This is the fourth year of King John's reign.


Mac is a very tall boy.


Please keep this a secret.

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I'm not going to shoot you.

I had hoped we could get to know each other a little better.

I would be interested in that.


I didn't cause the explosion.


I'm still waiting for Cristina to get here.


She will be coming to see me this afternoon.

Something creepy has been happening.

The accused told the judge that he was innocent.

Annie was really embarrassed.

They're coming again.

Do you have any other ideas?

I think that's all, unless you have any questions.

Ten million hectares of ancient forest are being cleared or destroyed every year. Please consider the environment before printing this e-mail.

I bought all of these televisions.

My memory failed me. I just could not remember his name.

Lindsey didn't get there in time.

President Roosevelt decided not to strike back at Japan immediately.

Her house is a few kilometers away from here.

It gets quite cold in the winter.

His was a remarkable life.


She walked slowly for fear she should slip.


I feel it unfortunate that there is little of this kind of humble attitude amongst Japanese debaters.

Billie offered to help the old lady carry her groceries out to her car.

Hold the baby gently.


I'm gonna have to call you right back.

This is very cool.

Why didn't you just tell me that you're seeing Josh?

What time did you call?

I finally have the strength to do what must be done.

Luck has been on my side in this competition.

May I smoke?

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The hospital is near here.

Liz wants to be near you.

Gabriel finally believes us.

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I speak French every day.

I tried to kill myself twice.

Hurry up and get dressed. You're going to miss your ride.

Cyrano had a very large nose.

The mother elephant bathes her baby in the river.


Right after the teacher finished the class the bell rang.

Jarmo knows horses.

The interviewer describes the interviewees.


This lake is the deepest lake in Japan.

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My coworker really knows how to suck up to the boss.

We had a lot of rain last year.

They can understand everything he's saying.

I hate cops like him.

Perhaps it would be best if you left.

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Wages are finally starting to rise again.

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The restaurant is empty.

What do they think it said?

He's active doing charity work.


I have to buy flowers for my love.

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I came to fix you a decent meal.

Gideon is singing a beautiful song.

It affects all of us.


"Do you live in Rome now?" "Yes, we've been living there since July."

He's one who might cause us some problems.

Our brave servicemen have crossed thousands of miles to drop tons of explosives on the heads of these innocent children to defend peace.

I'm talking to myself.

Show us the solution.

She resembles that actress.

I didn't like Leads's idea at first.

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Let's get a closer look.


Let's just stay home.

It was awesome to meet you in real life!

What's in the basket?

Please don't touch this.

Penny doesn't think Harris can live without him.


She is very much like her mother.


I thought we could get together later.

I'll take the wheel.

It was bound to happen and finally it did.


I've seen the film many times, but I'd like to see it again.

My whole body began to shake.

Nobody knows it but me.

The police are looking into the matter.

"A" is the first letter of the alphabet.


He ruined it.

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She curtained the windows.


Let me talk to them first.

Alain is the human protagonist of the novel.

Dieter should go with Shuvra.

British and Japanese cars have steering wheels on the right side.

This was a lot of fun.

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I know that feeling all too well.

Are they still thinking about it?

Raanan was with me.

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I didn't notice her going out of the room.

Black hens lay white eggs.

That party was off the hook, dude!

She is visiting Paris.

Please bring it back tomorrow.

What were the symptoms?

I'm coming right over.

He supported himself with a stick.

Ask her to help you.

I have newly appointed as a sales representative.

I've run out of patience.


Land Rovers are the least reliable cars in the world.

Our country has a rich history.

I would not yield the chair.

Pardon the intrusion. My apologies for being late for our meeting.

The food was really good. I just wish that I didn't have to wait an hour to get it.

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I told myself that that was a good idea.

More often than not, students prefer club activities to academic classes.

I lighted one.

He doesn't like to eat fish.

I am sorry to have kept you waiting so long.

I don't like the name Lou.

As you make your bed, so you must lie in it.

This is just my personal opinion.

Did your husband foot the bill?


Fall is the best season for us to study.

Mr White called his assistant over and said the following:

He did not keep his word.


That sounds awesome!

How much money you would like to withdraw?

I've already been working here for several hours.

I have to help Gunnar clean his room.

Think about what I said.

Samir was so drunk that he spent the night in a ditch because he could not find his way home anymore.

We should give Patricia some time to think about it.

Born in a poor family, he is anxious for wealth.

I'm assuming Louis knows about this.

How did you come to school?

We cut the pie in two.

Let's be thankful for everything we have.

Laurie is listening to music.


He does not know how to behave at the table.

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Catch that duck and bring it here.


Pray, of what land or lineage should I rightly call you?

She gave me a doll.

The Russian corpus is growing quickly.

That's all there is.

I'd like to see Kirk now.


They're your friends, not mine.

Hats are coming into fashion.

Tell us what you want and we'll try to get it for you.


She is as tall as I.

After years of womanising, Dean finally settled down with Robbin.

Perhaps Allan knows something that we don't.


Is that Martha's voice?

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My son has gone to America to study medicine.

I will go to Athens.

The sun will shine again soon.

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The road declines sharply.

I'm a little dizzy.

I let him talk.

It's not likely Sundaresan will do what we ask.

Glenn wanted to eat cake and ice cream for dessert.

He was playing on the swing in the park when a stranger came by and offered her sweets.

Cary is in a tough spot.

Will you shovel the driveway?

We knew we had a good team.