Both teams are unbeaten.

Gil is an expert when it comes to cooking.

The European fuel protests of 2000 were an excellent example of what will happen when we are deprived of our petrol and a salutary warning.

You dialled the number.


Tait died of asphyxiation.

Dan had a perfect alibi.

This is not important.

I love the way the air is so fresh and clean after it rains.

He cannot afford the common comforts of life, not to mention luxuries.

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I am intimidated by their knowledge of languages.

Robert cut me off.

I need to go to my hotel, the Hilton hotel!

He returned from China.

We had a lovely time at the dance.

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There's almost no milk left in the glass.

He lived next door to us.

I'm hanging in there for now.


I noticed her hands shaking.

She realized her ambition to become a great scientist.

Quiet him down, will you?

Words fail me.

I know I don't deserve it.

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Forget him.


As agreed, I will pay you when I see you at the hotel.

Thanks for inviting us.

What you get from far is tasty.

Learn the language by ear rather than by eye.

I am not happy.

Well, you'll find out that after you cross. If I give too much away right from the start it won't be so interesting.

When John goes on a date, he's known to be a big spender.


Everybody was safe.

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I'll buy a gift for them.

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Eschatology is the study of end-times: personal and corporate.


Wait for six hours.

This isn't exactly impressive.

he guides

The baseball game was put off till next Sunday.

Sherman is now taller than his father.


Monday follows Sunday.


The economic strength of the USA is not what it was.

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What more do you have to prove?

This is a wonderful achievement.

She grew up to be a great violinist.

I don't see her anymore.

All at once, something happened.


He took his time doing his homework.


Kyung was intrigued by the idea.


It's time to put a stop to workplace bullying.


The subject has not yet been fully explored.

I'm not working tonight.

I always knew this could happen.

If two men always have the same opinion, one of them is unnecessary.

Be careful not to drive on the wrong side of the road.


I just wanted to see how you were doing.

You're going places.

Later, we'll visit the aquatic park.

She thought that I was a doctor.

Why aren't you furious with me?

Alison needs to call a doctor.

I had a great time with Carsten.

Shane stared at his reflection in the water.

What can we do to help them?

Daniele doesn't think that Lucifer is at home.

Mayo's hair is all silver.

I have one more question for you.

You don't really mean that, do you?

You need another ten dollars to buy that camera.

You're a dog.

The drug was revealed to cause liver damage.

You can't estimate this state.

What were you doing in my apartment?

Page has a prosthetic limb.


I saw Louie's name on the list.


I think that i will be able to meet you soon.

There's no need to advertise a good sake.

I don't know what to do about that.

There's a big party at his place.

You're really very good.


I don't want to offend Nora.

It's possible to sneeze with your eyes open.

We are getting off at the next station.


Srivatsan will probably pass the test.

Jacob took the job that Anthony offered him.

About 360 000 babies are born every day and about 152 000 people die every day.

The question is this.

I was hoping you could do it.

The whole class passed the exam.

Your license is still suspended, isn't it?

The weather getting worse, the departure was put off.

Did you see Hitoshi last night?

I got dressed early, but the workmen have not yet arrived.

You stay back.


I've got some new information.

He has three dependents to support.

I met her on the way to school.

Spit it out!

I'm very angry with them.

Swing your arm back and forth.

Most of the people celebrating are tourists.

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Laugh as much as you like; I'll stick to my plan to the bitter end.

My life is not milk and honey.

She went so far as to call him a fool.


Someone stole my wallet.

They're bluffing.

He has already learnt more languages than I will have learnt, if I should reach the age of ninety. And there is still a long way to go! I still don't know what will be more difficult: learning or surviving.


The brake stopped working.

My younger brother is learning to read English.

Where's my room?


I met the president himself.

Why didn't you come to see me sooner?

Have you given Willie anything to eat or drink?


Walt often wears blue dresses.


I have someone here you might like to meet.


Syed simply wasn't interested.

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Toby is infallible.

I'm meeting someone for dinner.

Stephe has no secrets from me.


When did you lose your job?


Do you know his last name?

Our greatest enemies are no other than ourselves.

Jim drove too fast, which was reckless.


I'm going to tell Glenn all about it.

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He was sentenced to the galleys.


I hope you like the job.


I'd like you to meet him.

The girl is used to playing all by herself.

He is already here.


I have no idea how that happened.


Those are my grandmother's dentures.

I've never seen a mongoose, so I have no idea what it is.

I've found another job.

I can see why you'd want to stay.

Can we effect a compromise?


Hi, John. - I'm not John.


We were surprised by his behaviour.

I didn't keep Douglas waiting.

He spoke his mind freely.

He is qualified as an English teacher.

You had better not go out in this bad weather.

Run as fast as you can.

Wow, there are seven people here!

I came back early.

Would you please tell this gentleman who I am?

Where are they taking Laurent?

In any case, catch the train tomorrow.

His death is a great loss.

June left the house with his briefcase.

What did you want to say?

She was educated in the United States.

She was only 18 when she graduated from university.

I used to be able to speak French better than I do now.

I don't have a lot of time for this.

Roman, with whom I am sharing a room, is messy.

He has been living in Ankara since 2006.

According to the newspaper, the cost of living in Tokyo is the highest in the world.

I couldn't talk Philip into coming here with us.

We're going to eat now.

He was sitting there.

One can't play baseball here.