I think you should go to Edith's funeral.

At that time, the whole world was hungry.

Well, you'd better hurry.

I have long blonde hair.

His opinion is different from mine.

It was a simple matter.

It was God's will.

Where are the cookies?

When did you learn to swim?

Watch the rear.

Sandra spent twice as much as I did.

Our section chief always makes a face at me when I ask him for something.

It is beyond the boundary of human knowledge.

Why do I have to go?

When I came to, I was in the hospital.

It keeps raining.

My father used to drink beer, but now he drinks sake.

An airplane had flown over the mountain.

He died in prison.

We had intended never to go there again.


Do you have any idea where Rudolf is right now?

Vadim is a hick.

Marian is the only person I know here.


The "People's Choice" award, by public polling, was announced again this year and Mel Gibson and Julia Roberts were selected as the most popular male, and female, film actors.

You've frightened him.

People on the plane were very nervous.

You look great in this picture.

I enjoyed watching the game.

We can't all be like him.

You shouldn't underestimate a good colleague.

Fill me in.

I'd do the same thing.


I think Judge is going to die.

He is as old as my father.

You should go and see if Lester is OK.

I never met Maria.

Matthias spent days in the archives and wrote articles at night.

That might be difficult to explain.

Mysore isn't conservative.

Tuna performed the ceremony.

My daughter sings in the choir.


Julius ate what many people call a healthy diet.

I can't believe I just did that.

Tony reassured Jisheng that he was perfectly normal.

We must, first of all, be careful of our health.

I'm having an awesome time.

They say that he knows the secret.

Have I ever told you how beautiful you are?

On arriving there, he left again.

He likes playing soccer.

Has Brenda been sedated?

A thing is not necessarily true because a man dies for it.

But nothing is so hard for those who abound in riches, as to conceive how others can be in want.

Lord is calm.

The problem is that Greg doesn't know how to speak French.

Your message has been sent.

We were both very hungry.

I was mildly disappointed.

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Never put off until tomorrow what you can put off until next week.

Carisa wanted to ask Naoto how old she was, but he thought that maybe he shouldn't.

Annie asked Bryce if she was really happy with her new job.

What was she doing when you saw her?

I brush my teeth twice a day.

Hey Id like a spanish translation of it ASAP. thx.

People don't say that anymore.

This has been a very troubling time for Andre.

Who said it?

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Just put it on the desk.


I just hope I can survive this.

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I'm impressed with how well you speak French.

I'm sure Ramadoss is on his way.

She knelt beside him and asked him what his name was.


What do you think about reggae?

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Adam had to stay in the hospital.

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What a wonderful party!

"I swear this trash is so overrated it makes me sick." "You like?" "Not a bit." "Great! I will make more then. See you later!"

She has the measles.

I saw flashes of lightning in the distance.

Sharan almost spilled his coffee.

We're both a lot older now.

She took pains to educate her children.

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I don't think that's legal.


Stop being pessimistic! Everything will sort itself out.

A 6% yield is guaranteed on the investment.

They'll have a blast.


Anything you remember might help.

The Prime Minister admitted that the government's new social security policy probably wouldn't pass the pub test.

Discussions will continue tomorrow.

I didn't even notice them.

They arrived at an awkward time.

There's no salt in the salt shaker.

The trail got steeper.


Nobody has Internet in my country.

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You can't keep treating me like a kid.


Keep hustling.

I must warn them.

A doctor tried to remove the bullet from his back.

When Danny first told me that, I didn't believe him.

What did he think of, when saying that?

Once the fighting starts, it won't be safe here.

You seem very nervous this morning.

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He's got one foot in the grave.

If you get invited to your first orgy, don't just show up naked.

Actually, I'm going to New Zealand to study.

This wasn't what we planned.

We were running to and fro.


I think you know what Loren's girlfriend's name is.

The roses are in bloom.

Not everyone likes that book.

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Humor is out of place in a dictionary.

How many people came to your party?

Suwandi picked the box up and looked inside.

Naren's grandmother is quite feeble and needs help with her daily activities.

Serdar had no other choice than to help Christophe clean out the stable.

Sherri and Bea always seem to be fighting.

You boiled nothing.

Why doesn't Isidore want us over?

Travis wasn't sure what Roxane wanted him to buy.

We're being detained.

I wonder whether Carsten likes Julianto.


While Pseudo and Co. wage their war on the new site, I've been happily posting here, and reaping a few green orbs for it. During the times that I didn't get green orbs, for example on short comments that I never wanted to get rated anyway, I chose to stay quiet about it not because I want to show that I'm emotionally strong, or being the bigger man or anything. Of course I get upset about it. I like green! Their cyan-and-lower ratings not only bring down my average, but also look ugly on my green-themed posts. Basically, it rustles my jimmies by more than a little bit. Before, as some of you know, I might have started to complain about I don't want my comments to get rated when it's something trivial. Yet I choose not to reply because I know that what I have to say will likely be met with hostility, based on my experience with Fig Hunters.

I helped Leigh paint his garage.

I'm thinking about which college might be best for me.


Smoking is now banned on all domestic plane flights.

That's a coincidence.

We didn't go to Boston last year.

All we know is that Bud is coming to our office at 2:30.

Jitendra knew that Loukas was lying.


This place is disgusting.

None of them was there.

There are theatres, museums, libraries and parks in that city.

I like listening to Tommy.

Do you like your boss?

He's a bad loser.

If a natural language can be compared to a tree, which has developed during the course of time, Esperanto can be compared to a plastic tree, which was created artificially.

Oh brother sky I take a step forward.

It knocks on the door.

I've got to go back and check.

We've got everything we need.

Please bring the master key.

Do you speak my language?

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The moon began to show her pale face from behind the clouds.

Since he often tells lies, nobody believes what he says.

My parents are going to love you.


He's going to make it.

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That's not funny!

Where are the other prisoners?

So why don't you quit?

Remember what I told you yesterday.

She is guilty of fraud.

You don't really believe that nonsense, do you?

Cristi called Rees to tell her he'd be late.

There is no need to be unnecessarily anxious about the outbreak.

Clifford will have to work late every night this week.

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Could I have a slice of cheesecake?


My life is almost over.

I wish you'd tell me what happened.

A study found that British people are the most promiscuous in the world, while Finns have the largest number of sexual partners.

Pick food that are less in oil, sugar, salt and foods with high fibre.

It was a good show.

I want you to help me.

I thought you might need some help.

I didn't realize you were tired.

The staircase leading to the rooftop is narrow, steep, and dark.

It's very nice to see you again.

I don't care if you go or not.


Marie abhors horror films.

Once I tried tackling the question, I realised it was easy.

Of course, Chet loves his own children.

Oh, while I remember, it seems that that was a bug that occurs when you use the comment field's 'letter-spacing' tag which adjusts the tracking.

I don't need your banal platitudes.