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Managing people and projects can be overwhelming.

You have great team members working with you. Every bit of their effort matters and every detail matters. Bento can help you keep your teams organized, keep track of every detail, and get everyone on the same page. Manage and keep track of each individual project your teams are working on.

  • Create teams that match your organization's structure.
  • Organize your projects into teams for better visibility into what's going on.
  • Find and communicate with key team members quickly and easily.

Keeping everyone on the same page can be it's own job.

Use the Headquarters to help keep your team on the same page. Post company-wide notes and announcements and get quick access to your top level Teams and Projects. When your team only has one place to look to find what they need, you'll know they are receiving the most up-to-date company info.

  • Post company-wide notes and announcements for your whole organization.
  • Start a conversation with project members, teams, or the whole organization!
  • Keep it simple with one spot for your whole team to find what they need.

Sometimes it's hard to know what's really going on.

Most teams within an organization have a lot of projects going on at one time. How do you know what's going on? Are we on track? Are deadlines being missed? Get the visibility you need with Bento Systems.

  • Organize project work into one logical place.
  • Give the right people access to the right projects... reducing the daily noise.
  • See all projects for a team from a high level.

Why Bento Systems?

  • peopleProject Management in Your Teams arrow_drop_down

    Create and manage projects for each of your teams with key tools to keep your organization organized and efficient. Utilize tools such as tasks, points of contact, contracts, digital signing, invoicing, and payment processing.

    • Create contacts and clients.
    • Assign tasks to teammates so nothing gets forgotten.
    • Use tags to sort and filter all of your contacts.
    • Post notes to keep everyone in the loop.

    • (936) 597-3075

  • workHR Paperwork and Staff Scheduling arrow_drop_down

    Manage key aspects of your staff including documents, user accounts and HR details.

    • Store staff documents such as ID, licenses & tax documents.
    • Create & manage user accounts
    • Store payroll details
    • Manage schedule availability per staff member

    • 2184446895

  • local_shippingInventory and Warehouse Management arrow_drop_down

    Use our robust inventory system to manage stock items, products & product packages for your business.

  • attach_moneyBuild Proposals and Get Approval arrow_drop_down

    Manage all of your proposals for customers inside your projects. Easily send invoices & accept payments from customers within our system after service.

    • Store proposal templates
    • Create multiple versions of a proposal
    • Review what the client sees before sending

  • insert_drive_fileContract Signatures & Payment Processing arrow_drop_down

    Create, manage & receive digital signatures on customer agreements with ease inside our work orders area.

    • Receive approval for a contract via digital signature
    • Sending invoices and receive electronic payments