Stop pulling my hair!

I'm so excited.

Why does catnip drive cats nuts?

Mr Smith says, "I was born in New York, but my wife comes San Francisco."


Stanley wanted to make some new friends.

The meeting is to be held next week.

I really hurried.

We've been spending a lot of time together.

Did you ever work with her?

Maybe that's the reason.

Don't be a bitch.

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What exactly did you say to Suwandi?


He enjoyed the vacation to his heart's content.

Give her a minute.

How many users support websites like Tatoeba?


Do you know what the neighbors say about you?

It was when he was a child that he came to Japan.

They didn't have a choice.

This mistake is due to his carelessness.

Nancy swears a lot.

I'll bet your arteries are already hardening from all those French fries!

That doesn't sound very promising.

I want to read the book.

Ti took his children to the park yesterday afternoon.

Stephe is glad he isn't in your shoes.

I am going to write about our parks and mountains.

It's the first time I've thrown up in a train.

Dalton kept practicing.

It doesn't ease my mind.

I know you're frustrated.


I sacrificed a lot in order to educate my daughter.

I know how to drive a car.

We're having difficulty locating Novo.

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What's your manager's name?


I walked about aimlessly on the street.

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We need an ambulance here.


I'll tell the others.

I read an academic article in that language and understood almost everything, but when I tried reading a story for beginners I understood nothing.

You don't have to explain it to me.

Courtney almost killed me.

I looked up his telephone number in a telephone directory.

That dress looks good on you, but it makes you look pregnant. Oh, no, not the figure; I meant the design.

I've known her my whole life.

Don't get that. It's not the best quality.

His remarks allow of no other interpretation.

That's an old tale.

The news was very surprising to her.


There could be traffic.


He ran as fast as his limbs could carry him.


We've been here for three years.

Jews, Christians and Moslems, we all are children of God.

How much more of this do you think you can take?


Please take one.

Miek reached into the cardboard box and pulled out a photo album.

Tell Hume that I'm driving.


These pictures were taken by Carlos.

How much time does it take to get from A to B?

They risked their lives on the dangerous trip.

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When I was in Paris, I became acquainted with two or three painters, and I went to visit their atelier from time to time. I was always fascinated by their method of work and their way of life.

I believe this is inaccurate.

Sergiu bought it in 2013.

I'm going on a picnic with my friends next weekend.

This fire has just gone out.


To where leads this difficult path?

The young man robbed her of her bag.

Greed is the root of all evil.

He was suddenly attacked by a mysterious disease.

The boy came back.

Wrap the dough in clear film and chill for 15 to 30 minutes.

Why do you want one of those?


It's hot today, isn't it?

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Stagger got out of the way.

Don't turn up the volume of TV anymore.

After I asked him a question, what he meant was clarified.


The soldiers fought valiantly, but finally they had to give in.

I think I left something in the classroom.

Please turn the lamp off before you go to bed.


How'd you find me?


It's a very serious problem.


I like to observe birds.

The party was boring, so I decided to leave.

Where did you hear that from?

I never told you it was going to be easy.

I get the feeling something's not right here.

He's desperate.

You should not allow him to get out of your hand.

He wants to speak.

Christianity and Islam are two different religions.

I'd like to have a girl the first time. Look, they say 'First a girl, then a boy' don't they?

Extremely loud music interrupted their conversation.

She took advantage of his kindness.

You found something they didn't.

Marion looked through the drawers.

Hsuan wants to pitch.

I'm no misogynist, but were I so then I'd surely exempt you.

I'm afraid that place is a little too expensive.

That's a good point to bring up during the meeting.

I want to be Chateaubriand or nothing.

Please buy me a few carrots.

Why does Becky not like you?

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This word should be treated as a noun in this case.


He is alert to every chance of making money.

If only I used to socialize with people in the past, I might have turned into a different person, but, due to the inward personality I had back in the days, I'm now stuck with just few friends.

You're not wearing a tie.


It is not funny at all.

They are too busy fighting against each other to care for common ideals.

Tammy came to save Nguyen like a knight in shining armor.


Phillip likes that idea.

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Anyone home?


I was scared that you might leave me.

I wish I could tell you who that is.

I'm very glad to finally meet you.

Jim called me a cab.

He sent me a letter asking if the book had reached me.

Your tooth must be extracted.

I took nice pictures.

Would you ever consider going out with someone like me?

Izzy is out of work now.

He loves them.

You'd better do better than that next time.

The landscape painter made some touch-ups to the painting.

You'll fall down.


He pried open the locked door with a crowbar.


Yellowstone National Park is located in Wyoming.

Milner was alone on the park bench.

He made up a pretext for a fight with me.

Lynne acted happy, but deep inside he was sad.

Which is your book, this one or that one?

I was excited by the movie.

Today it is Friday. Tomorrow it's already the weekend!

I'd like to be a teacher.

I had my mother mend this sweater.

Woody doesn't have to stay home today.

I invited her to the party.

What are these doing here?

We must change this.


The building is surrounded by a barbed wire fence.

That house is very small.

Do you want to play tennis?

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We should hang out sometime.

I have two passes to the game.

I've been trying to get a little exercise every day.


I have to make a long-distance phone call.

Out of twenty students, only one has read the book.

I just wanted to keep things simple.


I only live a few blocks away.

The king rules over his subjects.

Some people come into your life as blessings, others, as lessons.


Marco's test was so hard he couldn't do it.


Will I get any help?

She began writing a report at eight, finishing it at twelve.

There's one thing I shall never understand till my dying day.

Yesterday I met Santa on the way to school.

When will the film be released?

I had barely got into the house when the phone rang.

She works as an au pair in Germany.


I owe what I am to my parents.

Does anybody know how the fire started?

I don't gamble.

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Leave the room.


Air is a mixture of gases that we cannot see.