Do you have a stomach ache?

Why won't anyone help me?

Do you guys want these?

Maybe your earring is under the table.

I'll come at once.

Lester has a large closet in his bedroom.


I met with Eliot again.

"You're the kindest person I've ever met." "You say that to everyone."

Do you seriously want to race me?

Jeffrey thinks he's getting ripped off.

Cyrus is a teetotaler.

Why does he still talk about the army?

Which objects are in the room?

I'd like to know if they have arrived.

I was rear-ended by a pickup truck.

Grant is unconscious.

They sell meat at this store.


I'm inclined to agree with him.

Sylvan is moral.

Plato is my friend, but the truth is worth more to me.

He could travel back, but not forward in time.

I've apologized, so lay off, OK?

If Sharon ate more vegetables, he'd probably be healthier.

No government land could be bought with paper money.

Sidney walked into the library.

We're unusual.

I crushed one.

Lloyd has just released a warts and all autobiography of his life with Rees.

This isn't where I parked my car.

It is inevitable that some changes will take place.

Sal was one of my students.

That's a fake.

Yes, you need to practice every day.

That does not make sense.


One can gain a greater understanding of one's own language through learning another.

They waited on the porch until it stopped raining.

This design resembles his earlier work.

Why do you want to know?

Where is Room 105?

It's a good thing to be religious.

I think it's highly unlikely that Terrence will show up today.


So that's what it's all about!

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Never put off till tomorrow what you can do today.

Charleen is a fighter.

Chet will be here when you get back.

Factional in-fighting threw a monkey wrench into the deliberations.

The newcomers cultivated the immense wilderness.

It's time to stop waiting.

If there are any cancellations, just call.


Please let me go and see her.

I know what happens next.

Call me now and then.

I told you I'm not busy.

Kelly seemed fine.


The front door was open.


Which kind of music do you like?


Arlene seemed to be satisfied with the results.


They worked out the system with much thought and labor.

The newspaper told of the mother's anguish at the death of her son.

The number of people suffering from heart disease has increased.


Gregg's schedule is insane.

He is known to everybody as a great ballplayer.

His name heads the list.


Please come back next week.


We can play with language.

What kind of deal did you make?

Brandon hasn't done anything yet.

Fire is without mercy.

I found nothing but a pair of scissors.

Roxana hit his head on the roof of the car.

He doesn't want to live in the city.

Socorrito didn't even give Jordan a chance to explain.

Do not cross the road when the green man is flashing.


This really blew my mind.

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There's something I'd like to show you.

I want it to happen.

Music is troublesome. It seems that no sooner have you created it, than it in some strange way fades its original spark that was glorified by your mind.

The picture was beautiful. You should have seen it.

As soon as Raghu gets here, we'll eat.

What do you want to propose for the new job?

I hope your efforts will bear fruit.

How long do you think it'll take?

Mr Takahashi gave us some homework.


No one shall be subjected to arbitrary arrest, detention or exile.

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We're all the same according to law.

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I need more.


Don't accuse him of that.


Do you think you can fix this?

We might never have this opportunity again.

They saw the news.

Daffodils contain a toxic alkaloid that may even be lethal when ingested in high quantities.

Truth is a goal, not a destination.


Hurry up in order to catch the train.

The good I would, I do not: the evil I would not, that I do.

We have time on our side.

Why don't you just hit her?

I will repeat so that you will not forget it.

Kikki looked down at his glass and saw that it was empty.

I know Ernst's upset.


The drunken sailors wrecked havoc inside the bar.

This is exactly where it happened.

They wrote to each other.


Alvin took a class to learn how to manage his anger.


Your software needs to be updated.

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Eimear has a green house.

Where did you exchange them?

The problem is him.

I don't like the way Roland decorated his room.

We'll talk at dinner.

I wore a hat yesterday because it was very cold.

I really don't want to talk about it.


Manavendra told me he didn't know anyone who lived on Park Street.

I'll do that immediately.

I didn't write that letter.

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Who's watching Spyros?


James Cameron created a new way to make movies.

It's going to hurt.

How is it written?

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This boat goes through the jungle.


I'll do whatever you want.

What floor does he live on?

We were a little scarred by our last firm experience.

I tried not to cry.

A lot of wild animals died for lack of food.

We haven't had time to do that yet.

I'm feeling very much in agreement

It's a pity that he should be ill in bed.

Dan checked into a hotel in London.

He plays it smart!

I don't think that could happen.


Let's discuss the matter here.


Conchita Wurst's selection for the Eurovision Song Contest 2014 sparked controversy in Austria.

They were nowhere to be found.

Economic development proceeded slowly.

I enjoyed reading this article.

It's got to mean something.

Brent seems reluctant to help.

Please hurry. I don't have all night.

In terms of quality, his is the best report.

Rank boys according to their height.

He would be the last man to betray you.

I think Klaus is pathetic.


Charleen and Rudy called off their engagement.


Jeany wanted Gregor to write a recommendation for him.


I was ready for you.


Please drop in when it is convenient for you.


I'd love to have champagne.


This looks like another government cover-up.


I thought you knew her.

Alas! how dreary would be the world if there were no Santa Claus!

She meant no particular offence, and her friend took none.


Phillip is related to me.

Gunnar will find her.

Ramsey wants to make sure Fay knows what she's supposed to do.

This is the picture I took in my house.

I blushed.

Sofoklis certainly sounds confident.

I don't think that you should worry about it too much.

Don't make fun of foreigners' mistakes in Japanese.

Is there anyone we invited who hasn't come yet?