You're very handsome.

Last night was fun.

Meehan passed a glass of milk to Mike.

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We're three minutes behind schedule.

I drove to town and went shopping.

Have you seen Walt's latest invention?

You're one of the kindest people I know.

Farouk almost died.

He may not have known the formula.

This is all that I know about him.

I'll turn it over to them.

Sometimes I don't get you.

Button up your shirt.

Jacques's dress is a triumph of bad taste.

I'm old enough to decide for myself.

William was the one.


We discuss many things.

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I'm going to win.

I'm taking care of my grandfather

This house is my mother's.

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Steven is very angry with his children.

How is everything?

The cost of living hadn't gone down at all.

I feel like I have been thrown into the deep end of the pool.

Rakhal gave the baby a bath.


We are just trying to help you.

Death is like a race in which everyone tries to finish last.

Part decided to turn back.


"Where's Todd?" "She didn't make it." "I'm sorry."

"Do you have a pen?" "Yes."

It'll be a waste of time if we wait for them any longer.

Takao is curious now.

It's very humid.


She was thankful that her husband had returned safe.

Have you read the "Liaisons Dangereuses"?

I'm not angry, just hurt.

His father left him the house in his will.

They've been at sea for the past three weeks.

I hope you'll find what I'm searching for.

Naresh didn't break up with Horst.


This lid belongs with that jar.

Jakob asked Jeremy who she was planning to go to Boston with.

There was no objection on the part of the students.


I think it's highly unlikely that Heinrich will write back.


I don't have much money, but I can get along somehow.

Tatoeba: Where being an orphan doesn't make you exempt in any way.

I'm not the one who told her.

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Randy greeted Leads with a passionate kiss.

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The problem is worse than I thought.


This remark is not applicable to you.

We walked along the road.

Bad habits are easy to get into.

It was very special.

Did you see the UFO?


It was a nice place to visit, but I wouldn't want to live there.

Let's go to the picnic.

How about spending an elegant and blissful time at a beauty salon?

She never existed.

Laurianne just wants to be loved.

Antony has lots of time to do anything he wants.

Tigger was interested.


Keep this medicine out of the children's reach.

Panacea hasn't yet told us what he needs.

Fay is as ready as he'll ever be.


Tim sat on the floor.

I can speak French and also Spanish.

The meat is only half cooked.

I'm glad Jitendra was there to help us.

Lukas risked his life to save Major.


Nicolas kissed Hotta and then Werner returned his kiss.

Making cheese is an art.

We can come again to this place.

Rand wants only one cup of tea.

We must see the matter in its proper perspective.

That shouldn't be all that difficult.

My friend here is not only a pianist, but also a composer.


You must not park your car in a no parking zone.

Mah doesn't listen.

I'll talk to them tomorrow.

I'm sure Adam will get over it.

He said, "I will say nothing more, because I hate making excuses."

I don't trust her.

Pratapwant turned on his computer.

I figure that she will succeed in her business.

His bike ran into a guard-rail.

Joanne and Shahid weren't particularly kind to me.

Who does Walter hang out with?


Pilot has committed a crime.

We learned that the moon goes around the earth.

In six years, will we remember what you said today?

'Well,' said the king, 'what do you desire as your reward?'

Mario has just made a triple bogey.

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The whole Earth was shocked.

I said I want the truth!

I have a smelly girlfriend.

I'm looking for a present for a friend of mine.

I'm a mess.


Did you call your friend in Canada?

Take her somewhere.

I own a German car.


What proof do you have that Randall was the one who stole your mother's necklace?

The dog looked at his master with anxiety.

Make sure that the lights are turned off before you leave.

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Our college is far from the station.


Your husband's cheating on you.

My sister goes to a university.

It's an easy plant to grow.

Dr. Patterson: Sure. Do you know about Koko's love for cats?

We've figured it out.

I feel happy.

Everybody knows it except me.

I think we're getting behind in this work.

She stood on tip-toe and whispered something in his ear, and then went away.

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I only know what Hector told me.

You live and learn. Or you don't live long.

Lucius drank three cups of coffee before he left for work.

It's hard, isn't it?

Your orders have been carried out.


She tasted the cake to see if it was sweet enough.


Why do horses wear blinders?

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I know all about Marguerite's personal problems.


You put too much sugar in your tea.


We've gone too far.

Would you recognize Marvin if you saw him?

Derby Day is Wednesday fortnight.

He made amends for his mistakes.

You're here right now.

Wayne eats the same food day in and day out.

Everyone's holding their breath.


It's the portrait of misery.

If it means that much to you, I'll get rid of Dorothy.

This car looks pretty cool.

Tolerant is investigating.

The journalist reported each new development in the talks.

I want to thank you for all your help.

I want to get Alain to tell us what to do.


Karen looked like he always looks.

Gasoline prices affect all of us one way or another.

He helps those who have hardships in their lives.


I'll phone you as soon as I get to the airport.

Elliot will get it figured out.

That's a strenuous task.


How long have they been gone?

I wasn't overly tired.

Lenny whimpered.

That's a beautiful story.

One wonders how it's possible.


He used so much inflated language in his speech today I couldn't figure out what he was saying.

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I don't know any blind men.


All the schools are closed on that holiday.

Why don't you say anything?

He sold his party for money.


We'll have a great time.


Hilda made me want to punch her in the face.


Kris didn't have enough money to take a taxi.

It's only getting bigger.

I like that dress better than this one.

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Valeria needs to update his website.