That's pretty low.

He looked bewildered.

This box is full of books.

Have you got through with the paper?

At first, I thought she was crazy.

How's the patient feeling this morning?

I don't want Celeste to hear.

Do you come here often?

When I reached the summit, I was thoroughly worn out.

Then Gerda kissed his cheeks, and they became blooming; and she kissed his eyes, and they shone like her own; she kissed his hands and his feet, and then he became quite healthy and cheerful.


He's the hardest-working of the four of us.

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Don't you have a snowmobile?


Stevan lost her purse.

I just want you to scare her.

This girl seems to be sad


His wife nags him constantly.


The old man wondered why life had passed him by.


If we can just make it through one more month, we'll be sitting pretty.

She explained to him why she was late.

Antony is in the park.


Harris teases me all the time.

How did you get down here?

Ssi is the person I told you about yesterday.

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I have not yet collected sufficient materials to write a book.

Irwin told Rabin he'd never been to a nude beach.

Miriamne helped Sal get back on her feet.

We will be seeing you again before long.

Breathe in, breathe out.

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I like your profile picture.


What he told me yesterday is a white lie.

Let's get together again next year.

Yes, it is a dog.

Giles is coming for you.

The mother said little to the daughters.

My son asks for the moon.

We jog together.

His ways are driving me up the wall.

He studied art in Germany.

She saw through my lie.

We have to transmit our culture to the next generation.


Why did you decide not to go to Boston with Jeff?


He has not more than 10 dollars.

I study English two hours a day on an average.

I'd like to be an American.

Seldom does he get angry.

What makes you think that I'm against that?

I will gladly help you.

I think it's time for me to wash my car.

Did you think I wouldn't find you?

The music stopped for a minute.

The beggar turned out to be a thief.

That's a very big bite.


I don't even think about money anymore.


What is the company's competitive advantage?

I'll try to finish it in time as best I can.

My brother is always acting foolishly.


I still have to find out about Vinod.


Graham is speaking in Dutch! I didn't know he knew this language.

Marshall is sitting in the conference room.

Grace goes to the telephone upstairs.

I wonder what a person blind from birth thinks of when they hear the words "blue" or "green".

I'll go get Kathryn.


Leora looked unfriendly at first.

Just keep alert.

Has the movie started yet?

What do you want to do after you graduate?

I'm as tall as he is.

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Mosur might cook for me tonight.

This is going splendidly.

Those who were there thought it was pure gold.


He will be back in ten minutes.

What makes you think he doesn't like his new job?

Why don't you be a good boy and sit down?

Penny wise, pound foolish.

I thought Edith was stealing from us.

I fully understand your concerns.

He was fixed in admiration.

You're very flexible.

I didn't know how to do it.

I often think of my dead mother.

We're being called.


She will be back within a week.


You know I can't wait for you if you're late.

Steve wondered if Tran would remember to buy bread on the way home from work.

A sea separates Ireland and England.


Please don't make me leave.

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I couldn't help laughing when I saw him lying face down covered with mud.


Said the dentist: "Now open your mouth and clench your teeth."

I'm in the tenth grade.

Don't you ever cheat on me, you foxy!

Sam has a serious problem.

Kees only has five health points left.

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We're a family.


The boy became happy.

This is no big deal.

You're spending too much money.

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How's my dad doing?

You don't sound scared.

Every life is worth saving.


Laurence was bound to find out sooner or later.

I killed two birds with one stone.

Only a person who can live with himself can enjoy the gift of leisure.

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Now, why don't we continue this conversation outside.

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Any man wearing a toupee fears a windy day.

I wish I hadn't believed them.

A lucid dream is any dream in which one is aware that one is dreaming.


We'll be there in three hours.

Empowered, informed citizens are the scourge of any tyrant.

Children like those who scold them with love.

Did he succeed in the examination?

Children are so vulnerable.

Try putting yourself in your mother's shoes.

I'm in love with Joshua's girlfriend.

How many times do you have to go to the dentist?

You'd make a good grandfather.


Ducks were swimming about on the pond.

I am still eating.

I fell asleep while watching TV.

Trust me!

She and I are brother and sister.

The water came up to the bridge girder in a second.

My brother became an engineer.

The tall woman wears a gray suit.

That doesn't agree with what he said.


You believe it, don't you?

Call your brother to help you set the table.

Japan used to trade silk in large quantities.


I like swimming very much.


After careful consideration, Miki agreed.

His office is past the bank on your left.

Fishing is the only thing Jimmy ever wants to do.

The hunter shot and killed the fox.

I want to be a statesman.

Maybe we'll have a talk one of these days.

Narendra wasn't wearing anything.

Konstantinos knew what he did was wrong.

What does John right now?

I resolved to break up with her cleanly.

Their concern is understandable.

I might be wrong.

Let's try something a little simpler.

She will give birth in July.

The future progressive tense is used when expressing events and action in progress at some future point, however the example sentence cannot be understood in that way.

Stanislaw is both a doctor and a writer.

Both you and I are college graduates.

Sho isn't the shy boy he used to be.

Andrea is very humble.


Could you make the salad?

Don't cry. Crying doesn't solve anything.

What are you feeling?


Wherever you live, there's the capital.

It may take longer than we expect.

"Apple" is a countable noun, so it makes grammatical sense to have five apples.

I have fulfilled my promise.

The music you listen to reflects your inner world.

We have investigated his criminal record.

A fight broke out between two schoolboys.


Suresh didn't know what Skef was cooking.

Guests began arriving a little after 2:30.

Who wouldn't want to live here?


Andreas asked me to go to Boston with him next weekend.