Which of the two is more expensive?

I didn't say a single word.


Are you wearing a girdle?


What a tacky idea!

We must mobilize our forces quickly if we wish to succeed.

You could stay.


Lum works all night.


Do you know how to deactivate a bomb?

There were a great many people at the party.

A group of skinheads beat Mongo to death.

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He is smart enough to answer all the questions.

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I don't remember him saying that.

Have you already settled the bill?

I suppose it could have been Srinivasan who ate my ham sandwich.


Please don't leave me here by myself.

If we launch the rocket toward the east, it will get a big boost from Earth's rotational motion.

Roughly speaking, there were about 30 people in the bus.


The difference between you and me is that I'm actually interested in trying to do what is right.


Elias will leave in a few days.

I think it's time for me to talk to the boss about this problem.

As a child, I liked catching fireflies and putting them inside a jar.

She was ill for a week.

With one glorious right hook, Punkin' Pie uncrowned the reigning heavyweight champion.

How humiliating!

Izchak didn't deserve to die.


What's your speciality dish?

What hotel are you staying in?

Sea urchin has a slimy texture.


Professor Kibishii prohibited pupils from buying that kind of book.

I think you're being a little hard on Naoto.

Generally speaking, boys can run faster than girls.

It's great that you've volunteered to help.

Madison and Jayden are best friends.

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This isn't the best one we have.


She lifted up her head and looked at him.

Santa had nothing to hide.

The seventy-year-old man kept his twenty-year-old wife at home all the time; he had a dog-in-the-manger attitude.

Put the eggs in the fridge.

I will do whatever I can to help you.

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We're confused.

What's holding you back from getting started?

The house that I live in is old.

Tovah asked me if I would be free next Monday afternoon.

Watch out for cyclists and pedestrians.

Who is currently the richest person in the world?

This sounds like a good idea.

I want to drink.

I'm staying here.

Before bearing fruit, orange trees bloom with orange blossoms.

They heard gunfire.

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The professor calmly washed his hands.


This ain't normal.


I think Juri is mistaken.

I allowed him to kiss me.

There are some magazines in my room.

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I want to make sure nothing's broken.

Lanny left me a message last night.

The new building cut the view from my window.


I'm not used to having people question my methods.

I can't tell you how much your support means to us.

These pants are too small for me.


June wondered what Sergio was going to say.

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She seems to have taken my remark as an insult.

You'll have to wear warm clothes, otherwise you'll catch a cold.

How can I find my G-spot?

When I can get through my exams, I will take a long vacation.

She married Hiroshi against her will.

I tried my best, only to fail again.

The house had a stone wall around it.

I'd like to try and change the way we've been doing things around here.

I am looking for the cheeses.

Starting off, first on the agenda is about this morning's two-in-a-bed ruckus.

We had a very good time indeed.

Dimetry lives in an isolated farm house.

A great ship needs deep waters.


My aunt sent me a birthday present.

Excuse me, where are the eggs?

Is there a reason why this is untranslated?

These suitcases are heavy.

What's to understand?

Kim went out to smoke a cigarette.

I'm just asking you to think about it.

She did not overlook whatever difference there was between what was right and what was wrong.

Obama focused on the financial crisis.


He has three daughters; one is married, but the others aren't.


I'll wait for you in front of the school.

Beside the mayor, many other distinguished guests were present.

I want to see you two in my office. Now.


We've got nothing to hide.

Dana made me do it.

What movies just opened?

Sedat and I have work to do.

I'm trying to figure out a way to help you.

Andrew got on a bus bound for Boston.

They finished a journey of 80 miles.


There was a Brazilian girl in my class last year.

I told them you were happy.

You're nothing but a coward.

My bet is that John will get the job.

He was a member of the expedition which climbed Mount Everest.

The artist, whose paintings you liked, is a friend of mine.

I could never be violent.


You should do that right away.

My brother took a job offered in Boston.

He turned the doorknob with his left hand.

Chris didn't have a car.

Where is the closest subway station?

He was extraordinarily important in your life.

I didn't drive.


I just feel very lucky.


Please send this by registered mail.

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The students are looking forward to the summer vacation.

To San Francisco, please.

It's been three years since I started to study French.

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They all made for the door.

She abandoned her hope of becoming a doctor.

Wild animal attacks on the human population increase when their habitat is encroached upon and invaded.

Can I have it?

I remember the day I met him.

Everyone liked me.

Caroline became bored with teaching and he looked for a new job.

I can wait out here.

I really want to meet them.

The car kept swerving from lane to lane.

His patience reached its limit.

It was a little unexpected.

Do you have my money?

Marsha doesn't have any kids.

We take all the company visitors to the meeting room.

I know all the signs.

I want you to take care of me.


Tell us about her.

Noam never wanted to try it.

Jitendra is stronger than Martin.

What can you do now?

We have a reservation for six-thirty.

Come, let us take our fill of love until the morning; let us solace ourselves with loves.

Jinny won't let you do that.

Dan filled the bathtub with hot water.

Upon receiving your Certificate of Eligiblity, please come to the Japanese Embassy in London.

Dale went sightseeing.

Our team has topped the league this season.

Why did Edwin quit his job?

I made one.


Who do we see next?

The apple cannot be stuck back on the Tree of Knowledge; once we begin to see, we are doomed and challenged to seek the strength to see more, not less.

So, I didn't call for any particular reason; I just wanted to hear your voice. If you're busy, I'll let you go.


The wind grew stronger.


I bought a scarf for my grandfather on my father's side's 88th birthday.

What terrible news!

Seymour certainly cut loose at that party.


Golf is for rich people.

You're here where you belong.

We're back home.


At that time, he was a student.

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It's not really necessary.


I'll come with him.

We were in total shock.

The couple has a business of selling greeting cards.


Go wash your face.