not to like? She's an amazing woman."

He doesn't want to try anything else.

I said something wrong ... eff me.

Rick left just after 2:30.

Audrey is playing with his toy truck.

Sonja looks offended.

It'll just be a second.

Dwight came from a poor background, but he later became quite rich.

"Why do you do it that way?" "I don't know. That's the way we've always done it.


I went to Nagasaki.


Why would you say such horrible things?

Teach me how to do it.

Did your wish come true?

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I don't have hobbies, except for football.

We've heard this noise before.

We had fun with it.


It'll be a pleasure.

I can see it in your eyes.

I would gladly translate this, but I don't speak Dutch.

These books are poor sellers.

Murray looked totally embarrassed.

I'm pretty sure that Jacobson just made up that story.

As of yet there has been no empirical research done on this subject.

Where did you buy your car?

Do you have any family pictures you can show me?

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We love you so much.

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This is the reason that she succeeded as a pop singer.

We had the porter carry our luggage to our room.

I was about to leave when Lonhyn appeared out of the blue.

He will follow you.

There is nothing you can do for her.

Walt never hurt a fly.

Tal is kind of crazy that way.

I wanted to see you, too.

Dr. Sagan helped to popularize science through the writing of hundreds of articles and over two dozen books.


We have to bring the matter to a close.

Eugene is a private detective.

I always do it.

You need to apologize to her and need to do it right away.

I didn't want to catch a cold, so I didn't go out onto the street .


There's been a corresponding increase in wholesale prices.

How long have you been staying in Boston?

Why did you change the subject?


His anger was terrible to see.

It's about seven thirty.

We played games for about an hour and a half.

I have billions of dollars.

Don't mention it to him.


The weather remained rainy.


Do you like it when I do this?

She wasn't able to meet him.

It is the deed that teaches, not the name we give it. Murder and capital punishment are not opposites that cancel one another, but similars that breed their kind.

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Andy isn't good at reading maps.

What is the jacket made of?

Lynnette has to go home.

Marcos told Paula to wait for him in front of the station.

I want you brought to justice.

How do you explain what Randy did?

I'm happy to be here, Oscar.


It is the photo of my new house.

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He should be rich: he has had every opportunity since immigrating.

Suzanne fell asleep almost as soon as the movie started.

It takes some time to fall in love.

I am a man who can't stand being alone.

Marcel is probably really sleepy.

Should the rich be forced to part with some of their wealth in order to help the poor?

Jorge carried two boxes into the storage room.

He has just left home.

The notice says, "Keep off the grass".

Mr Sato is on another line. Will you hold the line a minute?

He often drives his father's car.

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Don't you trust anybody?

I'm fed up with your constant complaining.

I spent three years in Boston.

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I feel like I have been here before.

I've been trying to remember where I put my keys.

Masaru can't finish the work in an hour, can he?

Are there French speakers in Canada?

I know how to ski like my brother.

Triantaphyllos wrung out the cloth.

She finished reading the letter.

Gregg wears a hat almost every day.

Elijah speaks French like a native speaker.

It is advisable for him to go.

Don't you get lonely here?