Don't interfere in others' affairs.

The prisoners themselves could say nothing.


She grounded her students thoroughly in English grammar.

Is it a direct route?

I completely forgot about you.

Let's shelter here from the rain.

The two boys are much the same in English.


Here is my baggage.

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I convinced him of his fault.

Please stay away from Derek.

Malloy played the accordion while Lukas danced.

Werner has a big closet in his room.

This dictionary is of great use for students.


Salmon can jump up to 12 feet high.

That's $7.65, please.

The test was easy.

It's snowing today.

Nobody is going to stop me.

Jeany played on his college team.

Let me give you this.

I told Ronni I'd be right back.

Can I kiss you?

I don't want to sell my soul.

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I checked outside.

I like her the better for her faults.


His jealousy began to raise its head again.

What word is that?

Have you put on sunscreen?

Why did he live in the United States?

Smoking does you harm.

I've learned a lot about her.

Sharon doesn't have a very good Japanese-English dictionary.


You've got to be kidding.


The boy had the kindness to show us around.


Out of Alice, Bob and Kevin only one doesn't like cats.


Shut up and get back to work.

This work is simple enough for me to do.

Christie knew what he was doing was wrong, but he did it anyway.

I bought a new dress for her on his behalf.

Is Kevyn always like this?

It was really overpriced.

We're going to have so much fun!

I still can't believe this is all happening.

Do you like your car?

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My happiness depends on you.

I'll be right outside if you need me.

It's like some people like ketchup and other people like mustard.

I'm gaining weight.

Can I see you in the kitchen?


They love me.


Please come to see me from time to time.


Lawrence is a close personal friend of mine.

Let's shell the nut.

He is now planning to study abroad next year.

The boy is strong.

He didn't protest.

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I'm begging you.

Would it help if I turned on the light?

Meg agreed to Ken's plan.

Izumi will like this game.

I will take you home.


He showed me how to use this camera.

Andrew and Andrea were in the middle of a heated argument when John walked into the room.

There's some pain.

You're not here, so I'm really sad.

Niall is difficult.


That gives me the heebie jeebies.

Did you order the room to be swept?

Everyone felt sorry for her.

Do you have any clue to the mystery?

Denis and Stacey were on the same wavelength.


Have you talked to them?


There's no beer here.

I'm quite sure Elisabeth won't do that.

You shouldn't say those things near children.


He has a butler and a cook.


Despair was written on the mother's face.

Knowing is power.

Are you on a diet?

I went up to my bedroom on tiptoe.

He went into the next room and lay down.

In the afternoon the weather became wet and foggy.

It is beneath you to say such a thing.

Which woman was talking to you?

When asked what learning was the most necessary, he said, "Not to unlearn what you have learned."

How many are on your team?

The city moves, cars flow in its veins, men and women fill out its body. Everything is connected in the pulsating city.

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Good morning, blue skies!


Please tell her to hurry.


I ineffectively tried to win her heart back.

I'm learning the Basque language.

Why don't you ask Ima to go with you?


Mexico City, the most populated city in the world, is located in Mexico.


Are you going to attend ceremony?

I had a premonition.

Henry is my closest friend.


Do you know why Gregor didn't attend the meeting this afternoon?

It's already been 4 years since we met. How time flies.

Wes has sharp eyes.


Let's get together later this evening.

I like to play guitar.

I know what Henry used to like.


After a few minutes, I began to lose interest in the conversation.

I can make a reservation.

You have to appear in person.


It was very hot.

Stanly told me he was thinking of going to Boston.

I need Lawrence to see this.

I used to tell Ted everything.

I wanted to kill her.

I will surely miss them.

Jianyun couldn't help overhearing Matthew and John's conversation.


Anger is never without a reason, but seldom with a good one.

They disappeared.

It's not broken.

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No one could be sure what would happen then.

Piercarlo's diabetic.

Sergei dipped a strawberry in chocolate and then put it in his mouth.

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They won't believe me.

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She is well able to read.

The moon has come out.

A reporter asked Jennie some questions as he left the courthouse.

I don't think anyone could have stopped Gilles.

Carolyn will meet the Jacksons.


He makes a bad impression.

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She reached up to kiss him.

The bag has two outer pockets.

I can't stand it any longer.

We have no choice but to give up the whole plan.

There were Jews in Arab countries before the partition of Palestine.

He reluctantly agreed.

Tell her about your trip.

Hold onto your husband.

Look how happy you made Jianyun.


If this problem weren't serious, Todd wouldn't be here.

I have to stay for a while.

I am afraid none of you are capable of doing the job. We will be taking our business elsewhere.


The vicar often refers to the Bible in his sermon.

Police questioned many persons who worked near the crime scene.

Dan wasn't even hurt.

I bought this watch at the store.

Masanao said Sri threatened him with a knife.

Treating diabetes cost the U.S. $244 billion in 2012.

The car passed by, raising a cloud of dust behind it.


The large intestine is about 1.5m long.

Juha still isn't taking us seriously.

Many people in the world are hungry.

I'll never forget the sound the crash made.

This page has been intentionally left blank.

They broke into the jewelry shop.

If Jacobson had been careful, this accident wouldn't have happened.

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Now, get me a drink.

I'm going to make you a drink.

Do you eat a lot of fish?

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Drew doesn't miss anything.

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Andries tried to convince Kyung not to leave.

There is a 21-day quarantine for people suspected of having contracted the Ebola virus.

My children live in Boston.