After death, the doctor.

A new team was formed in order to take part in the boat race.

Dale helped Vladimir put her coat on.

Try as she may, she is unable to beat him.


You said I was fat.

No one's that desperate.

What miraculous sign can you show us to prove your authority to do all this?

On Mondays, he's always at home.

I will study English at home.

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Tao was too drunk to drive home.

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I gave some books to him.

You forgot to comb your hair, Jacob.

We are all relatively tired.

We have to keep trying until we succeed.

I need the keys.

The player was broken at love in the opening game of the set.

Have you heard about him?

We can go somewhere else if you want.

Did you hear the news on the radio?

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I had to go back.

He is a stickler for principles.

See to it that the letter is posted this afternoon.

You should pay attention.

I'd like to talk about your situation.

It's important for young people to study English.

Did Kazuhiro tell you we were coming?


I was searched by the customs officers at the airport.

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Vladimir seems courteous.

Hillary rested the ladder against the wall.

Clarence won't be that hard to convince.

You cannot eat your cake and keep it.

The refugees felt safe in their new country.

I feel like taking a trip.

These dirty clothes could be a new piece of evidence to prove his innocence.

When will Latin finally be buried as a dead tongue?

He got his neck broken in the accident.

Algeria is called "Ldzayer" in Berber.

It's so typical of him to bail out at the last minute.


He missed his chance.


Good quality fruit is scarce in the winter and it costs a lot.

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She set a child in the chair.

You really hurt them.

Are you saying I smell bad?

You didn't need to hurry.

The movie was interesting to all of us.

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I don't want to go to Sandy's birthday party.


When will you go home?

But (I suspect) that is not difficult.

The shipment was damaged by the rain.

He washes my lettuce.

Her face was all puffed up.

I have to be home by dinner.

Don't kick the dog.


Is that your room?

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He had a leg amputated.

Please tell me how to delete my Facebook account.

I was just talking about you.

Could you explain that to me?

Joachim said he wanted some money.


Vaughn isn't thinking straight.


I'm so thrilled to be doing this.

Man reached the moon at last.

Moscow is a Russian town.


I really care about him.

With your help, we'll catch Vijay.

Franklin knows his business.

He believes himself to be a hero.

I'll find something else.

There is a training camp with the club.

Are the hotels pricey?

I was jumping.

I'd like to come to see the doctor as soon as possible.

One must be responsible for one's conduct.

I know you better than that.

We'll go shopping.

He went to Paris, where he first met her.

It was a true story.

The baby was named Alfred after his grandfather.

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Can I extend my stay one more night?

Boyce is the manager.

None of us can speak French.

You frightened them.

Her father died.

Hiroyuki didn't know that he had terminal cancer.

That's all I have left.


One can trust him.

The street is damaged.

What do you learn Spanish for?

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Takeuchi doesn't know me.


I saw a funny comedy last night.


Kirsten won't tell me anything.

Students generally like a teacher who understands their problems.

Toby wants riches and fame.

There is no one standard for beauty.

He drinks a lot of milk every day.

Where's Caleb playing?

She picked out three beautiful apples.


It's going well.

I'm so sick of this.

I rinsed one.


Can I call later today?

You'd better give it to me personally.

In the summer, people go to the seaside.


We are referring to the most general principle in all classical physics, that of conservation of energy.

Come quickly.

Matthieu is going to be really busy, isn't he?


She was good for nothing.

We were having lunch.

He sees everything in terms of money.

I don't understand why Molly did that.

How tall is she?


I have a previous appointment.

Tell her I'll call back later.

You can fuck off for all I care!

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Get on with your duties.

What can be keeping Ram?

Micky is overemotional.


There's a man at the door who's asking to speak with you.

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Don't forget to put it on your schedule.

As great a scientist as he is, he lacks common sense.

That drink went right to my head.

She said she feared that he might fail.

Dan told his friends that he never ate meat.

Don't let evil into your heart. It will make a home there.

You cannot buy happiness.

We've had a very hard winter.

He has lied to me again and again.

My mother hates to watch television.

Was it that immediate?

That soon might change.

Boys are more aggressive than girls.

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I have an ear infection.

I asked Anderson not to tell Butler.

We need a map.


There is no sense in standing when there are seats available.

Things are not what they appear to be.

She said that they were good friends of hers.

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I need quiet when I am reading.


Raja didn't even notice Claire had dyed her hair a different color.

But why did he do it?

No matter how much I think about it, I don't understand it.

Jean-Christophe kept interrupting me.

When people meet, first impressions determine more than 50 percent of whatever happens next.


We can't do this without him.

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I am now fairly certain.


I have Russian friends.

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He did his best to overcome his enemy.

I can always get more.

Everyone says it, nobody knows it.

Maybe I can help out.

I found a very nice place today.

I forget to telephone him.

Higher summer temperatures will increase electricity use, causing higher summer peak loads, while warmer winters will decrease energy demands for heating.


Lucifer dyed his hair dark brown.

I don't care what the headmistress said. I have no desire to become acquainted with anyone. You all dislike me and I couldn't care less.

Some politicians seem to be lost to shame.

Did you catch the train?

The sunglasses cost twenty euros.

I can't change this.

George knows everyone who's anyone.

The ceiling is leaking.

There is a very short period within which we can act.