I don't know what the time is.

In any case, it's no business of yours.

Tomorrow's a holiday.

I didn't tell Klaus you're here.

This is money that our mother earned by the sweat of her brow, so use it carefully.

I'm closer to him than anyone.

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I really opened up a can of worms, didn't I?

We enjoyed watching the TV.

Do you intend to help them?

I wish my father had lived longer.

Wait up. I'll go brush my teeth.

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Neither statement is true.

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Who could forget it?


You did an amazing job.

Nobody believed me.

Joan dropped her husband like a hot potato.

Do you know how to get there by public transportation?

Class is dismissed.


He wishes to erase bad memories.

We painted the door green.

My favourite colour is blue.


She handed me my sandwich.

Live and learn.

Cool down.

I always try to make sure that everyone feels welcome.

His idea was imprinted on my mind.

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Do you like haggling?

You can't mistake it.

I remember returning the book to the library.

It's nothing but a glorified paperweight now.

They adopted the proposal.


Your cellphone's ringing.

Where are your friends going?

I think you'd better go and visit him.


Do you know this girl?


This could be interesting.

There is a large garden at the back of his house.

You have not done anything bad.

Rolfe thanked everyone for waiting.

He was such a bright boy others admired him.


The Congress had no money.


Everyone knows that two plus two equals four.

He's two years my junior.

I'm now staying at my uncle's.

I'm afraid it's not a good idea.

I was just teasing.

How long has George been in Rio?

I'm fairly certain Claude isn't planning to be at Anna's party.

I'm not ready to do that yet.

I wish I had the ability to do that.

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I'm dying of thirst. Give me water!

Don't get sassy with me young lady!

Give it all to me.

The full story was yet to be told.

A thousand years makes a millenium.

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Can you do me a tiny favor?

Fighting with monsters all over the world ... I just can't wait.

Are you getting paid for this?

A committee should apply the focus to the more concrete problem.

This flower is more beautiful than that rose.


Sandeep is really clever.

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It's been a while since I've done this.

Unfortunately, I won't be able to make it to your party.

I need a bucket.


This insurance has a high deductible.

The pain was unbearable.

Kit didn't feel comfortable driving Sofoklis's new car.

The hair is short!

Kamel wanted to do it this afternoon, but I begged him not to.

He was leaning against the wall.

The stink from the garbage was overwhelming.

The U.S. Pacific Islands region includes more than 2,000 islands spanning millions of square miles of ocean. Rising air and ocean temperatures, shifting rainfall patterns, changing frequencies and intensities of storms and drought, decreasing streamflows, rising sea levels, and changing ocean chemistry will threaten the sustainability of globally important and diverse ecosystems as well as local communities, livelihoods, and cultures.

Do it or die!

To study abroad will be a wonderful experience.

Alert! Nicolo, open your eyes, something is going on at the beach.

I is an other.

They're not there.


Do you know anything about computers?

Yesterday is a more "yest" day than today. On the other hand, a "yest" day is the most "y" day.

Autumn is here.

The father and his son were very alike.

Gilles enjoys watching sports on TV.


I'd rather do this without your help.


Some people prize meeting the deadline over producing the highest standard of work.

I want to go over it again in more detail.

It wasn't your choice, Antonio.

Please keep us updated.

Vice sent me back to help.


The book is blue.

And, many times, I've cried.

Roger couldn't help but be impressed.

God, so atrocious in the Old Testament, so attractive in the New - the Jekyl and Hyde of sacred romance.

Parents must answer for their children's conduct.

You've heard about it, haven't you?

Let's get rid of this junk.

I need a lesson from you guys.

I had little time to prepare the speech.


I would think you have other things to keep you busy.

I've been around for a while.

My sister always keeps her room clean.

We don't get a lot of repeat customers.

He got the sack for slacking off at work.

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He called me up from Tokyo.

Where did I put the car keys?

In my dream, I saw you falling from a tall building.


We are always getting away from the present moment. Our mental existences, which are immaterial and have no dimensions, are passing along the Time-Dimension with a uniform velocity from the cradle to the grave.

Mum, where's Dad?

Have you been drinking a lot lately?

About how many English words do you know?

I feel like I've been hanging in the closet too long.


I ate a cheeseburger.

Audrey seems to be weighing his options.

A long thread is easily entangled.


"What are you guys going to do this weekend?" "I don't know."

We make a great couple.

He gave me a promise to come back soon.

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Mick is relatively my age and he's a singer. That doesn't happen every day.

She has her toes in the water.

Many American parents encourage their sons to play football to keep them away from drugs.

Martyn works in a pasta factory.

How would you handle this problem?


My cat likes to look through the window.

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I am going to enquire at the service desk if there are any restaurants around here.

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I thought you didn't like them.

Did you see him often?

I didn't like what he said at all.


Why's the yellow light flashing?

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I need to buy new skis.

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We'll stop Damone.

Amos called to ask if there was anything he could do to help.

Around the town's perimeter, the residents constructed a wall with four gates. Through the gates, roads led east, south, west and north.


Valid all day, in all zones.

It looks like we're going to be staying here tonight.

Merton said he'd be here tonight.

I didn't know him very well.

Delbert immediately answered.


I know that Grant is pretty.

Pierce and Christie left the office together at 2:30.

Miki walked away without waiting for an answer.

You recognized him, didn't you?

Have you checked the oil level recently?

We produce palm wine.

The nurse tied a rubber tube around my arm before he drew blood.

She is an appalling cook.

We're trying as hard as we can.

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I've never heard of such a story before.

I'll hear all of you in turn.

Does your work interest you?

I have at last learned the Gettysburg Address by heart.

We had quite a disagreement about it.

Not yet, it isn't.

I hardly know you.


Marion's mom caught the flu.

Don't come back until you've done what I've asked you to do.

He was rather reluctant, but his brother accepted the offer anyway.

Owen was surprised by how well Kikki spoke French.

You catch on quick.

They're refusing to work.

Pim doesn't think he'll be able come tomorrow.

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Kit is standing in the back of the room.

I have to ask him something.

I'm not hiding anything from you.