This is not a good sign.

I'd like to know a little bit more about you.


Those guys are ruthless, covering up their tracks like that after all their wrongdoing.

The alarm clock is ringing.

When the man saw a policeman, he fled.

You said you were busy.

I didn't know for certain which train to take.


Lukas taught me how to surf.

She doesn't speak much.

This isn't serious.

How do you stop this?

I cannot bark like a dog. I'm a cat.

Stephen King is one of my favorite authors.

I did my best to protect her.

She was admitted to the bar.

I have no likes and dislikes about food.


We're almost done.

He still has not written the letter.

We're open tomorrow night.


I don't really know what this means.

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You have to play my games.


My boss made me work last Sunday.


They ate.

I don't think anyone would consider Ravindranath good-looking.

He heard a shout.

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Watch your step or you'll get into trouble.


Give me a chance to prove it.

Mother made me a fine dress.

I got out of the taxi.

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In all of our efforts, foremost in our minds is the loss and the grief of the people of Orlando -- those who died, those who are still recovering, the families who have seen their loved ones harmed, the friends of ours who are lesbian and gay and bisexual and transgender who were targeted. I want to remind them that they are not alone. The American people, and our allies and friends all over the world, stand with you and are thinking about you, and are praying for you.

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What did you think we were talking about?

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Tears of happiness streamed down her cheeks.

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The question is not what education is for so much as how you go about it.

That serves you right.

Life was not easy in Georgia.

Boris has a difficult time distinguishing good wines from bad, especially after a few glasses.

Lum Jackson is one of the best detectives in Boston.

Taking up their poems, I would question them.

We stand for liberty.

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If you find a job you really love, you'll never work again.

Catch you later.

What greater misfortune is there than to go blind?


She decided to ignore him.

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The man answers the description.

You seem kind of quiet.

I was just trying to protect you.

This is your fault.

She knows how to do the crawl.


Bert hoped he'd have time to eat before he had to leave.


I wanted to buy the book, but I found I had no more than 200 yen with me.

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I called her about thirty times.

The bus doesn't always come on time.

Toft ran back inside.

Your strategy was good.

I did it in a hurry.

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This machine is worthless.

Morris cut the cake with the new knife Johnny had given him.

April Fool's!


The police were able to link Damon's DNA to the crime scene.


I shouldn't have yelled at Natraj.


I can't see anything.


The mass is over.


When are you leaving for Boston?

I wish that wasn't the case.

Does anyone need a lift home?

It's OK to leave the baby to cry on occasion.

To live without air is impossible.


This is my opinion, not his.


I just heard something.

He is a writer rather than a scholar.

That word is old fashioned.

Have you ever heard someone speaking in Esperanto?

The students stayed quiet.


Matthieu is on the phone again.

He can make himself understood in four languages.

You do not have to do it now.

Don't be too hard on us.

You read the paper?

To make our house payments, we're going to have to tighten our belts.

A growing child who doesn't seem to have much energy perhaps needs medical attention.

I'm sure you'll get back into the swing of things.

How does that happen?

He has lived here since he was five years old.

Marty punished his son for lying.

How dare she have sex with my husband?

Marvin was dumped.

There are people called Incas in South America.

I'm sorry, will you please excuse me?


I want to eat this.

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I forget where I put my hat.

You're a bad influence.

Many problems resolve themselves.

Music is love.

We will play football after school.


Spring is drawing near.

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They did not wish to become embroiled in the dispute.


Hume didn't show up at the party yesterday.


She was in bed during the morning reading a book.

There was nothing but water as far as the eye could reach.

We didn't go out last night. We could have gone to the cinema but decided to stay at home.

They are thirty minutes late according to the planned timetable.

Teruyuki said Shakil was hungry.

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We'll leave when you're ready.

There were a number of reasons for the change.

I don't want to discuss Dieter's problems with you.


A university thesis describes the "Orientalism" that imbues sci-fi in the West.


Taro died two years ago.


I had no backup plan.

She is the woman I am marrying.

Sir has memorised so many kanji that he can read books for primary school children.

Donnie wanted to do something fun.

Treat them with respect.

What do you think this means?

I was waiting for you to tell me what you hope I'll do.


Kit has become a Canadian citizen.

Suwandi asked Manolis to go with him.

Did you give it to him last year?


The girls were emotional.


A smaller, but still dangerous, concentration of pathogens won't necessarily be detectable by smell.

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What color is the dirt?

Did you hear about what happened last night?

I'd like to make some changes in the draft.


Douglas is used to getting up early.

Something made them angry.

We're busy people.

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How many Native American reservations are there in the United States?


Pipe down.

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Stop dramatizing.

What is the difference between metaphor and amphora?

I was given a minor share of my father's wealth.

He whispered "I love you" into my ear and then kissed me on the cheek.

The soldiers had artillery.

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I was just remembering.

All the children loved and adored Tad.

Olson is a very sensitive person.


Excuse me, could you tell me where I can find this street?

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We mustn't waste our energy stocks.

He lives in a farmhouse remote from the world.

We are boiling water.

We were all very hungry.

Having studied Japanese, Jenny had no trouble in Japan.

As he was about to leave, he said goodbye.

My grandmother's mother is my "great grandmother," so my great grandmother's mother is my "great great grandmother"? Is that right?


Prakash had to change the past.

No, she didn't want to meet up with him.

Neal was unable to shut down the reactor.


Phill is on the swim team.

I built this doghouse by myself.

She's doing it just to spite him.