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01 October 2018
Questions: Does the mind want to be annihilated? The mind has wonderful tricks that it plays on us. One of them is doubt, the other is postponement. ...
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24 September 2018
by Yoga Master Teacher Sharat Arora
The most common places that get affected by wrong alignment of the mind are the neck, back and knees. Straight away anyone with skills of perception ...
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17 September 2018
What are common causes for stress amongst men? Unemployment, divorce and experience of alienation or rejection due to socioeconomic status, or sexual...
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10 September 2018
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This is beyond religions, this is the application of the original religions message, the wisdom on the deepest level, beyond repetitive and automatic...
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03 September 2018
Ragas can evoke the nine rasas or emotions— the predominant ones being love (shringara), peace (shanti), detachment and melancholic solitude (vairagy...
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Sharat Arora
03 August 2016
16.10.14 When we do a practice like we do in our Iyengar Yoga centres, we gain understanding, so we increase our awareness about ourselves and about the world. We go inside and the mind slowly stops i...