We own a yellow sports car.

Parents of sons stay married more often than parents who have only daughters.

Let's not waste this opportunity.

You really are strong.

Blessed are the merciful: for they will be shown mercy.

Ethan was supposed to be there.

You need a passport to enter a foreign country.

I want to become famous.


It's cold out there.

You sound childish.

Werner is thirty at most.


I have appendicitis.

Srinivasan is proud of his daughter.

It's dangerous to perform this acrobatic act without a safety net.

I don't have time for this kind of nonsense.

Give my love to Kelvin.


I called him, but the line was busy.

Jackye couldn't trust Leonard.

Kee had no such problem.

Some quartic equations can be easily decomposed into quadratics.

Modern poetry is often most obscure.

Streets are not just for cars.

Is Vaughn absent today?

No one knows what'll happen in the future.

This letter arrived while you were out.

You'd better get back here.

Siping has never seen a giraffe.

You'll land on your feet.

Juliane ran.

Near the forest stands an isolated house.

Manjeri is short and fat.

I've never met those people.

I can't tell you why because I don't know why.

Hsuan says he's never coming back.

Don't breathe a word of it to anyone.

The wine left a permanent stain on the carpet.

I have to oppose this idea.

I've done all I can here.

Marcos will need physical therapy.


Let's play tennis this afternoon.

You aren't going to tell on me, are you?

That is too small a box to hold all these things.


It's been three years since Ramadoss started working for Christian.

The clerk labeled the baggage.

I will sleep at ten o'clock.

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I think we should get back to work.

He had a reputation for carelessness.

Foxes eat hens.

This work is enough to break my back.

Nothing is to be seen but water.

These days when I hear about these horrible incidents on the news I get the feeling that more and more young people are losing their ability to distinguish between real and virtual worlds.

That's his weak spot.

Harry is the tallest boy in his football team.

Get a hold of yourself, Alastair.

The movie starts.

Hugh got angry when Oscar hung the picture upside down.

I enjoy poker.

That's why I did what I did.

Should she be there at noon?

Who can one trust ?

I was at a loss as to what to do.

She broke away crying.

It's almost lunchtime.

She has a lot of faults; even so, she is liked by everybody.

They kept the information about the military operations a secret.

I have a feeling I know where Pontus is.

Neither Amigo nor Ramesh was in a talkative mood.

I'm just about finished with the report.

Did Juri borrow money from you?

My father runs a restaurant.


It follows from what you say that he was not there.

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It was a really exciting baseball game.


This company's profit margin is very big.

Please excuse me for a second.

How can you eat at a time like this?

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I am not wholly convinced that you are right.

Can I talk to you about something?

My little brother says that he had a dreadful dream last night.

Tell them you're not ready.

Jerrie says he has no idea what happened to Leung.

His notion is that planes are safer than cars.

Jisheng found himself in a terrible fix.

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The speaker's argument was off the point.

I wonder whether I can add a sentence simply by pressing the Enter key.

We're not disturbing you, I hope.

The old man sat in the chair with his eyes closed.

How bad is it really?

The meal is good.

There is little water left.

I don't need you telling me what to do.

We lost our way.

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Neal has never won anything in his whole life.

Shatter is heading to the marina.

Why would I do that for you?


Signs that say "high voltage" are often yellow.

Gregory deceived Blayne.

Because our kids got married, we are now in-laws.


The car labored up the hill.

All the boys are honest.

Dan borrowed a book from Linda.

You would apply for that job.

I've played soccer since I was thirteen.

This is way more than we need.

Ravindran is too young to apply for the job.


The blackboard is blank.


You're really amazing at this.


Cole said he wasn't sure what Holly wanted to do.

Nevertheless, many are choosing early retirement.

Every time a man is begotten and born, the clock of human life is wound up anew to repeat once more its same old tune that has already been played innumerable times, movement by movement and measure by measure, with insignificant variations.


I met Meg in Kyoto last week.

I forgave you a long time ago.

I can't help but feel a little relieved.

You definitely should not skip this step.

Syd could at least have said thank you.

Everyone's looking at them.

She doesn't need to be so anxious.

I had intended to go there.

He likes to walk about in the park.


How did you do?


I know how Emma died.


You're not very good at it.


You'd probably really enjoy this book.

Julie wanted to come to our house.

Saqib told Sergio it was an emergency.

Let's thank them.

I'm cold. May I close the window?


This is really good beef.

Could you stay out of this?

Rodger didn't have to hide.

I love it here.

Keep calm, you're the boss.

We hear music with our ears.

Michiel didn't want to marry the farmer's daughter.

Bryan wasn't supportive.

Even though Sekar begged Sylvan not to go, she left with the children and went to live with her mother.


You're always working.

Rome is an Italian town.

It was deliberate.

Is Jordan still too busy to see me?

The police arranged an ambush to catch the mugger.

Kenton is apparently dating a girl named Spyros.

He flinches whenever he hears a loud, sudden noise.

How many pairs of socks do you have?

Why didn't Duncan come back?

I'm just waiting for a call.

I understand what you're going through.

This is a really screwed-up family.

You are part of the problem.

The activity of foreign trade has been declining of late.

Takayuki is painting the house himself.

Ricardo made friends with the new girl in school.

What's your favorite metal song of all time?

Danny loves going to the spa.

It was cold yesterday, but it is even colder today.

I'm not really sure just what to do.

Women can be scary when insulted.

Don't make such a sour face.

Much money is spent every day.

You are the first to arrive.

An enemy yesterday can be a friend today.

Would you like to sleep a little longer?

Your telephone's ringing, Jef.


I'll take care of it.


He misled you.


The classroom was so noisy I didn't hear my name called.

You can stay in my guest house.

International disputes must be settled peacefully.


"Will it rain tomorrow?" "I hope not."

Black people are not allowed to travel by the same coaches white people use.

Let me open this discussion.

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Where can I find a taxi?