Jisheng could explain that.

We think about that a lot.

Let's hope Vidhyanath can do that.

You just have to wait. There's nothing else you can do.

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I'm not annoying anyone, am I?


The lengthy lecture palled on me.


Baptists reject infant baptism.

The restaurant where we ate yesterday was bad, but this restaurant is even worse.

I just want a quiet drink.

Curry powder is composed of several spices.

I think Eva is too old for Collin.

Tracy lay motionless on the ground.

We wouldn't have asked Brandon to come if we didn't want him here.


These pants are dirty.


I spent two hours watching television last night.

There's no other explanation.


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Chlorine is one of the elements in the periodic table.

Every time they meet, they quarrel.

We've got to stop meeting like this.


The cutlery has gone missing.

Jianyun pushed the button, but nothing happened.

I would have liked to have been able to see him grow.

He's a cold person like that.

I'm afraid we must break off the discussion.

There were enough seats for all of us.

Unexpectedly the weather forecast came true yesterday.

I have known the deceased for a long time.

This is a front-loading washing machine.


Give me a demonstration.

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You're the pro.

Why didn't you follow my advice?

Mrs. Baker had her purse stolen.

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Louis crawled out of the window.


Flights to the moon were once thought absurd.

Does anybody recognize this?

Hume asked me why I was laughing.

It is perhaps interesting to note in this connection that Fermat's Principle was found objectionable by a contemporary optics expert because it seemed to impute knowledge to the working of Nature.

Right and wrong are two faces of the same coin. Whoever has the power decides which face gets what inscription.

I guess I'd better get going!

The shop is just in front of the station.

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I never laid a finger on him.

There was no one to stop us.

If you'd like, I could talk to Tiefenthal.

I wrote this poem for Novorolsky.

If you swallow a dangerous substance, it depends on the substance which measures need to be taken.

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She kept the secret in her bosom.

Nobody gave us a chance.

She's such a bubbly little girl.

I don't have time to help you now.

Both of us are from Boston.

They are impatient for their lunch.

She was absorbed in reading the magazine.

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Thy cheeks are beautiful as the turtledove's, thy neck as jewels.

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How many sentences can you translate per day?

He told us such funny stories that we all laughed.

Mice carry the plague.

She tried to hide her mistake from us.

The referee suspended the game.

Let's hit the town tonight and have some fun.

We're losing time.


Equality is guaranteed by the Constitution.

Tal's grandmother is quite feeble and needs help with her daily activities.

They deported me.

Marie thinks he'll probably never fall in love.

To preach chastity is to provoke acts against nature. Those who condemn sexuality and sully it by calling it 'impure', are guilty of a sin most grave against the holy spirit of life.

Male circumcision decreases the risk of viral infections that cause herpes and cancer.

I asked many people about the store, but no one had heard of it.

I'm theoretically home next weekend.

I'd like to know if they have arrived.

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Ernest travels the world looking for meteorites.

Hiroyuki should be at home.

Practice is the best way to improve your English.

I think he is not so much a novelist as he is a scholar.

Lowell is going to regret it.

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Most of you probably haven't heard of him, but Georg Cantor is undoubtedly one of the greatest mathematicians of the 20th century.

I'm right here, Revised.

It was all a dream.

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We don't get on well with each other.


He has a great interest in Japanese.

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The band entertained the spectators at the parade.

Can't anything be done?

I'm never gonna let her live that down.


The weak beats of my heart can only go so far.

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Kate and Edgar have been in the next room talking for quite a while.

She found it impossible to understand what he was saying.

Laurent climbed up a ladder to get to the roof.

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This is one of the nicest restaurants in Boston.

You can't even taste the difference.

I never really thought about this until now, but the lane markers on the freeway are surprisingly long.


This bus will take you to the village.

You've been in Boston too long.

It was on the morning of February the ninth that I arrived in London.

The report is being prepared by the committee.

Let's work together.


Please exercise every caution against cowboy salesmen of water purifiers and fraudulent-test sales.

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I hope Raghu is safe.


I was breaking my heart when I was watching it.

Goodbye to you.

Roman is too busy now to talk to you.

The skirt is long.

Some companies guarantee their workers a job for life.

London's more expensive than Delhi.

I'll get a hold of you.


The brandy is getting to my head.

I thought you said Harold was a patient of yours.

When do you have to go to bed?

How should you advertise on the Internet?

Who's confused?

Vadim was a cooperating witness.

I thought Marion would be upset.

He does not study hard enough.

We'll be hungry.

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What was the name of that movie?


Kenn has answered all of the questions.


I'm glad I left Boston.

What is the population of Japan?

Your car is cheaper than mine.

Franklin is shorter than his brother.

The company president has hired a headhunter to find us a new sales manager.


I'm not working for Manavendra anymore.

The opposition was divided.

She's been out of work for over a week.

She relented.

I've got to see a dentist.

She's a tease.

Did you ever work with her?

Send him to me!

The deadline is Monday.

Do you still think I'm the one you want to spend the rest of your life with?

I haven't slept with him recently.

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Oleg is a thoughtful young man.

He adhered to his own theory.

Gene had to be institutionalized after a thorough psychiatric evaluation.

Some people think that everything that a person does with a serious face is correct.

A man of responsibility, he didn't leave the matter alone.

I'm late. Martha is going to kill me.

You were smart not to eat that.


I can't understand the problem.

I have a reservation for two nights.

I am learning her name still, too.

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I don't need a hot bath.


She is expecting a child.

Did you tell Kay that you did it?

I think we're safe for a while.


What if she doesn't want to talk to me?

Press down on the lever.

Let's take a vote.


If the birds of prey want someone's blood, if they want to go on draining the Brazilian people, I offer my life as a holocaust.


With this white and brown pill, you'll understand everything about Buddhism.

It is beneath you to say such a thing.

I don't care about your past.

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How's your cold?

How could you not love David?

That could only happen if they were still in the country.

My wife and No were in the rear of the aircraft.

My daughter was taken away from me.


The road was crowded with various vehicles.