What adorable puppies!

It was a one hundred dollar bill.

Joni has suggested a solution to the problem.

Do you see that you were going to lose anyways?

Really you should not have come without permisson.

I don't make mistakes very often.

Thanks for your honesty.

I'll be in bed by the time you get home.

Am I to contribute either colourful and interesting sentences or those that illustrate basic syntax?

Kirk crossed the room.

Tharen was looking for you.

Laurence, too, was almost killed.

Can I have the picture back?

What did she say exactly?

That's one crazy ass bitch!

I asked Andy where he had been.

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May the gods and goddesses always bless you.

I swam in the sea.

Rick didn't even like baseball.

I read the Bible in order to learn Esperanto.

Finish cleaning the windows.


They're both laughing.

It looked similar to this.

Are you sure? Why not?

We can't wait much longer.

Put the book there.

He hates carrots.

Tareq forced himself to stay alert.

Don't tell the boss.

Please say hello to Rakhal for me.

That Japanese word has no equivalent in English.

The future looks really bright.

According to the papers, there was a big fire in the town.

I'm happy when you do that.

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I don't hate Alf.

I don't trust anyone else to do it for me.

Piet doesn't think our approach will work.

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Ramanan got that nickname in high school.

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After he stated his belief that prostitution was the oldest profession in the world, he refused to change his mind.

Annie told me you had a cold.

Mario never gets invited to parties.

Matthieu has a beard now.

There is nothing to worry about.


Sake is a traditional Japanese alcoholic drink.


What's your favorite role-playing game?

I have to change a string on the guitar.

I'm not giving up on her.

Everything changes very quickly and it calls for a new mindset among employees of today.

With such friends, one needs no enemies.

In his fantasy, Mars is like Australia.

It disgusts me, too.

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Patty didn't have to come see me.

I know of a city whose inhabitants never smoked.

You need not have come all the way from such a distant place.

I have to write a letter. Do you have some paper?

The weather in April is unstable.

I find words with concise definitions to be the easiest to remember.

Should we try it out?


I'm sorry I misunderstood you.

I will finish the entire book in four days.

Who can translate this article?

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I wasn't optimistic.

By the way, I met a friend of yours yesterday.

He combined two ideas into one.

I thought Siegurd had a meeting this afternoon.

The dancers timed their steps to the music of the band.

Where are you running, little hare?

I don't think I follow.

Is that what you told Fritz to say?

He wasn't exactly a stranger.

The rain came down in rods.

Ernst hates the sound of his own voice.

She was close to breaking into tears.

It goes without saying that he will come to the discussion.

Nobody's seen us.

That can't be! Seriously?


He feeds his rabbits three times a day: morning, noon and evening.

Let's peek inside.

Last summer I had a chance to visit London.

You're supposed to be practicing.

It's not Galen.

You don't really want that, do you?

Lanny left a lot behind.


Young children should be exposed to good music.


There is no question as to her talent.

Forensics officers and criminal investigations detectives continued to work at the cordoned-off unit and its surrounds.

Dear Santa, I want a girlfriend for Christmas.

The Christian mythologists tell us that Christ died for the sins of the world, and that he came on Purpose to die.

We hold the same principles.

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On June 16,1963 Valentina Tereshkova was launched into space aboard Vostok 6. She became the first woman to travel in space.

It has been raining for seven full days.

Increase the separation between the equipment and receiver.

The village lies 20 miles north of this town.

I tried to help her.

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I'm not really worried about it.

Heidi drinks way too much.

"Good enough" is not good enough for me.

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There was a big fire in Boston yesterday.

I know quite a few people who don't eat meat.

The donkey was browsing quietly.

Something very strange is going on here.

You're in my seat.

Santa managed to escape from the sinking van.

I'll either write to you or phone you next week.

When is the next flight to Boston?

As we age, we become set in our ways.

Allan doesn't have to face it alone.

I hear he met with some kind of misfortune while he was in Europe.

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Why didn't you come to school yesterday?

Is her house anywhere near the station?

Look what they're doing.

Nils has really hairy arms.

I know almost nothing about it.


The time and date suited our coach.


In the past you all used to love virtue and good deeds; why do you no longer love these?


He is a novelist rather than a politician.

I'm living in a small town.

Please stay seated until the plane comes to a complete stop.


Gold will not buy everything.


Juliane will never lose weight because she is incapable of sticking to a diet.


Is there a washing machine in her house?

I wish I hadn't done that.

Members of the public and other visitors may use the central library in order to gain access to material not easily available elsewhere.

We must give in in some extent if we want to get to an agreement.

Luck gradually smiled on me.

What drew you to this kind of work?

I'd like to check out.


Geoff needs to know about this.

A text could be coherent but not cohesive, and vice versa.

When an actor plays a scene exactly the way a director orders, it isn't acting. It's following instructions. Anyone with the physical qualifications can do that.

This is the best book that I've ever read.

I've already eaten enough.

Mysore is in his bedroom changing his shirt.

Maybe Travis isn't the one who's lying.


Wade saw something different than the rest of us did.

I haven't seen her for days.

I'm just lazy.

You're asking the wrong person.

Magnus is sure.

Why don't you believe Donal when he says he's busy?

The price of oil is down this week.

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Jinchao is the owner of a liquor shop.

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What's the nature of your problem?

Only take what you can get in one suitcase.

The real dreamer is he who dreams of the impossible.


As expected, the price of imported goods rose.

He treats me as a child.

Dinosaurs died out a very long time ago.


I think most of it's true.

I am your twin.

It is beginning to tell on him.

Part and I love each other.

It might be Brad.

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I sent her home.

I'll go anywhere you want.

I was pretty scared.

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Is there any good way to memorise our lines quickly?


My eyes get tired very easily.


Hotta won't know we're here unless we tell him.

This is sabotage.

Is something going to happen inside the bank?

I take my vodka straight.

Danger. Keep out!

He demoted you.

Nicolette couldn't hold a job.


Isn't there a pharmacy nearby?