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A bold man has half the world.

If you have any questions, you know you can call me.

I want to wake up early tomorrow morning.


At the same time, I baked a cake.

She got off at the next station.

That's up to him, not me.

The bishops were in favor of the proposition.

Let's go see if Mwa can help us.

No one can break-up true friendships.

I need to take notes.

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Matt is quite liberal, isn't he?


I have never seen an animal as tame as a turtle.

I found the building.

Kathryn gave me a book.

Do you want to see something extraordinary?

Sherman and I are engaged.

His idea is too abstract to be of practical use to us.

The poor duckling was driven about by every one; even his brothers and sisters were unkind to him, and would say, "Ah, you ugly creature, I wish the cat would get you," and his mother said she wished he had never been born.

I call your name.

He sat next to the stream.


You must pay attention to his advice.

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You're going to be a good father.

She moved back with her parents.

Please explain the grammar of 'as may be'.

You assemble cranes.

Our mayor is a good and wise man.

We can't just ignore this.

Nichael is living with his parents.


I wish I had known what you were looking for.

You didn't tell me Ginny smoked.

I know how I can do it.


It's not Pam.

Two nurses are attending her.

Vincenzo is a braggart.

Nici often talks about you.

Emily laid down the gun on the floor.


I wish it were already summer vacation.

I don't want to let her down.

He works hard because he is anxious to succeed.


We need the truth now.


The island is cut off far from the mainland.

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Just take my word for it.

He loved looking at grey sky with the sun peeking through the thick clouds.

She phoned the psychiatrist.

He went so far as to say such a rude thing.

Can you add a full stop at the end of your sentence, please?


They washed themselves in the river.

Irvin is quick to learn.

What's your theory on what happened?


My experiences have taught me that the only rule in life is "every man for himself."

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There are many abandoned cats in the world.

She is cooking for him.

We're not trying to impress them.

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Everyone in the audience burst into simultaneous laughter.


Maybe we should blame Wilmer for what we did.


Hsuan also plays the violin.

I'll ask you these questions.

Something is wrong with my typewriter.


We're both here for the same reason.

Has Adlai been waiting long?

It's too noisy in here.

I want money

Math is the last subject that I want to study.

He's too old.

Can anybody come with me to a Lady Gaga concert?

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The street was bustling with shoppers.

I was held up on my way to the hospital in a traffic jam.

So, what's your secret?

I want to make it up to you.

Ted gave Manjeri a perfunctory kiss.

They determined the date for the trip.

Nancy is the most beautiful of the four girls.

Siegurd told me to take good care of myself.

Do you know if Jess has spoken to Jay recently?


She is in the habit of writing in her diary every day.


We had a lot to drink.

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I've invited all my friends.

Tastes are diverse.

I missed the last two lessons.


I don't know who Sandy talked to.


Leslie was the last person to arrive.

Who believes that?

Science, my lad, is made out of errors, but of good ones, for they bring you step by step closer to the truth.

Whatever you do, don't tell Louiqa you're too tired to help.

He blotted the good reputation of our school.


Siegurd is watching a soap opera.

He comes to school earlier than any other student in the class.

My dog is wagging his tail.

She pulled her hair into a ponytail.

He didn't want to talk about it anymore.

Where do you think I should start?

This music is from the 40s.


You used to sell some apples at the market.


He can count up to ten with his fingers.


Ned is really cool, isn't he?


I need it.

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He was good and drunk.

Everything was done in accordance with the rules.

You were a good boy.

There is no timetable.

She slipped in crossing the road.

I don't want to hurt her.

Duke didn't want to go to Boston.

Cars are necessary.

We must work together.

You're twice as strong as me.

I generally prefer comedies to tragedies.

I'm sure Agatha will come back as soon as he realizes he left his briefcase here.

Everyone thinks his sack the heaviest.

This is not a time for celebration.

His face is always expressionless.

The problem is beyond my grasp.

Stephe brings his children with him to work once or twice a year.

You're probably wrong.

John came home late.

What was left?

Give us some help.

My brother was injured in the car accident.

Her mouth dropped open.

What prompted you to move out?

Is Allen left-handed?

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Let's go up on deck.


I'm not allowed to go to Leo's house.

There are a few mistakes in your report.

You may enter now.

Dan didn't even slap Linda.

Didn't you see a dog pass through the yard?

How much were you paid to say that?

The loss of their mother grieved them very much.

I'm leaving.

Did you tell Glen what we talked about?

Tanya has very liberal views.

No matter how hard he may work, he will not be able to pass the exams.


She is very fast.

Novo is the best drummer in Boston.

Maybe Doyle killed himself.

The host cut the turkey for the guests.

Sedovic put milk in his coffee.

That's the main gate.

John sat looking out of the window.

All of the villages in this region have been destroyed, without exception.

The angry wife was on the warpath; she hit her husband with a broom for coming home late and drunk.

Did you know Cris very well?

I know a guy who has never seen snow.

We've been trying to reach you for hours.

Would you like some?

We were surprised at his conduct.

How did you describe the project to Izumi?


Meeting boys is hard.

He was living with his aunt.

A pretty waitress waited on us.

The mayor's murder sent shock waves through the community.

I know who the killer is.


Finding an apartment can be difficult.


She asked me if she could use the phone.

Kristin was carrying a glass of water.

Scott is twice as tall as Tharen is.

The concert was a feast for the eyes.

She sang better than him.

She folded the quilt.

Suu is a disc jockey.

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Wolf continued working.